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Escort showcased its new and purely digital radar detector, the PASSPORT Max, at CES 2014. Here’s a deep tech dive from our Mike Olsen.
aNewDomain.net — At CES 2014, radar detection went digital.
Escort showcased its purely digital radar detector, the Escort PASSPORT Max, at the ShowStoppers press event I attended at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The firm also introduced limited edition variants of its latest product. For my colleague Todd Townsend’s video report on this tech, click here or scroll to the bottom of this piece. Here’s my take.
Photo Credit: Mike Olsen
According to Escort executives, the PASSPORT Max spent five years in development. Engineers first created the all digital tech and then overcame the inevitable obstacles of size and cost. The resulting PASSPORT Max, they said, is able to scan 50 times faster than previous models, leading to more accurate and earlier radar detection.
Prior time spent scanning now is available to process signals, a change that delivers a more accurate result by filtering signal noise, such as garage door openers, from the RF spectrum.
The device will detect radar signals over seven miles out, execs said. Using the included GPS, it will also adapt to different driving scenarios, such as city driving and highway driving. It’s easy to customize the unit, too. For instance, you’re able to choose to silence the detector when you are not speeding.
In the newest rendition, the device’s laser detection capabilities are more sensitive. The optional Laser Shifter Pro will turn on laser diodes upon detection, essentially blinding the laser guns.
The PASSPORT Max also connects to PCs via a USB port to allow for database and firmware updates. The cost is $549.95, they said, and the products are available directly now from Escort. For an extra fifty dollars, a limited edition case is available. The limited editions, by the way, are available in various colors: glossy black, brilliant blue, burled wood look, and carbon fiber look.
Here’s my colleague Todd Townsend’s video report on the Escort Passport Max, which he shot with Justin Grant at ShowStoppers.

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV/shooter Justin Grant for aNewDomainTV
For aNewDomain.net, I’m Mike Olsen.
Based in Ann Arbor Michigan, Mike Olsen is a tech enthusiast, freelance writer and a senior contributor to aNewDoman.net. Follow his stream on Google+ and email him at MikeO@aNewDomain.net.

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Great piece, Mike, and a nice video from Todd Townsend.
this guy had the most energy at Show Stoppers. Interviewing him was a classic. Well done, Mike!
[…] CES 2014: Escort PASSPORT Max Digital Radar, Laser Detectors Forge Ahead by Mike Olsen, with video. […]
[…] CES 2014: Escort PASSPORT Max Digital Radar, Laser Detectors Forge Ahead by Mike Olsen, with video. […]
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