Package Thefts, Sticky Mailboxes, a Threatening Hawk and a Death –

HawkDeath: A 65-year-old Brooklyn woman, with a Polish passport, died at a Brite Avenue home after attempts at CPR were not successful April 6. Police collected her personal belongings for safekeeping, and the woman’s body was removed by the Westchester County medical examiner.
Stolen packages
Packages were stolen from a Carthage Road porch April 3. The caller did not provide further information or request a report. A white van with a red ladder attached to the top of the van was reported to be a possible suspected vehicle used in the package theft. Police identified a work van, matching the description, parked in a Franklin Road driveway. Police contacted the driver and asked to look in the van. There were no packages inside or signs of criminality.

On April 4, an Old Lyme Road resident reported that two men stole two packages from her porch. One box contained a $35 reading pillow, and the contents of the second box were unknown at the time of the report.
On April 5, a Penn Boulevard woman reported packages were stolen from her porch on April 2. She said the package contained approximately $300 worth of marketing material for work.
A delivered package was stolen from a Crossway porch April 7.
Stolen tools
A contractor working at a Greenacres Avenue house reported his tools were stolen. No other information was provided.

Identity theft
On April 3, an Oak Lane resident reported a fraudulent cell phone account had been opened in her name. The resident said she had received a bill from T-Mobil for $3,000 USD. This bill was for a phone plan that had been opened using the resident’s personal identifying information. The resident contacted T-Mobil and learned she required a police report to close the account.

On April 6, a Fairway Drive woman reported fraudulent withdrawals made against her bank account. Later, it was discovered that the woman’s husband had made the withdrawals.
Check theft
In April 3, a woman walked into headquarters and reported an incident of check theft that occurred from a public mailbox at Boulevard and Gaylor Road in December. The woman advised that a $1,000 check, written to her daughter, had been stolen out of the USPS dropbox via a glue trap. She said she went back to the mailbox on April 1 and discovered evidence of a sticky substance on the mailbox. This prompted her to check her bank account, at which time she discovered that an unknown party had cashed her check. Images of the check reveal that it was not altered in any way and was only deposited to this unknown party. The incident was reported this to the postal inspector and her bank.

On April 9, a Hamilton Road man reported a check he had previously written had been stolen and altered. It was cashed by an unknown person in the amount of $7,941.
On April 9, police observed a sticky substance on the mailboxes outside of the Chase Road post office. Patrol was able to remove one letter that was stuck in the slot and deposited it into the mail slot inside the Post Office. Patrol then contacted Postal Police and Postal Inspector.
On April 6, a Lockwood Road woman reported someone hacked her Facebook account and posted inappropriate images. She also stated that she contacted Facebook to remove the images.

On April 6, a Stratton Road woman reported someone hacked her business’s social media account and was demanding $100 to unlock the account. The woman said she did not send any money because she believed it was a scam. She said she notified Instagram to unlock her account.
A taxi driver reported a passenger jumped out of her cab on Carman Road without paying the $17 fare after 1:30 a.m., April 8.

On April 4, a driver on Huntington Avenue reported a middle-aged, white man with baggy clothes and a missing front tooth, wearing a hat on backwards, tried to stop her car and asked for a ride. She declined and notified police.

On April 4, police received a report of a black Dodge Durango driving around slowly with tape covering the license plate in the area of Walworth and Greenacres avenues. The car was seen entering the Bronx River Parkway.
On April 8, a Crawford Lane caller reported he observed, on his doorbell camera, two males, “one shorter and heavier and one taller and thinner, one possibly Asian and one possibly Hispanic,” exit a maroon colored hatchback, walk around the property and leave in the same maroon hatchback. Police conducted a rideby and found all house doors to be secure.
On April 9, an Oxford Road homeowner reported a man was trespassing on his property. Police reviewed video surveillance and saw a white man wearing a yellow reflective jacket and blue jeans walking through the homeowner’s front lawn and down Oxford Road. Patrol believed the man appeared to be possibly on a walk and cut through the property to avoid being on the street. The man never stopped or looked at the property or displayed any signs of criminal intention.
Open door
A man was working behind a Penn Blvd house with his car left open, with keys inside, parked in front of the house April 6. Police checked with the homeowner, and the man was allowed to be there doing work. Police advised him to lock his car and secure his keys.

On April 4, a man reported hearing noises on Carthage Road. Noises were described as a “large outdoor toilet flushing.” The man did not report seeing any water. Police canvassed the area and did not find any large outdoor toilets or anything out or order.

A Post Road worker reported feeling uncomfortable with a picketer who was standing outside the worker’s building April 3. Police observed the protestor and confirmed the protesting was safe and within Village code.

On April 6, a Palmer Avenue woman reported she was stuck in her garage. Upon arrival, police spoke with the calling party who advised she thought she was stuck in the garage, but she was able to open the door using the garage door remote.
A homeless man fell asleep on the platform of the Scarsdale train station April 7. Police called some shelters that could offer assistance. The man said he would make his way to the Yonkers shelter and left in that direction.
A Secor Road woman reported, on April 8, that she has an ongoing issue with a woman at the New Rochelle dog park. She believes this woman has called CPS on her in bad faith due to these ongoing issues. Patrol determined that no criminality is involved at this point. The woman wished to have this incident documented.
On April 9, a Palmer Avenue woman called police with concerns that multiple vehicles were following her home and might again follow her home. Patrol advised that the street is a heavily traveled roadway and none of the vehicles were stopping at her house.
Cars and roadways
On April 4, police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Boulevard.
On April 4, police conducted high visibility burglary and car theft patrol throughout the Village and notified residents about the dangers of keeping their cars and houses unlocked.
On April 5, police stood by until a private tow arrived at Popham Road and Scarsdale Avenue to assist a motorist with a disabled car.
A car was left disabled on Meadow Road for a few days. Police asked the owner to move it on April 5.
On April 5, police were running license plates on Weaver Street and observed a black 2015 Honda CRV with a suspended registration. Police conducted a traffic stop and issued four citations. The vehicle’s plates were removed, and the vehicle was towed to Yonkers.
On April 6, police found a license plate on Post Road. Police contacted the owner who picked up the plate.
Police informed the highway department about a pothole on East Parkway April 6.
On April 7, police told a young man to stop driving around the parking lot of Quaker Ridge School with friends. Police advised that school grounds are closed after dark.
On April 8, police observed a dark blue 2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class traveling south on Weaver Street at a slow rate of speed. This slow rate of speed impeded the normal and reasonable flow of traffic, which caused a long line of motorists to form behind the vehicle. Radar confirmed the vehicle to be going 17mph in a 30 mph zone. Police then conducted a traffic stop and issued four citations, including inspection and insurance violations.
Four car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

