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The most popular Escort radar detector just became smarter and more expensive.
On Tuesday, Escort announced the Max 360c MKII radar detector with upgraded internals for longer range, quicker response times, and better filtering for less false alerts. It’s already on sale for $699.95 and replaced the Max 360c, which cost $649.95.
Escort Max 360c MKII
The Max 360c MKII builds upon the previous model’s performance and enhances it with 50% better detection range, according to Escort. The enhanced range is enabled by upgraded dual antennae.
The faster processing comes courtesy of a new Blackfin DSP chip for more computing power.
The connected device features dual-band wi-fi. Escort said more advanced software will provide better false alert filtering, a common occurrence with modern cars and their advanced safety sensors for automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitors.
Escort’s AutoLearn software learns commonly driven routes via GPS and will block out repeated false alert locations.
The Max 360c MKII will integrate with Escort’s M2 radar-mounted dash cam along with the company’s ZR5/ZW5 laser shifters.
Escort Redline 360C radar detector
The Max 360c MKII is not Escort’s flagship radar detector despite the enhancements. The $799.95 Escort Redline 360c continues to set the bar for Escort’s lineup with its stealth technology and antenna design meant to keep the detector invisible from radar detection. (Some states ban the use of radar detectors.) The Redline was enhanced in 2020 as part of the 360c lineup, and it’s unclear when, or if, it will receive the MKII enhancements the main 360c model.
Escort MAXcam 360c
Escort’s most expensive model remains the MAXcam 360c at $849.95. This model combines the internals of the 360c with forward- and rear-facing dash cams embedded within the detector housing.
Escort Max 360 Radar And Laser Detector
Escort first released the 360 model in 2015. It marked the first time an Escort model had directional arrows like Valentine Research’s Valentine One detector. The move was enabled by the fact that Valentine Research’s patent on the arrows expired in 2012.
Valentine One Gen2
Valentine Research has since hit back at Escort’s radar lineup with the introduction its Valentine One Gen2 in 2020, which doubled down on Valentine’s narrow focus of radar detection. The Valentine One Gen 2 model brought forth more sensitivity, more processing power, and an updated design interface.


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