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ESCORT INC. TICKET PROTECTIONFor 2014 Escort showed off its latest limited edition radar detector, the Password Max HD. It is the first all-digital high definition, windshield-mounted radar and laser detector. This radar detector can read radar and laser signals up to 50x faster by using DSP (Digital Signal Processing), meaning you will know when threats are near faster than ever before.
With its built-in software, it can tune out any false alarms like wireless security cameras, for example, and RF signals that that may stump other detectors. It already has records for longest range, fastest response, and greatest sensitivity. Along with the detector you also get access to the Escort defender database. This gives you access to a huge catalog of speed traps, speed cameras, and red light cameras in your area. So if you’re being watched, the Password Max HD knows and lets you know on its multicolored HD OLED display.
The Password HD is also compatible with the Escort live, so you can connect it to your smart phone via an app and get updated information sent from your phone to the detector via Bluetooth. That however is an added option that you would need to purchase. The Passport Max HD retails for $549.95 in a matte black finish. However, the new limited edition versions come in different colors to fit your vehicles interior finish, like burled wood finish, a carbon fiber look, a brilliant blue, and a glossy black for $599.95
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