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Parag Milk Foods Limited, a prominent manufacturer and marketer of dairy-FMCG products in India, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rahul Kumar Srivastava as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. A seasoned professional, Srivastava brings with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as the Managing Director of Lactalis India, a division of the world’s largest dairy conglomerate, for over a decade. Prior to that, he held the position of Managing Director at Amul for more than ten years, solidifying his status as a respected industry veteran known for his substantial contributions to the dairy sector.
With a career spanning over three decades, Rahul Kumar Srivastava is renowned for his expertise in managing large-scale procurement operations and his profound understanding of innovative techniques that enhance yields through close collaboration with farmers while ensuring unwavering quality standards. His presence is expected to play a pivotal role in steering Parag Milk Foods into a new era of leadership and growth. He has been a trailblazing force in establishing and upholding organized dairy brands in an industry traditionally dominated by regional and unorganized entities, positioning him perfectly to tap into the vast potential of the organized Indian retail market’s demand for Parag Milk Foods.
Throughout his illustrious career, Srivastava has left an indelible mark through his unwavering commitment, strategic acumen, and innovative thinking. His keen insights and extensive knowledge have consistently driven efficiency improvements, fortified brand sustainability, and elevated the overall consumer experience.
Devendra Shah, Chairman of Parag Milk Foods Ltd said, “Rahul Kumar’s exceptional expertise and unparalleled proficiency in the Dairy sector perfectly align with Parag Milk Foods’s vision. His ability to blend traditional strategies with contemporary innovations is precisely what we need in these ever-evolving times. He will lead our strategy for profitable growth and also explore the market opportunities associated with the dairy-FMCG sector and the increasing global nutrition demand. We are confident that under his leadership, the company will continue to deliver sustainable, robust business growth.
Rahul Kumar Srivastava’s impressive educational background includes an engineering degree from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Roorkee. Furthermore, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), further enhancing his qualifications and capabilities.
Voyage Eyewear has recently unveiled an exclusive platform dedicated to women’s eyewear, aptly named Voyage Women. The dedicated website,, has been meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive requirements and preferences of women in search of both stylish and protective sunglasses.
The sunglasses showcased on Voyage Women have been thoughtfully tailored to cater to the diverse needs and tastes of women. Boasting an extensive spectrum of styles, each pair has been intricately designed to harmonize with various personal fashion preferences, ensuring that every woman can discover the perfect sunglasses that resonate with her style. Beyond fashion, these sunglasses are equipped with state-of-the-art UV protection, guaranteeing the shielding of your eyes from harmful rays while also offering exceptional visual comfort.
Varun Agarwal, Co-Founder of Voyage Eyewear said, “Expanding our product lines has been our vision to increase our reach among customers. We are constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and this new website is at the forefront of our vision. The launch of Voyage Women represents our commitment to providing tailored sunglasses for women. The website is more than online stores; it is a destination where women can discover sunglasses that not only protect their eyes but also reflect their personalities.
Sweta, Co-Founder of Voyage Eyewear said, “At Voyage Eyewear, we firmly believe that every woman deserves to look and feel stylish while protecting her eyes. Hence, we decided to launch Voyage Women to cater to our women customers. We are on a mission to empower women to express their unique style and embrace their individuality through our range of sunglasses.
Poonam Soni has introduced the ‘White Hues’ collection, a unique blend of design and a profound message that resonates with her dedication to aesthetics and the creation of exceptional pieces, cherished by her loyal clientele. In this collection, Soni conveys a powerful message of sustainability and affordability coexisting with luxury in Indian retail.
The collection showcases man-made lab-cut diamonds, distinguished by their unconventional cuts and shapes, characterized by their substantial size, artfully clustered to create a luminous play of white hues in rounds and ovals. Soni’s innovative approach extends to experimenting with pale grey and pink shades, utilizing distinct techniques in art nouveau pendants and rings, adorned with art deco influences. This designer chic collection offers a diverse array of choices for discerning clients. It is a certified collection designed for collectors seeking to expand their jewelry repertoire. With the integration of man-made diamonds, the realization of unique cuts and shapes in large-sized diamonds becomes attainable, turning design dreams into reality.
A standout piece in the collection is a luxury pendant featuring a cluster of large, flat-cut diamonds set against a square, royal blue specially cut Morani glass pendant, complemented by a large crystal drop, adorned with an art deco motif of diamonds.
Poonam Soni embarks on an altruistic journey with her new trademarked label, ‘Poonam Soni Altruistic Luxury.’ This initiative seeks to give back to society through her collections, emphasizing the fusion of cultures, the use of sustainable materials, and the transformation of unused jewels to combat hoarding while preserving luxury through innovative design and techniques. An altruistic endeavor takes shape through a collaboration with the Nargis Dutt Foundation. Poonam Soni, in partnership with Priya Dutt, aims to support the education of deserving children in need of financial assistance. Poonam Soni’s commitment is to sponsor the education of a single child by contributing 1500 per month, equivalent to the cost of foregoing three cups of coffee.
This awareness will be disseminated through events for Poonam Soni’s customers, and contributions will be made through collaborations and the proceeds from sales. The Nargis Dutt Foundation, an established organization in the field of education, is the chosen partner to realize this dream of fostering education.
Poonam Soni’s journey has always intertwined design and luxury with a meaningful purpose, beginning over three decades ago in June 1989 when she entered the jewelry industry as a pioneering solo crusader. Her trailblazing concepts of ‘Collections’ inspired by international and Indian architecture and culture brought depth to design through iconic global collections like ‘Greek and Egyptian,’ ‘Gaudi Revived,’ and ‘Temples of India.’
During the pandemic, she introduced another innovative collection, ‘Metamorphosis,’ wherein she transformed hoarded jewelry into collection pieces, contributing to sustainability and creating a significant impact in the wedding industry among the elite.
Rangriti is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural brand film featuring the talented actor Kriti Sanon, a cinematic ode to the heart and soul of India – its colors.
The brand’s nomenclature and its collections draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of colors that define India. This campaign brings this very inspiration to life, elegantly encapsulating the multifaceted essence of our target audience.
This creative vision gave birth to the campaign concept – ‘Mere Rang He Meri Reeti.’ Rooted in tradition yet imbued with a contemporary edge, this phrase mirrors the modern women of India. Much like these women, the vibrant hues of India signify their spirited nature, forming the core of Rangriti’s inaugural brand film alongside Kriti Sanon.
Siddharath Bindra, Managing Director of Biba Fashion Ltd said, “Launching our first film with Kriti Sanon for our brand Rangriti is an immensely thrilling experience. Her vivacity, charm, and versatility seamlessly align with the brand’s essence, and through this film, we eloquently portray the myriad shades of a woman that define her unique identity. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of India, we introduce a new collection that blends tradition with contemporaneity, offering simplicity and opulence in equal measure, catering to every woman who wishes to celebrate her individuality.
The festive collection available in Rangriti stores mirrors the vibrancy and charm depicted in the film. It represents a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary attire, making it the ideal choice for numerous women in this season.
Experience the revelation of Studio by Agni’s newest collection, a company renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainable and artisanal home decor in the Indian market. Their offerings include contemporary rugs, cushions, and an array of accessories inspired by art, culture, and heritage. The most recent addition to their portfolio showcases exceptional rugs meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of natural warmth, thoughtfully curated to captivate the discerning audience.
These rugs, fashioned from premium natural fibers, embody a harmonious blend of tranquility and sophistication, infusing spaces with a profound sense of serenity through their earthy color palette. Studio by Agni remains dedicated to the art of hand-tufting, harmoniously merging traditional craftsmanship with innovative design concepts to craft bespoke carpets that elevate interior environments to new levels of elegance.
Drawing inspiration from the rich spectrum of natural colors, Studio by Agni proudly presents a captivating selection featuring warm corals, mustard, blue, and earthy tones within this remarkable collection. Each rug undergoes meticulous hand-tufting by skilled artisans, delicately weaving yarn through a canvas backing, resulting in intricate patterns and textures that breathe life into the fabric. The end result is a mesmerizing masterpiece that seamlessly integrates sophistication and warmth into any living space.
