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If you are wondering whether upgrading your macOS to the new version will delete everything, the answer is no. Upgrading your Mac will not delete any photos, files, or other data. However, it’s always better to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. 
Many Mac users upgrade their macOS when a new version is released. However, an upgrade doesn’t nullify the possibility of accidental damage to the hard drive, thereby causing data loss.
This article explains what can go wrong while upgrading your Mac, how to recover data lost during an update, and how to avoid this situation to enjoy stress-free upgrades on your Mac.
Normally, not everything will get deleted when upgrading to a new version of macOS. A macOS upgrade is meant to fix bugs, enhance performance, add new features, and update Mac apps. The whole upgrading process won’t touch the data saved on a Mac device. However, there are only three situations where interrupted or failed MacOS upgrades can cause data loss.
Time Machine is a powerful built-in tool on Mac to back up your data on macOS to an external hard drive. Follow the below steps to take back up of your Mac:
First, connect your external hard drive to your Mac to keep your data.
Go to Time Machine via System Preferences.
Select the External Hard Drive as the Backup Disk.
Then allow the Time Machine to take the full backup of your Mac.
You can use this backup to transfer your data to your Mac once you have upgraded it. However, what to do if you haven’t set up the Time Machine before upgrading your Mac?
If you couldn’t set up the Time Machine and lost your files during the macOS upgrade. Then don’t panic. There is a way to recover lost data from your Mac system using professional data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery. This tool can recover deleted files, photos, critical documents, etc., from HDD, SSD, SD card, and Fusion Drives.
However, ensure you act fast in recovering the data from the upgraded Mac device. Otherwise, you may end up overwriting the existing data. This will make data recovery from the drive next to impossible.  
Follow the steps to recover lost data from macOS:
You can take simple measures to avoid losing data during a macOS upgrade:
Upgrading your Mac will not necessarily delete your data. However, having a backup will limit your chances of losing valuable data. If you don’t have backups, professional data recovery software can help you recover the data.
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