ESCORT Unveils its Most Advanced Custom Installed Radar Solution Ever, the Redline Ci 360c – Yahoo Finance

The new solution provides game-changing performance and unmatched intelligence in radar and laser detection while offering custom installation options for a high-end and discreet look
CHICAGO, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ESCORT, the leader in premium radar and laser detection and driver awareness technology, today unveiled the Redline Ci 360c, the brand’s most advanced custom installed radar and laser solution to date. The Redline Ci 360c is designed to provide the highest level of protection against radar and laser signals with timely and intelligent alerts while offering custom installation options for a high-end and discreet look.
The Redline Ci 360c is equipped with a front and rear radar receiver, five all-new laser shifters, and advanced false alert filtering software. With its legendary 360° detection, complete laser protection, and 100% stealth capabilities, the custom installed detection solution provides heightened driving awareness, delivering a dramatically quieter ride.
With installation options that can fit and complement almost any vehicle, the Redline Ci 360c is plug-and-play compatible with components of the current MAX CI platform, making upgrades appealing to existing owners of the MAX CI and MAX CI 360. Top features of the Redline Ci 360c include:
Legendary Redline Detection Range – Complete with dual M14 antennas coupled with Blackfin® DSP, the product provides the best in detection range and sensitivity on the market today.
Complete Laser Protection – Redesigned five-head VX Laser Shifters (supports up to 6) are 50% smaller and defend against any laser gun on the market.
A Dramatically Quieter Ride – Combined Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Designed Radio (SDR) technology offer outstanding filtering against Collision Avoidance System (CAS), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), and other false alert signals.
Customizable Installation Options – Users get to choose exactly how and where they want the Redline Ci 360c display and controller to be installed in their vehicle, creating a truly personalized experience.
True 100% Stealth with TotalShield™ – Drivers can stay anonymous and discreet with the only true stealth performance against radar detector detectors (RDD).
Connected Car Compatible – Users can connect to Drive Smarter®, accessing ESCORT’s patented technology for sharing network alerts from other connected detectors. Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi allows for over-the-air (OTA) software and firmware updates to keep up with the latest upgrades.
Additional features of the Redline Ci 360c include AutoLearn™ Intelligence, which includes intelligent GPS-based software to learn a vehicle’s route and rejects repeated false alert locations; true 360° Awareness, providing directional arrows to let drivers know where to pay attention; access to the Drive Smarter® network that includes the shared detector alerts and Defender Database, a continuously updated database of red light and speed camera locations; Variable Speed Sensitivity, which automatically adjusts detector sensitivity based on a vehicle’s speed for smarter alerts; device settings management, where users can easily adjust features, alerts and settings on any supported device.
“We’re excited to bring this technologically advanced product to market, pulling together everything we do best with our custom installation radar detectors – including the greatest detection range and laser protection capabilities,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of ESCORT parent company, Cedar Electronics. “By combining our best-in-class radar and laser detection with our patented shared alerts from our Drive Smarter platform and enabling over-the-air updates to keep our products up to date more efficiently, we have created a solution that assures drivers that they will have a quiet, smooth ride whenever they hit the road.”
Those interested in a custom Redline Ci 360c installation can visit to locate an authorized reseller in their area. All existing MAX CI users have the option to upgrade their device to the Redline Ci 360c.
For more information on the Redline Ci 360c and other ESCORT products, visit
ESCORT is a major brand of Cedar Electronics, a global supplier of connected automotive and consumer electronics solutions. ESCORT is the leader in premium, high-performance radar detectors and driver alert systems, bringing together advanced product technology to build solutions with extreme range detection, full 360° directional awareness, accuracy against false alerts and stealth capabilities. ESCORT users can access the exclusive driver community for real-time and shared driving alerts. With its class-leading Redline, MAX, and Custom Install series, ESCORT leads the industry in developing and marketing global solutions that empower people to Drive Smarter and Safer. To learn more please visit
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