The materials chosen for crafting Studio by Agni’s hand-tufted rugs are carefully selected for their exceptional quality, longevity, and eco-friendly attributes. Ethically sourced wool and silk, as well as environmentally responsible natural fibers, are the cornerstones of each rug’s construction, executed with the utmost precision. The outcome is a visually striking piece that not only showcases aesthetics but also embodies a sustainable choice designed to withstand the test of time. Each rug represents a unique creation, tailored to harmonize with the individual style and aesthetic preferences of their discerning clientele. Whether one seeks a bold burst of color to serve as a room’s focal point or a subtle design to complement the minimalist decor, Studio by Agni stands ready to transform their client’s visions into reality.
Hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Mufti, a brand with a legacy dating back to 1998, has consistently set new standards in casual menswear in India. The Autumn Winter 2023 collection, freshly unveiled, stands as the epitome of bold elegance.
This latest collection is an embodiment of contemporary prints, a refined color palette, modern silhouettes, and innovative fabric choices. Mufti seamlessly fuses traditional elements with a contemporary twist, resulting in a diverse and comprehensive range. From statement and casual shirts to polos and t-shirts, from chinos to jeans, and including winter wear like jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and knitwear, Mufti’s offerings cover all facets of men’s fashion.
The collection’s printed shirts, t-shirts, and polos distinctly draw inspiration from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Adorned with motifs of the city’s unique flora and fauna, these garments pay homage to their urban muse. Meanwhile, the range of sweatshirts and sweaters, boasting badges and adorned in rich shades of blue and mustard, are poised to become wardrobe-essentials. For the upcoming winter, Mufti introduces stylish jackets in hues of maroon and olive, promising both warmth and fashion.
Kamal Khushlani, the Promoter, Chairman, and MD of Credo Brands said, “Mufti believes in rewriting the rules of modern style. Elegance is difficult to design when it comes to everyday dressing, as it’s about more than just being well-dressed. With a bold and unapologetic approach, Mufti is swiftly carving its niche as the go-to destination for men who dare to express what modern elegance means to them.
For those bracing themselves for the winter chill, Mufti introduces super-slim ankle-length jeans that provide both comfort and style. These skinny and stretchable jeans are well-suited to the Indian climate, ensuring that you remain fashionable and cozy during the colder months. With Mufti’s Autumn-Winter collection, you can effortlessly embody this expressive elegance every time you step out of your home.
Gemini Edibles and Fats India Limited (GEF India) has unveiled a new addition to its Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil range, a reusable 10-liter multi-use jar. This latest product expands the options available for Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil, which is currently offered in various sizes, including 200ml, 500ml pouch, 1-liter pouch, 500ml PET bottle, 1-liter PET bottle, 2-liter PET bottle, 5-liter HDPE jar, 10-liter multi-use jar, 15kg tin, 15-liter tin, and 15-liter HDPE jar. The launch event was graced by the presence of Ms. Radhika Pandit, a renowned Kannada Actress, and P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Gemini Edibles and Fats India Ltd, along with the GEF India management.
The introduction of the 10-liter multi-use jar for Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil is a strategic response to evolving consumer preferences and the growing inclination towards environmentally friendly, reusable products. This innovative jar is designed to enhance convenience for families and addresses the need for practical and sustainable solutions. It features a contemporary design, complete with a tamper-proof lid and easy-pour technology, ensuring ease of use. This makes it an ideal choice for modern individuals, especially women, seeking intelligent solutions that save time, and space, prevent spillage, and minimize storage concerns. After the oil is consumed, this versatile jar can be repurposed for storing essential kitchen items.
Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil currently holds the top position in the sunflower oil category in India. Sunflower oil boasts a substantial market size, exceeding 32,000 tonnes in Karnataka. The state of Karnataka serves as a key focus area for Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils, as the brand steadily gains recognition and acceptance in the region. GEF India operates three state-of-the-art refineries in Andhra Pradesh, with two located in Kakinada and one in Krishnapatnam. A new refinery in Telangana is in the commissioning phase. In addition to the existing operations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh, the company is actively expanding its presence in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
P. Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing, Gemini Edibles and Fats India Ltd said, “We are a consumer-focused organization and are constantly assessing consumer requirements. We are happy to introduce the new reusable 10 Litre multi-use jar of Freedom Refined Sunflower oil, to provide an elegant and convenient SKU for the present-day consumers. We hope this new convenient reusable multi use jar is liked by our patrons and used for storage after the oil is consumed. Having the rocking couple Yash and Radhika as our brand ambassadors has helped us connect with the people of Karnataka and improve the awareness of the brand. ‘Freedom’ is a value for money brand, with innovative packing designs, providing our consumers ‘Freedom to eat, Freedom to enjoy.
Weikfield Foods Pvt Limited, a household name recognized for its popular products such as Custard Powder, Corn Flour, Baking Powder, and Pasta, proudly unveils the Weikfield Iron Fortified Pasta. This nutritionally enriched pasta boasts fortification with essential nutrients like Iron, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid, all while preserving its delectable taste.
Weikfield’s latest offering is a welcome relief for parents, especially mothers, on the quest for iron-rich food choices for their children without compromising the delectable flavor they crave. The introduction of this innovative product marks a significant milestone in the Indian culinary landscape, as it is one of the country’s first F+certified pastas endorsed by FSSAI, successfully tackling the age-old challenge of harmonizing nutrition with taste.
For over six decades, Weikfield has been a trusted and beloved brand, captivating the palates of millions in India and beyond. The company, as a testament to its commitment to consumer trust, has taken an unprecedented step by featuring its CEO, D.S. Sachdeva, in a lie detector test as part of its latest campaign. This strategic move underscores the nutritional claims of Weikfield Fortified Pasta, emphasizing its substantial protein, fiber, and iron content, as well as its notable absence of refined flour (Maida).
Sachdeva expressed, “Weikfield has always endeavored to help mothers strike the right balance between taste and nutrition. In India, pasta is often misconceived as junk food. Most are unaware that pastas like Weikfield Pasta, primarily composed of wheat and frequently served with vegetables and white pasta sauce (infused with cheese and milk), offer a wealth of nutrients. It effectively combines the goodness of Roti (Indian bread), Sabji (vegetables), and Doodh (milk). As pioneers in the industry, we are committed to rectifying this misconception through a distinctive product and innovative communication. With our iron-fortified pasta range, we aim to provide Indian consumers with the authentic taste of Italian pasta coupled with the goodness of micronutrients.
We have taken the extra step to ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of our product merely to align with market pricing. This launch is not just an addition to our product line; it’s a revolution in how pasta is perceived – as a wholesome meal choice for children. Typically, consumers are skeptical of marketing claims. What better way to dispel that skepticism than to have my marketing team come up with the idea of me taking a lie detector test on camera? I didn’t hesitate,” he added.
Dr. Indu Khosla emphasized, “Iron is the mineral crucial for the health and development of babies and children. Iron deficiency can impact the academic performance of older children. Inadequate iron levels can impair children’s concentration, leaving them fatigued and weak. Considering that Weikfield pasta contains iron content equivalent to consuming two bowls of spinach, it emerges as a commendable choice.
The Weikfield Iron Fortified Pasta will be available in three distinct shapes: Penne, Elbow, and Fusilli. It will be readily accessible in leading retail stores, supermarkets, and also through prominent e-commerce platforms across major metropolises in India.
Tira Beauty invites you to elevate your beauty game this festive season with an exclusive offering: the Benefit All Lit Up Kit, a limited-time gem available only at Tira Beauty. However, time is of the essence – this sensational kit is accessible until November 14th, or while supplies last.
The All Lit Up Kit takes the spotlight by featuring a curated selection of Benefit’s most iconic beauty products. First in line, you’ll discover the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, a makeup essential renowned for effortlessly sculpting and defining your brows. It’s a game-changer that ensures perfectly shaped brows to adorn your visage.
Moving forward, we introduce the BADGal BANG Mascara – a cult-favorite mascara celebrated for its ability to elevate your lashes to impressive new heights. With a gravity-defying formula, it grants your lashes incredible volume and length, fulfilling your desire for striking, full lashes.
Completing this beauty trio is the Benetint, a versatile rose-tinted lip and cheek stain that imparts a natural, rosy flush, providing you with a fresh and flirty appearance. This multi-purpose product is a genuine makeup bag essential, adapting to your beauty needs.
