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Radar detectors are a great tool for anyone who spends time behind the wheel. Not only do they help drivers keep up with speed limits, but they also can significantly reduce the financial burden of driving. These devices detect radar signals used by police officers to measure the speed of oncoming cars, allowing the driver to adjust their speed before being pulled over. In addition to saving money, having a radar detector can also provide peace of mind for drivers on long trips and help keep them from getting distracted by worrying about the police. There are numerous options out there like the MAX 360c MKII Radar Detector from ESCORT.
Escort has more than 40 years of industry-leading performance to provide to consumers and in 2019, it was chosen as Autoweek Reader’s Choice Top Pick for Best Radar Detector Brand. Escort strives to provide a premium driving experience through advanced technologies and innovative features such as the Escort Live mobile app.
The MAX 360c MKII is one of the top tier options in the MAX product family. It features a robust internal platform and powerful components that provide an improved range, lightning-fast performance, and a quieter ride than other MAX products. The MAX 360c MKII radar detector has an upgraded dual antenna platform, Blackfin® DSP chip, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The device is designed to be easy to set up and use. Simply attach the mount and detector, plug in the cable, and connect to the companion app to access the Drive Smarter® community, which includes shared alerts from other detectors and drivers across the country.
Tech Specifications
In the Box:
Escort has several MAX models including the MAX 360c MKII. The other options are the MAX 3, MAX 360 MKII, and the MAXcam 360c. Each model has its own set of features and different pricing levels (the list price is included below). The devices can be purchases direct from the manufacturer (, Best Buy, or Amazon. Retailers may have different prices than the original list price.
Installation & Downloads (*******from
Detector Tools Pro (Windows version compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11) (Mac version compatible with version 10.10+. Not compatible with any Max Ci series or iXCi remote systems)
Please note: Works with most vehicles. Some late model vehicles such as newer BMWs may have 12v outlets with non-standard dimensions, preventing full insertion of the SmartCord plug. Users with such vehicles may consider a Direct Wire kit or third-party solution.
For more information, visit escortradar.comFacebook, or Twitter.

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