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Design: Dropzone 4 has a clean interface with a sleek design.
Ease of Use: The app is easy to use and customize.
Price: Because the lifetime license includes major updates, I think the pricing structure for this app is more than fair.
I am a big fan of apps that make life easier. I’m an even bigger fan of apps that make tasks on my computer easier to complete. This is the idea behind Dropzone 4. The app makes it easier to copy and move files as well as open applications, share files, and complete a slew of additional actions. We had the opportunity to review this app in 2015 and at that time, it was mostly about file management. Now, Dropzone 4 does so much more.
Dropzone is a productivity app that utilizes drag-and-drop functionality to streamline a user’s frequently used tasks. Dropzone was originally launched for the Mac App Store in 2011. It’s gone through several iterations since then — with Dropzone 4 (launched in 2020) being the latest. The app is written in Swift, Objective-C, Python, and Ruby.
About the Developer
Dropzone 4 was created by Aptonic Ltd, which is run by macOS developer John Winter. Winter is based in New Zealand and according to his LinkedIn profile, Winter has been writing code since 2007. He has experience with Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, Xcode, PHP, and Python.
Dropzone 4 Pro Features
According to the Mac App Store, Dropzone 4 developer, Aptonic Limited, may collect contact info, usage data, or diagnostics from its users. To learn more, read their full privacy policy here.
The developer did have this to say about their privacy policy:
If I had to summarize our approach to user privacy I would say that we try to respect the user as much as possible and look after their data the way we’d want ours looked after.
Dropzone 4 can be downloaded from aptonic.com, the Mac App Store, or through a SetApp subscription. It is free to use and includes a 14-day Dropzone 4 Pro trial. The Pro features can be unlocked by purchasing a $40 lifetime license or by paying a monthly subscription fee of $1.99, which will begin after your trial expires. If you are upgrading your Dropzone 3 account, you will receive a 30% discount.
This app requires macOS 10.15 or later. As of publishing this review, Dropzone 4 is currently on version 4.5.2 (build 1863).
Dropzone 4 provides an optional subscription. This subscription includes access to their growing library of cloud-based actions, regular cloud action updates, and enhancements, as well as all app updates, including major ones, provided automatically. It also includes access to all new features added in updates and unlocks Dropzone’s advanced features including Amazon S3 Uploading, Google Drive Uploading, FTP/SFTP Uploading, macOS service integration, and more.
To access the subscription option, launch Dropzone and choose “Subscribe to Dropzone 4 Pro…” from the settings menu to begin the 14-day free trial. If you cancel any time during the free trial, you won’t be charged the subscription fee. After 14 days, users are automatically billed $1.99 USD per month through an auto-renewing subscription.
The subscription entitles users to unlimited Dropzone 4 updates including minor and major features. Users can cancel their subscription at any time. If they do, Dropzone cloud actions and the advanced features will no longer be available. A subscription can also be restarted at any time.
Throughout my work day, I have several tasks that I repeat and Dropzone 4 has made it possible for those repeat tasks to reside in one place. One of the main things I use it during my workday is file management. Using Dropzone’s Folder option, I have one of my main project folders saved to it. That way as I finished content edits, I can drop the source files into that folder in Dropzone without having to open a Finder window.
Another thing I use Dropzone for throughout my day is to compress images using ImageOptim. If you’ve never used that app before, you only have to drop images onto the app’s icon to have it perform its function. Since Dropzone has the feature of being able to open applications from your Drop Bar, I simply drop an image onto ImageOptim’s icon in the Drop Bar and the application opens and runs its compression activity. It’s great.
Finally, I discovered that one of the cloud actions that is offered is for SideNotes, which is one of my favorite apps. I highly recommend that you peruse Aptonic’s library of cloud actions (accessible through a link in Dropzone’s preferences). I installed the “Add to SideNotes” action right away. This allows you to drop items onto that action and create a new note within SideNotes.
Dropzone is one of those utility apps that you didn’t know you were missing until you use it for a few days. One of the most useful actions within the app is being able to upload files to a cloud storage option — such as Google Drive. You can upload files to Google Drive without having to open your browser. That is a huge time savings for me.
Another reason to use it is that it is customizable for your own specific needs. I mentioned how I use Dropzone for work. Well, I use I have it set up a bit differently for my home computer use. It’s nice to have the flexibility of choice when using an app like this.
Dropzone 4 for Mac is a great way to save time and improve productivity. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike. Whether you need to transfer files between your Mac and other devices, or simply want an easier way to manage your downloads, this app is the solution.
Dropzone 4 for Mac is a great application that can help make your life more organized and efficient. It is definitely worth the price and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good organizational tool.
For more information, visit aptonic.com or Twitter.
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