But here’s the icing on the cake: each purchase of the All Lit Up Kit goes beyond your beauty enhancement – it also contributes to the noble cause of the Myna Mahila Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from each kit sale directly aids this foundation, dedicated to empowering underprivileged women in India. Their efforts encompass providing essential healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. By indulging in Benefit’s All Lit Up Kit through Tira Beauty, you’re not merely enhancing your beauty – you’re actively participating in the upliftment and empowerment of others.
As the festival of lights, Diwali, approaches, Opulin, a prominent name in the realm of home décor and lifestyle products, is delighted to present its exquisite Diwali Gifting Collection. Tailored to illuminate your celebrations with a vibrant array of home essentials, this collection not only captures the festival’s essence but also serves as the perfect gift for your cherished ones.
A distinguished feature of Opulin’s Diwali collection is the inclusion of international brands such as Rometti, Jonathan Adler, Baobab, Bernardaud, and Silk-Ka at Opulin. The range includes a diverse selection of items:
Vases: Opulin offers a wide spectrum of beautifully crafted vases, coming in various shapes and sizes, and an array of colors. These vases are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with any home décor, making them an exquisite addition to your living spaces.
Cushions: Diwali is a season for warm gatherings and quality time with family and friends. Opulin’s Diwali collection encompasses a vibrant assortment of cushions that not only enhance comfort but also infuse a touch of style into your home.
Tableware: Elevate your dining experience with Opulin’s Diwali Gifting Collection, featuring an exquisite range of tableware available in an array of delightful colors.
Candles: The warm radiance of candles is synonymous with Diwali. Opulin’s Diwali Gifting Collection offers a comprehensive selection of both scented and unscented candles in captivating hues, setting the perfect ambiance for your festive moments.
Diffusers: For a hassle-free Diwali celebration, Opulin presents an assortment of diffusers in a variety of colors. These diffusers not only serve a practical purpose but also introduce a pop of color to your living space.
Décor Flowers: Enhance your Diwali decorations with Opulin’s exquisite Décor Flowers, available in a myriad of hues. These artificial blossoms introduce a touch of natural beauty to your home, free from the concerns of wilting, making them an ideal addition to your festive adornments.
Opulin cordially invites everyone to embrace the warmth and radiance of this festival with their delightful Diwali Gifting Collection. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, the wide array of products in the collection, spanning vases, cushions, elegant tableware, captivating candles, and practical diffusers, embodies the true spirit of Diwali. Illuminate your celebrations, create lasting memories, and make this Diwali a truly special one with Opulin’s Diwali Gifting Collection. Revel in the joy of both giving and decorating, allowing the festivities to shine brightly in every corner of your home. For a truly enriching Diwali experience, explore Opulin’s offerings today.
Flipkart Wholesale, the digital B2B online platform under the banner of India’s indigenous Flipkart Group, is pleased to announce the launch of Diwali Shopotsav, an annual sales event for its B2B members. This grand event is scheduled to run from October 25 to November 12, 2023, under the tagline ‘Bolo Fayde Ki Boli.’ Diwali Shopotsav will be accessible through all 26 brick-and-mortar stores as well as the Flipkart Wholesale app.
Staying true to its tagline, Diwali Shopotsav is set to commemorate the most significant deals of the season spanning various product categories. This year, the spotlight is on the recently introduced segments of home and kitchen appliances, gifting options, and festive decor items. To intensify the festive spirit, Daily Flash Deals are in the pipeline, offering members the opportunity to purchase 2kg of sugar and a range of other items for just Re.1! Moreover, Kirana members have a chance to win exciting prizes, including a brand-new Mahindra Thar, mobile phones, gold and silver coins, as part of the Lucky Draw offer.
During the sale, members can take advantage of an array of benefits through enticing offers such as Festive Special Deals, Flash Deals, Pocket-Friendly Deals, Blockbuster Deals, and more, available via Flipkart Wholesale’s online channel.
Leveraging the robust technology and supply chain infrastructure of the Flipkart Group, Flipkart Wholesale is dedicated to fostering the growth of Kiranas (small local grocery stores) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), contributing to the holistic development of the entire ecosystem.
In anticipation of the upcoming Diwali season and amidst the World Cup fervor, McCain Foods, a renowned frozen food brand, is excited to announce the addition of two delectable products to its portfolio – McCain Popcorn Fries and McCain Cheesy Pizza Fingers. These savory indulgences are poised to provide a distinctive snacking experience and serve as the perfect companions for gatherings as India gears up for the festivities.
These new offerings are meticulously crafted to provide an unmatched blend of flavors and an irresistibly crunchy delight with every bite, offering a snacking experience cherished by both children and adults in India.
Aditya Krishna, Head of Sales and Marketing at McCain Retail said, “We are delighted to introduce these two exciting new products. McCain has always been dedicated to creating quality and flavor, and with these launches, we aim to make the World Cup and festive season even more memorable for our consumers. These products have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the distinct preferences of our customers. The unique fusion of flavors, unforgettable taste, and the cherished moments these snacks bring are truly transformative. The universal appeal of these products reflects our commitment to bringing families and friends together, fostering shared memories and connections. We believe that our product range will redefine snacking, establishing new standards and becoming a household favorite across the country.
McCain Cheesy Pizza Fingers represent an irresistible fusion of two perennial favorites – Mozzarella Cheese and Pizza, elevating consumers’ get-togethers to a delightfully ‘cheeeesy’ level. The delectable combination of cheese and the mouthwatering essence of pizza ensures that this snack is an instant hit with the crowd. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or planning a weekend family snack, McCain Cheesy Pizza Fingers are the answer. Loved by both kids and adults, they serve as the ultimate party companion, effortlessly delivering the joy of pizza and the creaminess of cheese in every bite, all within a mere 3-minute preparation, allowing consumers to savor this unique cheesy snack infused with Italian-style herbs from the comfort of their homes.
On the other hand, McCain Popcorn Fries are characterized by a distinctive proprietary cut, coupled with a batter coating that preserves its delectable crunch for an impressive 45 minutes, undoubtedly leaving consumers’ taste buds craving more. With their widespread appeal, and appreciation by individuals of all ages, these fries serve as the perfect accompaniment for gatherings centered around screenings or movie nights. They bridge generational gaps, elevating the snacking experience to new heights. McCain’s special batter coating ensures that each bite is an exquisite treat, making it nearly impossible to resist finishing the plate in one satisfying go.
These two new products are being introduced through Digital Video Campaigns (DVCs) that emphasize their deliciousness, irresistibility, and universal appeal. Additionally, exciting consumer contests and influencer collaborations are on the horizon to sustain the buzz around these launches. Moreover, a unique Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign featuring Popcorn Fries can be spotted at bus shelters in major cities, further spreading the word about these delightful additions to the McCain portfolio.
Make your festive glamour truly unforgettable with a timepiece from the newly released Timex Fria Collection, meticulously crafted to complement the elegance of this season. This exquisite collection, as featured in the Timex India #WasteMoreTime campaign with the dynamic Ananya Panday, is the perfect addition to your festive ensembles. The Fria collection strikes an impeccable balance between style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Each timepiece in this collection boasts intricate detailing and superb craftsmanship, bestowing a touch of opulence upon every outfit. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones, hosting a glamorous soirée, or simply enjoying some leisurely moments, make a resounding style statement this festive season with your trusted companion, the Timex Radiance Fria Collection.
Here, we present four must-have timepieces from the Fria collection, perfectly suited for this festive season:
Pearl Perfection: The Pearl Perfection watch is the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. Adorned with a lustrous mother-of-pearl dial, this watch is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Sunshine Sky: The Sunshine Sky watch radiates optimism and style. It serves as a constant reminder that every moment is an opportunity to shine and bask in the beauty of the world.
Prism Play: The Prism Play watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a conversation starter and a statement piece, adding a unique flair to your ensemble.
Crystal Chorus: The Crystal Chorus watch is a true symphony of elegance and sophistication. Featuring an exquisite crystal-studded dial, this timepiece effortlessly blends luxury and grace, making it the perfect accessory for your festive look.
With the Timex Radiance Fria Collection, you have the opportunity to elevate your festive style and leave a lasting impression. Choose the timepiece that resonates with your personality and outfit, and embrace the spirit of the season with unmatched elegance and poise.
