Finland Arrests 2 Russian Citizens for False Documents … –

The Border Guard of Southeast Finland apprehended a Russian national suspected of multiple offences, including forgery, possession of counterfeit material, a minor firearms offence, and a violation of detection device regulations on September 2, 2023.
In a recent statement, the guard also said that on the same day, an unauthorised border crossing by a person coming from Russia to Finland was registered in the Joutseno region, reports.
“The man, being guilty of forgery, arrived at the border crossing from Russia and presented a Bulgarian passport at the border check. The border inspector found factors indicating a forgery in the passport, so the man was taken in for a closer inspection, and his documents were examined for forgeries,” the Border Guard says regarding the first case.
In addition, during the investigation of the documentation, it was established that the Bulgarian passport of the man was forged, and the documents discovered in his possession were fabricated.
Additionally, he was found in possession of three gas atomisers and a radar detector device. Thus, the Finnish Immigration Service, in response to a request from the border guard of Southeast Finland, has imposed a five-year ban on the man’s entry into the Schengen area.
Regarding the second incident of unauthorised border crossing in the Joutseno region, the person in question had submitted an asylum application in Finland and has been transferred to the asylum process of the Finnish Immigration Service for further assessment.
As a result, the border commissioner of the Southeast Finland region has initiated communication with the border commissioner of the Vyborg region to address and discuss the case.
In July of this year, the Finnish Border Guard (RAIA) made a total of three arrests during two separate incidents, all related to illegal border-crossing attempts. The same authority said a total of two people were caught on July 10 for trying to cross the Finnish border into South Karelia illegally.
Even during May 2023, RAIA also arrested a total of five people in Finland. These arrests were made in connection with an organised crime operation involved in the forgery of travel documents.
As RAIA explains, the arrests began after an incident involving Finnish border officers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. During this incident, a woman attempted to enter Finland using dubious travel documents after arriving from Paris. After further investigation, border officers determined that the documents presented by the woman did not, in fact, belong to her.


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