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Escort has revealed a new version of its Max detector series with the new Escort Max 4, bringing with it enhanced filtering to protect against false alerts, enhanced range, and a new physical design. The new model replaces the Max 3 as the latest in the entry-level series coming from the company, taking on its price point and leaving the previous-gen model available at a lesser price until it is no longer available.

Starting with the new design, the company has taken the direction of rounding the edges instead of going with the boxier design of the 3, and the textured design of the top is replaced with a smoother appearance. This is one of the only things physically that sets it apart when it comes to what your eyes see. There really isn’t anything beyond that
It still makes use of the same great magnetic mount, RJ11 jack for power, and the same OLED screen. I can’t point that out enough. Especially, the first one, but I will get to that in a moment.

The RJ11 jack on the side is a simple approach to bringing power to the unit, along with control via the “Mark” button on the 12v adapter (which provides a shortcut to this feature so you don’t have to reach up to the detector on the windshield every time you want to make a location as having a red light or speed camera, a speed trap, etc.

This cable is proprietary, so if you damage or lose it, you’ll have to snag a new one from Escort versus simply using any other cable lying around (like you would do a normal USB cable). This is smart on Escort’s part since it’s a money-maker. It doesn’t seem required since a USB connection can easily pass power and data from the adapter’s button, but the RJ11 connection (at least) provides a more stable connection. Or at least, until the tab of the RJ11 connector breaks off (which seems to always happen, eventually).
I meant to point this out a few models ago, but I think I was behaving. Thus I guess I am feeling a little more rebellious than normal (that and it has been weighing on my mind long enough). Not everyone is going to agree with me on that though.

Like all of Escort’s models, the buttons at the top are mostly all-inclusive. They provide the controls for power, volume (of alerts), brightness (of the screen), mark (to mark the locations of cameras, speed traps, etc), mute (to mute incoming alerts), and sensitivity (for switching between Auto, Highway, Auto No X, and Auto Lo K).
Holding Mark and Sensitivity will trigger the on-screen menu where you will be able to have control over some of the more vital settings. Allowing you to dial in the detector when you don’t have the app available to you. Of course, you will likely prefer to make use of the app every time since it provides much friendlier access to these settings.

The top of the detector provides the area that the mount seats into. This is the same great magnetic mount that the company’s detectors have been using for some time now. Replacing the old clip design that used to slide into the back of the unit. This approach is much friendlier, allowing you to take the detector down and put it back quickly, with as little effort as possible.
We have been a huge fan of this mount since Escort switched to it. Especially, if you make use of one of the optional mirror mounts that can be found online from third-party companies via places like Amazon. That way, not only does the detector go up and down easily, but you know it will never fall from where it is mounted.

It also comes with a semi-hardshell case to store everything in if you find yourself storing it for longer lengths of time or traveling between vehicles. It offers pockets inside to separate everything neatly into, along with the instructions.
The “Drive Smarter” app is used to connect the detector to your mobile device (Android or iOS). Pairing things is easy and only takes a few steps. Especially, if you already have an Escort account. Else that is the only step that will take you any time (registering).
It walks you through connecting to the detector. From there, you gain access to all of the settings/preferences, along with many of the detector’s features that require being connected to your device.
This app replaces the older Escort Live app and provides a live map solution that is similar to Google Maps or Waze. A little more so to the latter since it includes a database of red light cameras, speed traps, radar/laser detectors, and more. It also feeds map information to the detector, which allows it to display the current speed limit of the street you are on.
Which now also supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket or on the charger (since the app will drain your battery quickly if you aren’t charging at the same time). Displaying the information on your vehicle’s screen.
Escort Max 4 Radar Detector
Like all of Escort’s current detectors, it offers great protection against false alerts. Thus you shouldn’t really be taking hits from nearby automated doors or the safety systems found in the cars that drive past you. Allowing you to focus on the alerts you bought the detector to protect you against.
Note: The above image isn’t the best when it comes to the display since its refresh rate is slower than the camera’s so we had to stitch three images together to get what we could on the screen. Your eyes don’t see this though, so it’s fine.
I took this model out for a road trip the last few days to see how I got along with it. I have plenty of experience with Escort, which helps. So I knew what to expect when it comes to most of the features and how deeply to criticize it when it comes to performance. I spotted a number of officers scanning the road on my trip thus far as I drove through a state that is quite known for this, but not before the detector did (unless they were simply sitting there and their gun wasn’t active). Its performance was quite similar to some of the recent 360 models and I didn’t notice any false alerts from nearby cars.
I did end up turning off X-band as I just couldn’t find anything officially using it. At least, when it comes to speed detection. So this did result in some false alerts, but this came as no surprise. Upon doing this, the detector was solid during the entire trip. Not that I am finishing traveling just yet, so I may just come back with updates if I feel as though anything has been left out.
Currently, I still lean toward the Escort Max 360c Mark II as being my absolute favorite. Having those arrows to show the direction an alert is coming from is absolutely game-changing. Also, getting updates over Wi-Fi is a great option as well. However, not everyone is willing to spend that kind of money on a radar detector. So for those looking to spend a little less, this is a great second-best.
Our Conclusion
This is another great option from Escort. It offers solid protection for drivers while providing plenty of the popular features found within Escort detectors. It is built to last a long time and is a staple for states that commonly make use of speed (or red light) traps and cameras. It offers excellent range and filtering, which are staples when it comes to making use of detectors anymore. With other brands and older models, you find yourself getting pummeled by false alerts by all of these smart vehicles driving around.
The price is a little high for an entry-level model, but this isn’t a surprise as Escort’s models always come with a premium price tag. It helps that they outperform just about everything else out there. The only thing that ever gets under my skin is the subscription fees for the app and updates. When solutions like Waze are out there offering similar features for completely free, it’s hard to throw a bunch of money at a subscription. So many companies wanting to hit you with subscription fees just gets a little exhausting, forcing me to start putting my foot down. Similar to all the odd places hitting you up for tips.
Currently, it is available online via Escort (direct), Best Buy, and Amazon. It will roll out to other sources (such as physical stores) shortly.
*Average price is based on the time this article was published
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