Sunny Leone, a multifaceted businesswoman, a captivating actress, and a renowned model, is set to embark on a groundbreaking venture that promises to reshape the beauty landscape. In an exciting move, Sunny Leone has joined forces with Looks Salon, India’s fastest-growing salon chain, and her globally acclaimed cosmetic line, StarStruck by Sunny Leone. This partnership will deliver a unique and unparalleled beauty experience to beauty enthusiasts, aficionados, and clients, just in time for the festive season.
The beauty industry has always been a realm of transformation and innovation, where the concept of beauty continually evolves. Here, trends emerge like whispered secrets, and the delicate balance between self-expression and self-care intertwines like timeless lovers. Sunny Leone, a name synonymous with beauty, charm, and allure, emerges as a guiding star in this ever-evolving narrative, captivating hearts worldwide.
The collaboration between Looks Salon and StarStruck by Sunny Leone weaves an enchanting tale where beauty becomes the language of love. Clients will soon have the opportunity to experience the exquisite StarStruck range in the comforting ambiance of Looks Salon. The goal is to enable clients to intimately explore these beauty treasures, not only to showcase their unmatched quality but also to help them discover how these exquisite creations can cater to their unique desires. The luxury Looks Salon, comprising 204 salons across 51 cities, will introduce the StarStruck collection in all its stores in the coming months.
Samay Dutta, MD expressed, “Through our nationwide partnership, Looks Salon, India’s premier luxury salon chain, is excited to expand its exceptional services to a broader audience. With the largest female clientele in the country, this collaboration ensures an enhanced experience for our patrons. Embrace the elegance of our in-salon makeup services and embark on the ultimate beauty journey with our exquisite StarStruck Menu. We are eager to bring the best of Looks Salon to every corner of India, making luxury and beauty accessible to all.
Samir Srivastav, CEO of Looks Salon said, “We believe that offering an unexpected menu of additional services or beauty enhancements after the primary service can genuinely create a memorable experience for the customer. It adds an element of surprise and personalization, making the client feel special and cherished. The ‘Looks X StarStruck’ menu will include unique or trending makeup treatments, exclusive products, and personalized styling tips, enhancing the overall wow factor for the customer.
Sunny Leone’s StarStruck cosmetic line epitomizes her commitment to the beauty world. With complete control over development, formulas, and packaging, she has established a brand synonymous with affordable luxury. Offering a diverse range of over 150 products, it caters to various looks, from “Brunch Ready” to “Bridal Must-Haves,” ensuring that beauty is within everyone’s reach.
The beauty industry’s landscape is undergoing transformation, and the partnership between Looks Salon and StarStruck by Sunny Leone is poised to lead this change. It’s more than just a collaboration; it’s a declaration that beauty transcends boundaries, and everyone deserves to look and feel like a star.
Lotus Herbals, India’s prominent natural beauty care company, proudly unveils its latest campaign featuring the enchanting Jacqueline Fernandez, the Brand Ambassador, promoting the WhiteGlow Vitamin C range of skincare products. In her role as the brand’s face, Jacqueline takes center stage in a high-voltage multimedia campaign that will be broadcast on TV, digital platforms, social media channels, and multiplexes throughout India. The focal point of this campaign is the newly introduced Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gel-Crème SPF 20. This distinctive gel-creme offers a non-sticky, lightweight formula enriched with the goodness of Yuzu Lemon and Kakadu Plum extracts, supercharged with 100 times more Vitamin C. It’s designed to brighten the skin, lock in moisture, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, provide deep hydration, and offer sun protection with SPF 20.
The core message of the new TVC is to educate consumers about the differences among various Vitamin C creams. The commercial unfolds with Jacqueline and her friend on a quest to find a Vitamin C cream that can effectively eliminate dark spots. Jacqueline enlightens her friend about the uniqueness of the Lotus WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gel Crème – a one-of-a-kind innovation that combines gel and creme, containing an astounding 100 times more Vitamin C and enriched with Yuzu Lemon and Kakadu Plum extracts. This non-sticky formula is quick to absorb, diminishes dark spots, and imparts an amazing glow to the skin. The ad concludes with Jacqueline expressing her trust in Lotus White Glow Vitamin C Gel Crème for her skincare regimen.
Nitin Passi, Chairman and Managing Director of Lotus Herbals said, “Lotus has a history of innovation in the beauty industry, and we are delighted to introduce the distinctive Lotus WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gel Crème, an innovative addition to our immensely popular WhiteGlow skincare range. Committed to developing clean and transformative beauty solutions tailored for the Indian skin, the WhiteGlow Vitamin C Gel Crème represents a genuine breakthrough, redefining the way you experience radiant beauty.
With Jacqueline Fernandez as the face of Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow, the stunning actress will be featured in a multimedia campaign spanning across TV, digital, in-store promotions, POP materials, and various social media platforms. With a substantial media plan for Lotus WhiteGlow Gel Creme, the brand intends to air the TVC featuring Jacqueline on top-performing General Entertainment Channels (GEC) and high-impact programs. This campaign will also target a broader audience through airing on well-performing regional channels and shows. Additionally, it will have a strong presence on the brand’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In-store branding and point-of-purchase (POP) materials will encompass banners, danglers, table-tops, and posters. Furthermore, the brand’s promotional film will be screened during blockbuster movies in multiplexes across India to maximize visibility and attract a wide audience.
The collaboration between Rabanne and H&M represents a union of futuristic design and innovative craftsmanship. This collection draws inspiration from the iconic creations of Paco Rabanne, the late founder of the fashion house, which has experienced a creative resurgence since 2013 under the guidance of Julien Dossena, the creative director. The Rabanne H&M collection elevates groundbreaking, dancefloor-ready style to new heights, seamlessly blending iconic chainmail and sparkling sequins with casual sportswear and refined tailoring. Spanning across womenswear, menswear, accessories, and even venturing into home décor in collaboration with H&M Home, this collection is set to debut in selected retail stores and online at on November 9, 2023.
For women, the collection features key pieces such as metallic mesh two-piece outfits reminiscent of archival designs, mirrored paillette dresses, as well as romantic chiffon gowns adorned with rhinestones and leopard-print jersey dresses. Men can expect sharp silver suits, metallic mesh vests, and luxurious loungewear. Accessories shine with contemporary reinterpretations of Rabanne’s iconic paillette and metallic mesh bags, complemented by Western-style boots and sequined pool slides. The H&M HOME capsule takes center stage by combining statement-making metallic furniture with sculptural accessories.
Distinguished by the use of enduring, high-quality fabrics, the collection showcases premium materials such as leather and wool in accessories, outerwear, suiting, and knitwear. In a first-time endeavor for both H&M and Rabanne, the iconic metallic mesh pieces feature a blend of recycled and conventional metal, the outcome of months of meticulous development. Embellished items in the collection are adorned with recycled PET sequins and recycled glass rhinestones, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and responsible craftsmanship.
Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited is pleased to introduce its QuikShef Spice Range during the auspicious Navratri festival, marking a substantial expansion in its product line. With a forward-looking vision, the company aims to capture the market’s attention with this innovative addition. This strategic step represents a transformative phase in the company’s journey as it ventures into a promising new sector.
The unveiling of the QuikShef Spice Range was an unforgettable event, graced by the presence of ParamPujniya Shri DhirendraShastriji, BageshwarDham Sarkar. His participation in the Navratri festival bestowed a sacred ambiance upon this culinary extravaganza, enriching the event’s spiritual significance.
Sheetal Bhalerao, Chairperson and MD of Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited said, “Our entry into the spices segment underscores our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving preferences of our consumers. We recognize the escalating demand for high-quality spices and are dedicated to offering nothing short of excellence. With the QuikShef Spice Range, we aim to bring the rich and authentic flavors of Indian spices to a global audience, enabling culinary enthusiasts to infuse their dishes with the essence of India. This initiative represents just the beginning of our forward-thinking approach, and we are enthusiastic about introducing new and exciting flavors and experiences to our customers.
Bhalerao also expressed her deep gratitude for the presence of ParamPujniya Shri DhirendraShastriji, BageshwarDham Sarkar, on this auspicious occasion, highlighting the spiritual and blessed dimension added to their culinary journey.