On April 3, police reunited a loose dog with its Swarthmore Road owner who was found nearby with the dog’s leash in her hand.

On April 4, a Carthage Lane man reported a hawk was killing rabbits in his yard and frightening his children. Upon arrival, police observed a large hawk eating a deceased rabbit. The man said he was concerned for the safety for his young children and small dogs owned by neighbors. Police scared the hawk off its prey and disposed of the remains of the rabbit at the sanitation yard. According to police, the hawk then left the area, possibly in search of more food.
A Putnam Road resident reported a raccoon, climbing a wall, in the garage April 6. Patrol canvassed the property and was unable to locate the animal. The homeowner stated the animal ran to the back of the garage and was scratching at the back window. The animal likely cornered itself in the garage, and the homeowner was advised to leave the door open so the animal can find its way out. Police provided contact information for trappers.
Village code
A landscaping crew was accused of illegally dumping yard debris off Post Road April 5. Patrol made contact with the landscaper who advised he was working at a nearby house. He said he was carrying a pail full of leaves into a wooded area off Post Road, but he said he never dumped the pail of leaves. Police advised him of Village code with regard to dumping and the landscaper apologized for any confusion.
A construction crew near Quaker Center and Catherine Road started work before 8 a.m., April 7. Police issued a summons.

Lost and found
On April 3, a Mamaroneck Road woman reported losing her wallet containing credit cards in an Uber. She wanted the report made for documentation purposes only.
A banking card was found near Chase bank, on Chase Road, April 7. The card was returned to the bank, for owner notification.

On April 3, police and firefighters helped a Secor Road woman get back inside her house after she accidentally locked herself outside.

On April 4, low-heat cooking for hours, causing gas flames to impact special cookware, was causing carbon monoxide to be released in a Webster Avenue house, Firefighters ventilated and advised for cookware replacement.
On April 4, an oil truck on Post Road was reported to be on fire. Patrol and firefighters responded and observed a home heating fuel truck in a shared driveway. Patrol observed a downed secondary wire that had arced and caused a small fire on the truck’s roof. The fire had been extinguished. Patrol conducted traffic control while firefighters rendered the scene safe. Con Edison was advised and police and firefighters remained on scene until Con Edison’s arrival.
On April 4, firefighters shut down boilers in a Lenox Place house due to carbon monoxide release.
A bird was trapped in a Carthage Lane chimney April 5. Firefighters checked to make sure it had properly escaped the chimney.
A Crest Lane homeowner advised her stove was not working properly April 5.
Firefighters checked the gas supply line for safety. One burner was found to be leaking, and firefighters disabled it. They recommended that the gas line and valve be replaced by a licensed plumber.
Firefighters assisted at a car accident at Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street April 6.
Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway April 6.
An electrical burnout of a basement refrigerator occurred on Walworth Avenue April 7. Firefighters de-energized the unit.
Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Post Road April 8.
On April 8, firefighters responded to a reported brush fire between Saxon Woods Golf Course and Saxon Woods pool. An aviation unit assisted firefighters find the fire’s location deep in the woods. A county park worker assisted firefighters walk through trails to the location of fire. Firefighters used water cans, saws and hooks to darken down a 150′ x 250′ area of brush burning. Additional cans and tanks were needed for final extinguishment.
On April 9, firefighters helped a Stratton Road resident back inside her house after getting locked outside.
On April 9, firefighters were dispatched to an outside odor of gas in the area of Horseguard Lane, noted for over a month. Upon firefighters’ arrival, the resident stated they were on their back deck and noticed a strong odor of gas intermittently. Crews evaluated street conditions with no odors or readings present. The resident denied an interior odor of gas. A natural gas-powered grill was assessed and ruled out with a combustible gas detector. In the vicinity of the deck seating area, crews noted an exterior PVC vent pipe, suggesting the presence of a high-efficiency water heater. An interior investigation revealed a high-efficiency water heater depicting an error message of failure to ignite. During the investigation, the device re-attempted ignition, and exterior crews reported a strong odor of gas from the PVC vent pipe. Firefighters shut down the device and notified Con Edison Gas. During an interview, the homeowner stated that the area above the garage had been enclosed and remodeled last summer. While tracing the fresh air intake from the water heater, crews noted that the intake PVC piping appeared to terminate in the recently finished ceiling space. The homeowner previously recalled a pipe terminating on the side of the structure that was no longer present. Con Edison confirmed the fire department’s findings and suggested to leave the device shut down until able to be serviced by a plumber. Firefighters advised the homeowner to have the plumber evaluate the integrity of the fresh air source as a possible cause of device malfunction.
This report covering police and fire department activity from April 3-9 has been compiled from official information.
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