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What makes the Escort MAX 360c MKII Radar Detector worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.
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For years, Escort has released high-quality, portable radar detectors. Each device is equipped to help drivers spot and avoid speed traps to ensure they find the easiest route possible. With a wide range of options, Escort offers solutions for families and professional drivers alike, with options available for city or country driving.
New to the category? The company makes it easy to find the best radar detector for your needs, even offering a quick questionnaire designed to help match fans with the best device.
Now, Escort is ready to release its newest portable radar detector: The Escort MAX 360c MKII ($700). Built for every obstacle, this new device was created to keep drivers safer on the road.
Escort emphasizes that its brand is dedicated to creating “a premium driving experience” through its patented, advanced detection technology. For decades, the company has helped millions of users drive smarter and provides “the most accurate driver alert system in the world.”
The company’s lineup is powered by a series of patented technologies, including its exclusive ESCORT community, which provides users with access to shared alerts from the network and entry to the Defender Database of red light and speed camera locations.
The brand-new Escort MAX 360c MKII ushers in a new generation of even safer driving and boasts impressive innovations that put it miles ahead of its predecessors.
A radar detector is equipped to help users pinpoint any active radar or laser (LIDAR) signals on the road. Traditionally, these signals come from officers who are using a speed gun (AKA radar gun) to catch speeders. Using a portable radar detector can help you spot and avoid speed traps while maintaining focus on the road.
Escort explains that the new MAX 360c MKII “takes the legendary performance of the original Max 360c and improves on it in every way.” Not only can it detect radar and laser signals, it will also alert you to upcoming locations for red light cameras and speed cameras as well as share alerts from other detectors and drivers nearby. The device comes with all-new components, plus an improved detection range and responsiveness. Its M13 platform with dual antennas delivers a 50 percent improvement in range and sensitivity. Meanwhile, its Blackfin DSP processes incoming signals immediately so that you can react with plenty of time.
Best of all, the new radar detector offers users a dramatically quieter ride. This is because the machine comes with outstanding false alert filtering equipped to effectively reduce Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and other false radar signals. Its patented AutoLearn Intelligence also learns your routes and remembers to silence repeated false alerts for even better accuracy.
Portable Radar Detectors are an intelligent, legal way to avoid unnecessary tickets and confrontations with law enforcement. Now, Escort’s newest iteration promises drivers a safer, quieter and more advanced version of the traditional portable radar detector.
Thanks to the millions of drivers who already use the technology, new users can benefit from live alerts and a huge database of existing speed camera locations. Plus, Escort offers a Limited Ticket Guarantee: backed with the confidence that comes from building award-winning radar detectors, Escort is prepared to pay users’ radar or laser speeding tickets.

If you’re looking for a safer way to avoid unnecessary speeding tickets, consider the Escort MAX 360c MKII Radar Detector today.
Price: $700


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