In response to the growing demand for top-quality spices, Wardwizard Foods and Beverages unveiled its QuikShef Spice Range during the Navratri festival. The QuikShef Spice Range features a captivating array of 17 unique varieties, meticulously crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas of dishes. From the aromatic Shahi Biryani Masala to the versatile Garam Masala and the delectable Panipuri Masala, these spices cater to the discerning preferences of consumers. With packaging options available in four convenient sizes, Wardwizard ensures that every consumer, whether a novice cook or an expert chef, can find the ideal fit for their culinary creations.
The QuikShef Spice Range is poised to make a significant impact in its respective segment, further solidifying Wardwizard Foods and Beverages’ position as a leader in culinary innovation. This exciting introduction aligns with the company’s mission to satisfy not only consumers’ hunger but also their desire for a distinctive and authentic culinary experience.
During the festival season, Centuary Mattresses, a well-established name in the sleep solutions retail industry in India for over 35 years, is delighted to introduce an exciting new campaign – ‘Deal Wali Diwali,’ running from October 15th, 2023, to November 15th, 2023. With a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled comfort and quality, Centuary Mattress is all geared up to make this festive season exceptionally memorable for its valued customers, complete with some delightful surprises.
Through the ‘Deal Wali Diwali’ Campaign, the company aims to enhance the festive fervor by offering customers assured gifts such as a pillow set and a bedsheet or comforter with every mattress purchase. Additionally, customers will enjoy an extended warranty of 2 years, in addition to their existing warranties, and an extra 10 percent discount on all mattresses when ordering from the Centuary website. Furthermore, an exciting feature is the opportunity to ‘SPIN THE WHEEL,’ where 10,000 fortunate winners stand to receive exciting prizes, including electric vehicles, bicycles, LED TVs, smartphones, vouchers, and more. This campaign, teeming with unbeatable deals and promotions, is accessible in all Centuary stores and on their official website.
Malani, Executive Director of Centuary Mattress said, “The festival season is synonymous with celebration, gift-giving, and sprucing up our homes. At Centuary Mattress, we are thrilled to partake in these festivities and elevate the comfort of our customers’ homes. Through our ‘Deal Wali Diwali’ campaign, our customers have the opportunity to acquire mattresses with enticing gifts, enriching their celebratory moments.
The ‘Deal Wali Diwali’ Campaign is designed to offer irresistible deals and gifts, bringing the promise of luxurious and restful sleep within reach of every household in India. Centuary Mattress boasts a robust presence with over 400 exclusive outlets and 4,000 multi-brand outlets across India. The brand envisions expanding its footprint to 100 premium experience stores by 2025.
Anko India, the adored Australian homeware retail brand, is elated to announce the commencement of its long-awaited festive sale. The sale is currently live on Anko’s official website, where customers can avail themselves of substantial discounts of up to 60 percent on a diverse range of homeware products.
This festive season, Anko proudly presents a curated selection of superior gifting options in Glassware, Dinnerware, Candles and Diffusers, Home Decor, and Kitchenware. Whether you seek to elevate your home aesthetics or find the perfect gift for your loved ones, Anko’s sale encompasses a wide array of high-quality products. As an added bonus, Anko is offering a coupon code, “Festive20,” granting shoppers additional discounts to make their purchases even more budget-friendly.
Anko remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier homeware products at accessible price points. Through the launch of this grand festive sale, Anko India not only endeavors to enrich the homes of its esteemed customers but also bolsters its foothold in the Indian homeware retail industry. With an unwavering dedication to providing outstanding value, Anko India aspires to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the Indian homeware market.
Liberty Shoes, a prominent player in the Indian footwear retail industry, has once again showcased its dedication to innovation with the launch of NitPro, an advanced technology seamlessly incorporated into its latest footwear line. NitPro represents a significant stride in augmenting footwear’s overall comfort and performance, reaffirming Liberty Shoes’ commitment to delivering top-tier products to its clientele.
Renowned for its diverse sub-brands, including the popular athleisure collection, Leap7x, the brand has consistently led in offering its consumers contemporary designs and performance-oriented choices. With the introduction of NitPro, Liberty Shoes continues this legacy, presenting a groundbreaking solution that reimagines how individuals experience comfort and support through their footwear.
NitPro is seamlessly integrated into the shoe’s outsole, enhancing it with an extraordinary level of cushioning and a featherlight build. This technology is engineered to provide wearers with an elevated journey, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort and a luxuriously cushioned sensation with each step. Whether facing an intense workout or a long day of activities, NitPro is meticulously crafted to offer optimal support for a seamless and comfortable experience.
Barun Prabhakar, the Marketing Head at Liberty Shoes said, “We are delighted to introduce NitPro as the newest addition to our innovative footwear technology lineup. This groundbreaking advancement reinforces our commitment to ensuring our customers enjoy the highest levels of comfort and performance. With NitPro, our objective is to redefine the benchmarks of comfort in footwear, enabling individuals to stride with confidence and ease.
Explore the unrivaled comfort and performance offered by NitPro technology by discovering Liberty Shoes’ latest collection, now accessible at leading retail establishments and online stores.
Jaipur Rugs, a globally esteemed leader in the handmade rug retail industry, is delighted to announce the resounding triumph of its annual 2023 Rug Utsav, which commenced on September 27th. This year’s event has garnered an enthusiastic response from Indian consumers, offering a seamless fusion of artistic expression, exquisite craftsmanship, and an inspiring educational endeavor.
The 2023 Rug Utsav presents a distinctive and extraordinary experience for our esteemed clientele. It encompasses exclusive discounts across a wide spectrum of rug categories, interactive sessions with highly skilled weavers, and a heartening endeavor to promote education through the JR Meritorious Scholarship Program. This amalgamation of art, culture, and social responsibility has not only captivated consumers but also gained substantial support.
Customers are cordially invited to embark on a journey into the realm of fine craftsmanship, with exclusive discounts available on Dhurries, Hand Tufted, Handloom, Hand Knotted, and the much-coveted Manchaha Collection. Notably, select pieces from the Manchaha Collection are being offered at special discounted rates for the first time, enabling patrons to possess pieces of unparalleled artisanal excellence.
Jaipur Rugs remains committed to ensuring that the rug purchasing experience is truly exceptional. Our patrons have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of rug making at various Jaipur Rugs retail outlets, where they can partake in tufting activities under the expert guidance of rural artisans. During the Rug Utsav, substantial discounts ranging from 10 percent to an impressive 80 percent are available across a diverse range of rug categories, affording connoisseurs a rare chance to own rugs crafted using ancient weaving traditions that date back 2500 years, all at special prices.
Yogesh Chaudhary, Director of Jaipur Rugs said, “At Jaipur Rugs, we’ve always prioritized bringing happiness to the lives of our weavers. This year, we extend our commitment by contributing a portion of the Rug Utsav proceeds to the JR Meritorious Scholarship Program. This groundbreaking initiative will sponsor the education of deserving meritorious students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement by securing more than 75 percent marks in their board examinations. Through this program, we aspire to provide these young talents with opportunities to advance their careers and realize their full potential.
Timex, a global trailblazer and innovator in the watchmaking industry, is challenging the conventional notion of investing time with their latest campaign, ‘Waste More Time,’ featuring the captivating Ananya Pandey. In a world where every second appears meticulously allocated, Timex champions the belief that time spent discovering the freedom to be one’s authentic self is time exceptionally well utilized, even if it may be perceived as unconventional by others.
Ananya Pandey impeccably personifies the essence of this campaign. Her zest for life, relatability, and effortlessly chic yet cool style render her the ideal choice to represent the brand. Commencing from October 2023, Timex, in collaboration with the talented actress, aims to engage its diverse clientele through an array of campaigns, content, events, and the irresistible charm of Ananya.
The Timex “Waste More Time” campaign featuring Ananya is not solely about monitoring time; it’s about experiencing time to the fullest. In the campaign film, Ananya Pandey revels in every facet of life, whether it involves bonding with a pet, immersing in a world of books, or engaging in conversations with plants. Timex ensures that time is kept, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in activities that are genuinely worth savoring and savoring for a more extended period.
