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We reviewed the industry’s top driver’s education programs, and here are our featured picks.

Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Since 2020, Coastline Academy has provided professional driving instruction to help lower accident rates nationwide. The company currently offers online driver education courses and in-person, behind-the-wheel driver training. 
Coastline Academy ranks number nine on our list of best online driver’s ed course providers. We cover the company’s courses, pricing, service areas, and reviews below.
Basic online driver’s ed courses through Coastline Academy cost between $60 and $89, with an average of $64.83. 
In addition to online driver’s ed, Coastline Academy offers behind-the-wheel training in select locations. Course costs with behind-the-wheel training vary by location and typically cost more than online driver’s ed alone.
Plan ahead for the cost of online driver’s ed and behind-the-wheel training by visiting the Coastline Academy website, choosing your state from the drop-down menu, and entering your ZIP code on the following page. 
Coastline Academy offers a mix of behind-the-wheel driving lessons and an online driver’s educational program. Many online driver’s ed providers partner with Coastline Academy to offer expanded access to behind-the-wheel driving lessons.
Coastline Academy currently offers behind-the-wheel driving lessons in: 
Coastline Academy driving instruction vehicles are clearly marked as instruction vehicles and feature a second break and dashcam. The company offers free pickup and dropoff by a licensed driving instructor in most states where they operate. 
To learn more about this modern driving school or to check availability in your area, visit the Coastline Academy Driving School.
Coastline Academy currently offers state-approved online driver’s ed courses in six states:
These courses help first-time drivers fulfill the requirements of their state’s permit and graduated licensing programs in order to earn a driver’s license. The company also lists an unapproved driver’s ed course available in Missouri to help create confident drivers, though Missouri currently has no driver’s ed requirement. 
Coastline Academy offers an adult online driver’s education course and a parent-taught online driver’s education course in Texas only. These programs also carry Department of Public Safety (DPS) approval and fulfill state licensing requirements.
You can register for Coastline Academy’s online driver’s ed courses and in-person driving lessons through the company’s website.
Click on your desired program to be redirected to an information page. To see a full list of available courses, create an account or enter your address or ZIP code where prompted. 
Account registration at Coastline Academy requires you to enter the name, age, and address of the student, as well as any parent or guardian contact information. Coastline Academy will use the address listed on the account to provide course availability information. 
Worried about that upcoming road test? In some states, Coastline Academy may offer course bundles containing an online driver’s ed course and professional driving lessons with a qualified instructor. 
Refunds for uncompleted lessons are available up to six months after course purchase. Coastline Academy’s customer service team has business hours for phone help Monday through Friday and text or chat help seven days a week.
All of Coastline Academy’s driver’s ed courses are hosted online directly through Coastline Academy. Courses are self-paced, so students may work towards their license part-time and on their own schedule. To help learners pass their driving tests, Coastline Academy offers in-person driver training programs, with booking available online.
New drivers can expect to spend up to 32 hours learning in the company’s online courses. Length requirements for driver’s ed courses vary by state, and Coastline Academy carries state approval in six states.
Coastline Academy’s online driver’s ed courses are accessible through a PC, phone, or mobile browser. 
With driving lessons, Coastline Academy offers free student pickup and dropoff to help new drivers complete training requirements.
Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Arlington, TX
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: B+
Coastline Academy was founded in 2020 with the goal of reducing car crashes nationwide. The company focuses on providing quality, state-approved online driver’s ed courses alongside expert driver training lessons. 
In just over two years, Coastline Academy has garnered an excellent reputation online. Customer reviews highlight pleasant experiences with the company across multiple states. 
On its BBB profile, Coastline Academy holds a B+ rating, though it is not currently accredited. 
The company has had two BBB complaints filed against it in the last three years, with one resolved during the previous 12 months. Complaints focused on mailing issues with driver’s ed completion certificates. Currently, Coastline Academy has a 100% response rate for complaints. 
Coastline Academy boasts a rating of 4.7 on Yelp and 5.0 on multiple Google review pages. Customers note excellent customer service, straightforward online lessons, and professional driving instructors. 
Negative feedback on Yelp and Google focuses on certificate mailing issues.
Coastline Academy provides state-approved online driver’s ed courses and professional instruction. Online programs feature interactive lessons and practice quizzes. Driver training provides expert instruction in marked cars with secondary brakes and dash cams. 
The company boasts excellent reviews, an easy-to-navigate website, and transparent course pricing. While its service area is smaller than other providers, customers in Coastline Academy’s service areas can consider this provider a top contender.
We reviewed the industry’s top driver’s education programs, and here are our featured picks.

Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Our Rating: 3 out of 5.0
On Our Partner’s Website
Below are some frequently asked questions about Coastline Academy:
Coastline Academy offers state-approved courses in California, Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, and Texas. Courses offer DMV-reporting or completion certificates where appropriate.
Yes, Coastline Academy features free practice questions for permit and license written knowledge exams. Visit the company’s website for more information.
Coastline Academy is headquartered in Arlington, TX, with driving instruction locations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Missouri, and Texas.
Coastline Academy is a legit option for driver’s education in California, offering DMV-approved online driver’s ed to new drivers in Los Angeles, Monterey, San Diego, San Francisco and the Bay Area, and throughout the rest of the state.
With so many online driver’s ed courses available, we work hard to identify the highest quality providers. Our goal is to provide reviews that are accurate, trustworthy, and helpful to our readers. 
Using data from consumer reviews, we first identified a set of minimum requirements for each driver’s ed course provider. To be included in our ranking each provider must have:
After selecting providers that meet our minimum requirements, we conducted extensive research and identified the following key metrics to rank the best online driver’s ed courses for 2023. 
Image by Syda Productions via Abobe Stock.
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