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I once flatted with a guy who peed on the floor of the communal loo. It drove the flatties nuts and nothing, it seemed, could stop him. Certainly reason didn’t work. So I suggested operant conditioning. The next time he misfired on the floor I mopped it up using one of his clean shirts.
Problem solved. It’s the same with speeding. Do it often and with gusto and the cops will wipe the floor with your licence and wallet.
Until recently I was dubious about radar detectors. I was so cowed by fines and demerit points that I rarely nudged the speedo over 100 kmh. The Canadian made Escort Passport Max radar detector will change all that. This small box can save drivers a motherload of pain should they need to exceed the legal speed limit.
The device is tuned to detect all sorts of radio signals beamed from police speed guns, Hawk radar, microwave, red light and speed cameras. The thing is so sensitive it could put the SETI alien search programme out of business.
On the highway it is highly effective from hundreds of metres away, giving drivers plenty of time to slow down and heed the warning. Around town it’s a similar situation but the detector will sound off at automatic doors and other remote controlled objects. But the device does allow for this and it learns to lock out rouge signals on your daily route or a driver can hit the lockout button manually.
It detects in a 360 degree radius, which means it goes round corners. Don’t be surprised if the Escort detects a lone wolf patrol hiding up small side street miles away from the main road.
It’s well built with a solid windscreen mount and options to upgrade software from the web. It comes with a handy carry case and everything you need for instant fire up. It’s a quality piece of kit and it would need to be as it retails for about $1000.
It’s a very liberating little box and it works very, very well.
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