H&M India has successfully launched its inaugural store in Mangalore, an establishment spanning 1452 square meters, nestled within the Fiza by Nexus Mall. This significant expansion marks a pivotal milestone in H&M’s ambitious endeavors within the Indian retail landscape.
The store is adorned with the recently unveiled Festive Collection, which proudly features the charismatic actress and fashion icon, Athiya Shetty, as the emblematic face of this exquisite line. The Festive Collection seamlessly marries fashion and comfort, offering an extensive selection of distinctive attire. For women, it includes resplendent red trouser suits, dresses featuring asymmetric necklines, all-over sequined tops, and tasteful blazers. Men can revel in the charm of printed resort shirts, graphic tees, coordinated sets, formal shirts, and sophisticated coach jackets, ushering in a new era of casual elegance. The Kids’ collection mirrors this vibrancy, presenting enchanting dresses for girls and an assortment of versatile, yet stylish, options for boys. The Festive Collection is thoughtfully priced, commencing at Rs 1499 for Ladies and Rs 799 for Men and Kids, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of fashion tastes while maintaining exceptional value.
Yanira Ramirez, the Country Sales Manager at H&M India said, “We are thrilled to embark on our journey in this dynamic and spirited city. The prospect of opening our doors and extending a warm welcome to fashion aficionados is truly exhilarating. At H&M, we are wholeheartedly committed to becoming the ultimate shopping destination for the people of Mangalore. Here, they can immerse themselves in the latest fashion trends and express their unique style. Our primary objective remains unwavering: to offer fashion and quality at the most reasonable prices, while steadfastly upholding our dedication to sustainability.
In harmony with the company’s sustainability initiatives, the new store enthusiastically embraces the brand’s Garment Collect initiative. This initiative encourages customers to bring in clothing and textiles, irrespective of the brand or condition, for recycling at the store.
Haier Appliances India (Haier India), a global leader in home appliances and the world’s number one brand in major appliances for 14 consecutive years, proudly introduces its latest innovation, the Metalustre series – an assortment of refrigerators featuring a vibrant steel finish. This launch marks another significant stride by Haier in enhancing kitchen environments for consumers while adding a modern touch to their everyday lives.
The new Metalustre series embodies the distinctive colorful steel finish across both top-mounted and bottom-mounted refrigerators, aligning with the brand’s vision to introduce customer-inspired innovations in India. This complete ‘Made in India, Made for India’ product line is being meticulously crafted at Haier’s state-of-the-art facility in Ranjangaon, Pune.
NS Satish, President of Haier Appliances India said, “In a world where customers continually seek high-end home appliances, Haier’s new Metalustre refrigerators are poised to redefine the kitchen landscape. With their vibrant steel finish, these refrigerators are not merely designed for food storage but to inspire and uplift, ensuring each visit to the kitchen is a delightful experience. The introduction of the colorful steel finish underscores Haier’s unwavering commitment to both functionality and aesthetics, reflecting our dedication to understanding the diverse needs and preferences of Indian consumers while delivering best-in-segment products nationwide.
The Metalustre refrigerators feature a colorful steel finish that exudes a premium aesthetic. Available in three vibrant hues – Green Inox, Storm Inox, and GE Black – Haier’s new Metalustre refrigerator range is the ideal choice for upgrading your kitchen’s appearance. The visual allure of these refrigerators, coupled with their modern functionality, adds a touch of luxury to your living space.
The newly unveiled range of refrigerators is available in various capacities to accommodate every family’s requirements. The range includes different models, such as Top Mount (240 Litres), Bottom Mount (237 Litres), Big Top Mount (328 Litres), and Big Bottom Mount (325 Litres), ensuring they cater to the needs of diverse households. Specifically designed for user convenience, the Bottom Mount and Big Bottom Mount refrigerators reduce the need for bending by 90 percent and offer ample storage space.
Haier’s Metalustre range of refrigerators comes equipped with stabilizer-free operation, ensuring resilience against voltage fluctuations. This feature is available in the Top Mount and Big Top Mount models, safeguarding the compressors from potential damage, thus enhancing durability and reliability. With this feature, customers can enjoy consistent cooling without the need for an external stabilizer, regardless of power surges.
The Metalustre range also incorporates a Turbo Icing feature, available in the Top Mount and Big Top Mount models. This feature facilitates rapid cooling and freezing, saving time while efficiently preserving the freshness and flavor of stored food. The Bottom Mount models come with a 1-Hour icing feature, ensuring swift freezing for added convenience.
The Big Top Mount and Big Bottom Mount models incorporate Triple Inverter and Dual Fan technology, enhancing energy efficiency and providing precise cooling. This innovation ensures uniform temperatures throughout the refrigerator sections, preserving food freshness and reducing power consumption. The newly launched Metalustre range also features a Twin Energy Saving Mode, optimizing power consumption for eco-conscious users. The Dual Fan Technology facilitates airflow from multiple inlets in the refrigerator, extending the freshness of various food items.
The convertible feature allows users to transform the refrigerator into 100 percent fridge space, accommodating more items. Advanced technology enables users to independently regulate the temperature in each section, providing ideal conditions for preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and frozen goods. With a range of options, from 5-in-1 convertible abilities to 14-in-1 convertible features, Haier’s new refrigerator range efficiently caters to the diverse needs of Indian households.
NRI Chaiwala, renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering distinctive and authentic flavors, proudly announces its expansion into North India, marking the inauguration of new outlets in Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Jammu. This milestone heralds a significant foray into the vibrant retail landscape of India.
A notable first in India, the company introduces an impressive selection of 22 unique tea flavors, each bearing its own distinct character. These offerings encompass a wide spectrum, featuring tea variants such as Tulsi Chai, Regular Chai, Kadak Tea, Rose Tea, Turmeric Tea, Vanilla Tea, Tapri Wali Chai, Tandoori Chai, Ayurvedic Chai, Adrak Elaichi Tea, Cinnamon Thyme Chai, Corporate Wali Chai, Desh Wali Chai, Green Tea, Ginger Lemon Tea, Herbal Chai, Kadha Chai, Lemon Tea, Mardo Wali Chai, Masala Tea, Mulethi Chai, Premium Tea, Regular Tea, Turmeric Ginger Tea, and Mummy Ke Hath Wali Chai. These tea delights are readily available in convenient 250 gm packaging, both through offline retail stores and online platforms, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.
In an exceptional addition to their repertoire, the recently unveiled Kids Chai is tailored as a healthy and safe alternative to traditional tea, meticulously crafted to be free from any harmful substances or tea leaves, catering to the younger audience.
Furthermore, NRI Chaiwala introduces a novel concept, the “NRI Tea Health” series, which will soon feature Health Wali Chai and Wellness Tea. These specialty tea blends are crafted from an assortment of Indian herbs and spices, tailored to address specific health concerns including Diabetes, Digestion, Stress, Anti-Aging, and Women’s Blood Purifier. This innovative venture underscores the company’s commitment to promoting well-being through the enjoyment of tea.
Jagdish Kumar, the visionary Founder of NRI Chaiwala, expressed his vision, stating, “Our dream is to bring an array of tea varieties to our cherished customers, right at their doorstep. NRI Chaiwala aims to elevate the chai-drinking experience, offering a refined selection of teas at our outlets. These diverse options and new flavor profiles promise to introduce fresh and unconventional dimensions to the world of chai, reinforcing our position as pioneers in the tea industry.
The Royal Safari collection pays homage to the enchanting realm of Rajasthan, renowned for its vibrant culture and the remarkable women who embody its essence. Merging tradition and modernity, this collection is meticulously crafted to yield versatile heirlooms with a touch of elegance. Drawing inspiration from the timeless artistry of gota work, leheriya, and block printing, it is a true reflection of Rajasthan’s timeless beauty, adorned with a captivating array of colors. Gota work, an embroidery style with roots in Rajasthan, distinguishes itself through the lavish use of gold and silver ribbons. Leheriya, a traditional tie-dye technique, weaves a mesmerizing wave-like pattern into the fabric. Meanwhile, block printing, another age-old craft, employs intricately carved wooden blocks to imprint designs onto the fabric.
