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New PASSPORT 8500 X50 Black
West Chester, OH (PRWEB)
ESCORT Inc, the leading manufacturer of premium automotive accessories and maker of the world's best radar and laser detectors, today announced the release of their new PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK windshield mount radar and laser detector. The new PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK features significant performance improvements over the current 8500 X50 models and is dressed in a sophisticated black case. This new benchmark represents one more in a long and continuing series of industry leading innovations by ESCORT. The PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK radar/laser detector builds on the strong foundation established by the original 8500 series radar detector released more than a decade ago. Upon its introduction, the original 8500 radar detector was immediately called ‘the world’s best’ by industry and consumer electronics pundits. And the recent 8500 X50 series has been repeatedly named by many 3rd party reviewers as still, the ‘world’s best’. “Our new PASSPORT 8500 X50™ Black delivers an outstanding 40% performance improvement over its predecessor,” said Dave Smidebush, ESCORT Vice-president of Marketing. “The PASSPORT 8500 X50™ Black offers drivers the best performance at the best value in class-leading radar and laser protection.”
The PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK is the next generation of the award winning series that many reviewers, including and, name as “the world’s best detector”. The PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK establishes a new benchmark by utilizing an engineering design that dramatically increases its sensitivity (more than 40% across all bands). This new design gives the PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK significantly longer range detection over the previous X50 series detectors. The earlier models have been repeated test ‘winners’ as reported in multiple independent range and performance testing. This new performance enhancement, in light of the already winning position of the model series, is an extraordinary achievement, again!
Dressed in a black case, the PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK design presents a sophisticated new look in the series. The PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK comes with a fitted travel case and ESCORT’s convenient SmartCord (for added control and ease of use in windshield mounted locations, an industry exclusive).
The new PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK radar and laser detector is available direct from ESCORT for $299.95 (Red display, $339.95 for Blue display – including case and SmartCord). For more information about the PASSPORT 8500 X50™ BLACK radar/laser detector and the complete line of ESCORT products, visit online at or call ESCORT direct at 800.433.3487.
About ESCORT, Inc.
ESCORT Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors, reverse obstacle detection systems, GPS enabled navigation and tracking products, and other Drive Smarter products. ESCORT manufactures products under the ESCORT, PASSPORT, REDLINE, SOLO, Vector, BELTRONICS, Guardian and Entourage brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
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