Incorporating the essence of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage, this collection is a vibrant celebration of the state’s colorful tapestry, intricate embroidery, and exquisite textiles. The women of Rajasthan, who stand as pillars of inspiration, have significantly influenced the designs within this collection, incorporating elements from their traditional attire. The attire indigenous to Rajasthan comprises pagris (turbans), angrakhas (upper garments), ghagras (long skirts), cholis (blouses), and odhnis (veils), often lavishly adorned with intricate embroidery and mirror work.
The Royal Safari collection strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary sensibilities. Offering versatile heirlooms suitable for various occasions, the collection encompasses an array of garments, including sarees, lehengas, kurtas, jackets, and more. These exquisite pieces are meticulously crafted from premium fabrics like silk and cotton, elegantly embellished with gota work, leheriya, and block printing, bringing forth a captivating spectrum of colors.
With the Royal Safari collection, experience the grace and allure of Rajasthan’s heritage, seamlessly woven into contemporary fashion.
Campus Activewear has unveiled its collaboration with the music sensation King for the exciting #VibeWithOGKing campaign. This campaign offers King’s fans a unique opportunity to meet him in person and attend his New Life India tour concert, which is organized by BookMyShow. At the heart of this campaign lies the Campus OG range, which holds a special place in King’s fashion preferences and serves as the quintessential fashion accessory for self-expression. These shoes are not just about following fashion trends; they empower individuals to display their distinct personalities and exude confidence through their choice of footwear.
Campus Activewear’s #VibeWithOGKing campaign invites fans to connect with the pop sensation King. Between October 15 and November 30, 2023, participants will be encouraged to purchase a pair of Campus OG shoes through various platforms and enthusiastically join the “VibeWithOGKing” contest. To participate, they simply need to follow campusshoes on Instagram and ensure their contact details are up to date. By doing so, they increase their chances of meeting King in person, turning their dream into a reality. Additionally, there are 300 free concert passes to King’s show up for grabs for dedicated participants. However, it’s important to note that while the opportunity is open to all, success is not guaranteed. So, put on your Campus OGs and join the fun before the clock strikes midnight on November 30, 2023.
Prerna Aggarwal, CMO of Campus Activewear, expressed, “The #VibeWithOGKing campaign is a celebration of confidence and individuality because we believe that fashion is a form of self-expression. Our Campus OG collection, launched in collaboration with King, serves as the ultimate fashion accessory for those who value style and self-expression. However, we’re not only about fashion; we’re about creating experiences. Our campaign not only invites you to enjoy the beats at King’s concert but also provides a chance to meet the pop icon in person. This ensures that your unique style transcends fashion and becomes a statement. We are thrilled to inspire the youth to embrace their distinct style, make a bold fashion statement, and express their ‘swag’ uniquely with Campus OGs.
The ‘Campus OG’ collection, a joint effort by King and Campus Activewear, is readily available in all retail stores and online e-commerce platforms. Fashion-conscious individuals, especially those who prioritize self-expression and individuality, can now embrace their uniqueness with this ultimate fashion accessory that empowers confident self-expression.
Liberty Shoes, a prominent name in the footwear industry in India, continues its legacy of innovation with the launch of NitPro, an advanced technology integrated into its latest footwear line. NitPro marks a significant stride in enhancing overall comfort and performance in footwear, reaffirming Liberty Shoes’ dedication to delivering top-tier products.
Known for its diverse sub-brands, including the popular athleisure collection, Leap7x, Liberty Shoes has consistently led the way in offering contemporary designs and performance-driven choices to its clientele. With the introduction of NitPro, the brand extends this commitment, providing a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the comfort and support experienced in footwear.
NitPro seamlessly integrates into the shoe outsole, enhancing it with remarkable cushioning and an incredibly lightweight structure. This technology is engineered to offer wearers an elevated experience, ensuring unparalleled comfort and a luxuriously cushioned sensation with each step. Whether it’s an intense workout or a long day of activities, NitPro is designed to deliver ultimate support for a seamless and comfortable journey.
Barun Prabhakar, Liberty Shoes’ Marketing Head said, “We are excited to introduce NitPro as the latest addition to our range of innovative footwear technologies. This groundbreaking advancement underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of comfort and performance. With NitPro, we aim to redefine footwear comfort standards, empowering individuals to stride with confidence and ease.
Discover the exceptional comfort and performance offered by NitPro technology by exploring Liberty Shoes’ latest collection, now available at leading retail outlets and online stores.
Imara is excited to present its Autumn/Winter ’23 collection, accompanied by a brand campaign that encapsulates its new identity, “You are the celebration.” The campaign orbits around the diverse and dynamic essence of every woman, underscoring the pivotal role of the Imara protagonist as the soul of every festivity.
The festive season brings forth a myriad of occasions, each exuding a distinct ambiance and vibe, necessitating a unique style statement. The contemporary woman effortlessly navigates through these diverse looks, transitioning from traditional elegance to ultra-glam chic. Imara is pivotal in facilitating this transformation with its versatile spectrum of styles.
Imara’s brand identity is rooted in the character of its target demographic. These women are symbolic of modernity and dynamism regardless of age or background. They proudly flaunt their individuality and possess an innate ability to infuse life into every gathering. Imara recognizes and celebrates their distinct allure, acknowledging their talent for transforming ordinary moments into cinematic, larger-than-life experiences. Imara’s collection of ethnic and fusion wear, replete with fashionable cuts, hues, designs, and silhouettes, perfectly complements this unique persona, standing as a fashion accomplice in all their escapades.
Shouvik Roy, Chief Brand Officer, GOAT Brand Labs said, “We are excited to unveil the ‘You are the Celebration’ campaign, which celebrates the unique individuality of every woman. Imara believes that it is ‘You’ who is the real beating heart of every occasion, and our new collection enables you to be your sparkling authentic self during this festive time and beyond. Imara is eager to be your wardrobe favorite and your partner in crime in all your celebratory dos.
Sanosan Baby, the esteemed German baby care brand, has created a significant impact in the Indian market with its premium range of meticulously crafted baby skincare products. These products have garnered immense popularity across India, from bustling urban centers to tier-I and tier-II cities.
In the past two years, Sanosan Baby, originating from Germany, has successfully penetrated key markets in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, and the national capital, New Delhi. Elevating its reach and making comprehensive baby care readily accessible to Indian parents, the brand has thoughtfully introduced a curated gift hamper. This package includes esteemed products like the Sanosan Baby two-in-one Bath and Shampoo, Moisturizing Baby Care Lotion, Care Oil, and the nourishing Sanosan Baby Care Cream. These offerings cater specifically to the delicate needs of Indian infants’ skin, and this comprehensive gift hamper is now highly sought after by mothers across India.
Sanosan Baby’s commitment to chemical-free, natural ingredients has deeply resonated with discerning parents who seek the very best for their babies. This commitment has fostered a robust network of over 850 dedicated dealers and distributors. Marketed by Glowderma, Sanosan products are conveniently available on their dedicated e-commerce platform, as well as leading online marketplaces like Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.
Rajesh Khatri, MD, Glowderma said, “We have received an inundation of positive feedback from parents across the country, and we are committed to spreading awareness about why Sanosan Baby products are the ideal choice for their little ones. Sanosan stands for natural ingredients and uncompromising quality, setting a distinct benchmark in the Indian market.
As the preferred choice for Indian parents, Sanosan Baby is on a trajectory of expansion. Driven by unwavering commitment to quality and growing demand, the brand is actively exploring opportunities to introduce new product lines and expand its presence into untapped regions.
Nikon India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, a global leader in imaging technology, introduced the much-anticipated Nikon Z f in India at an event hosted at The Lalit, Mumbai. This launch marks Nikon India’s expansion of its mirrorless camera lineup with a hybrid camera set to redefine both videography and photography. The Nikon Z f comes equipped with a full-frame sensor, the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, and top-tier specifications that rival Nikon’s flagship mirrorless products – the Nikon Z 9 and Z 8. Alongside the Nikon Z f, Nikon India launched an immersive festive campaign, ‘Nikon Puja Vibes,’ celebrating the essence of Durga Puja, deeply rooted in India’s cultural fabric.
The new Z f boasts a full-frame Nikon sensor, setting a hallmark in image quality, depth, and dynamic range. The advanced Autofocus, powered by Deep Learning technology, enables users to capture exceptionally sharp images. With remarkable low-light performance and image stabilization, the Z f achieves a harmonious blend of form and function. It aims to elevate creativity, set new performance standards, and make every moment iconic.
Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director of Nikon India Pvt Ltd said, “We are thrilled to introduce our new mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z f, perfect for modern-day creators with AI-driven features like Portrait Impression Balance, Skin Softening, and Advanced Auto Focus. This camera is an ideal companion for wedding and wildlife photography. Mumbai is known for its vibrant markets and diverse culture, making it a paradise for photographers, and we are delighted to bring our new product portfolio to this market. With the festive campaign ‘Nikon Puja Vibes,’ we aim to blend technology and tradition, enabling individuals to capture the essence of the celebration. This region has always been significant for us due to the versatile photography market, and with the introduction of the Nikon Z f and our special Navratri offers, we hope to further establish our position in the region.
Attendees of the launch event had the opportunity to experience the new Nikon Z f firsthand, enhancing consumer engagement and aiding informed decision-making.
Nikon India is geared up for the festive season with the ‘Nikon Puja Vibes’ digital campaign, inviting participants on Instagram (@nikonindiaofficial), Facebook (@Nikon (IN)), and Threads (@nikonindiaofficial) to capture enchanting moments with Nikon cameras and elevate the world of imaging. Nikon’s cutting-edge technology promises to preserve the vibrant hues, pulsating rhythms, and intricate details of the festivities for generations to come.
In conjunction with the Nikon Z f launch, the company offers exciting cashback incentives to boost the photographic culture and kindle excitement among photography enthusiasts. Customers can receive cashback ranging from Rs 5,000 to 10,000 on the Z mirrorless camera series, along with additional accessories such as the EN-EL15c battery and the MH-32 Charger.
Nikon India is dedicated to the West India market and aims to strengthen its relationship with the photography community in Maharashtra, encouraging more people to explore their passion for photography during the festive season.
Max has introduced the new “Max Festive Collection,” marking a stylish addition to its offerings for the upscale audience in Delhi NCR, with prices starting from Rs 199. To celebrate this occasion, Indian Actress Amyra Dastur unveiled the exquisite “Celestial Pop” and “Festive Glam” collection.
Pallavi Pandey, VP and Head of Marketing, India at Landmark Group – Max Fashion said, “This festive season, we are thrilled to unveil our latest collections, ‘Celestial Pop’ and ‘Festive Glam,’ as the centrepiece of the celebration, proudly launching these collections in Delhi NCR. We are fueled by high spirits and look forward to expanding our retail footprint in North India to share the joy of fashion and festivities with all shoppers.
As the festive season gains momentum, Max aims to make high-quality fashion accessible to all. The brand plans to accelerate growth in the North with five new stores in the pipeline, increasing the count to over 90 stores by year-end. Pandey emphasized, “Based on the proposition of ‘max style, minimum price,’ we will introduce a wide range of trendy and traditional attire to cater to a diverse audience this festive season.
The steady expansion demonstrates Max’s commitment to offering a new shopping experience and strengthening its bond with valued customers.
Max Fashion India GM – Retail Operation Mr Shailendra Nath added, “Over the years, Max Fashion has established itself as a trusted lifestyle brand in the industry, known for delivering affordable fashion and sustainable clothing for everyone. We are dedicated to making fashion an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. Our expansion plans reflect our commitment to bringing affordable style to more communities and connecting with our customers on a personal level.” 
Shoppers Stop Ltd. unveiled its financial results for the second quarter, ending on September 30th, of the fiscal year 2024. In Q2 FY24, Shoppers Stop reported a net profit of Rs 1.78 crore, a decline from Rs 18.14 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.
The retail company disclosed revenue from operations amounting to Rs 1,025.15 crore for Q2 FY24, a growth from Rs 1,008.24 crore in the same quarter a year ago. Expenses for Shoppers Stop increased to Rs 1,028.25 crore, compared to Rs 985.17 crore in the prior year.
Shoppers Stop announced that its total income rose to Rs 1,035.69 crore in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024, an increase from Rs 1,012.12 crore in Q2 of FY23.
Kavindra Mishra, Shoppers Stop’s Executive Director and CEO said, “Shoppers Stop reported impressive financial results, despite challenging market conditions and the shift of Pujo from Q2 to Q3 this fiscal. We have witnessed a strong pick-up in the Beauty business and consistent performance from non-apparel segments. The net profit for the quarter was affected due to muted demand in apparel, partially offset by growth in non-apparel.
Mishra further stated, “Overall, the company invested a capex of Rs 46 crore. Our commitment to invest in new stores remains unchanged, and we plan to open 15 Departmental stores during the year. The growth prospects of both the Indian economy and the fashion apparel industry are expected to be positive, and we are determined to leverage our robust brand portfolio to drive consistent, sustainable growth.” 
During the quarter, Shoppers Stop expanded by adding 11 stores, which included four department stores, three beauty stores, and four Intune stores.
In July, Shoppers Stop announced its intention to expand its value format chain, Intune, to 10 stores from the existing three, in order to compete with major players like Trent’s Zudio and Reliance Trends.
In an exciting move, unveiled a treasure trove of interior and exterior paints that is set to redefine the way you think about home improvement. With a staggering selection of over 1,000 shades, Amazon’s latest offering is a painter’s dream come true.
Imagine having access to a palette of over 1,000 shades, ready to breathe new life into your living spaces.’s comprehensive range of interior and exterior paints is a veritable feast for the eyes. Whether you’re aiming for a classic look or a bold, contemporary vibe, you’ll find the perfect color to match your vision. But the platform’s commitment to home improvement doesn’t stop at paints. They’ve curated a range of essential products that includes waterproofing solutions, primers, enamels, and a suite of painting tools. You can now embark on your DIY home projects with the confidence that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.
Painting can be a delightful experience, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to estimating the quantity of paint required. That’s where Amazon’s innovative tools come into play. The Paint Finder tool is your artistic guide, helping you visualize and compare different paint shades. And the cherry on top? Amazon’s paint calculator, which takes the guesswork out of the equation and helps you estimate the precise amount of paint needed, thus reducing waste and saving you money.
K N Srikanth, Director, Amazon India, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, “The Maharashtra region is a very important market for Amazon India with the city of Pune witnessing 70 percent YoY order surge for our Home, Kitchen, and Outdoor category during this festive season. As India’s most preferred, trusted and loved marketplace, we’re excited with the remarkable response from our customers in the first few days of our month-long Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023. With most Indians choosing to decorate, upgrade and redo their homes during this auspicious period, customers pan India will now get access to a wide selection of 1,000 color shades of interior and exterior paints delivered with convenience at their doorsteps”.
Here are some the trends across Home, Kitchen and Outdoor category observed on across Maharashtra overall and Pune:
The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 went live on 8th October, with 5,000+ new launches and exciting offers across categories including Smartphones, Fashion & Beauty, Large appliances & TVs, Consumer Electronics, and Grocery for customers pan India.
Zoya, a distinguished brand from the House of Tata, presents ‘Her Becoming,’ an exquisite collection of rare white diamond jewels that translate the iconic geometry of ancient Ikat into wearable art. The design concept infuses meaning into each piece, celebrating the Zoya woman as she fully embraces her life, becoming the ultimate author of her own story. The collection was launched by Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s jewelry division, and Zoya’s brand ambassador, Sonam Kapoor.
‘Her Becoming’ signifies a creative milestone for the maison. Its aesthetic brilliance is showcased through a blend of unexpected diamond shapes that set this collection apart. Rare Cadillac, trapezoid, and custom-cut baguette diamonds are meticulously crafted from raw stones, revealing their fiery brilliance and remarkable luminosity. Careful attention to the setting of these rare gems establishes a harmonious fusion of shape and color, offering a breathtaking assortment of contemporary classics.
Ajoy Chawla remarked, “Zoya has consistently led in design innovation within the realm of fine jewelry. ‘Her Becoming’ presents a truly unique perspective on white diamond jewelry, not only in India but on a global scale. As a brand with deep Indian roots, Zoya is proud to introduce this groundbreaking collection, which pays homage to India’s rich heritage of jewelry craftsmanship and translates traditional Indian inspiration into timeless designs with universal appeal.
The collection’s statement pieces are infused with skillful artistry, crafted over more than a year. ‘Her Becoming’ reimagines classic Indian styles with a contemporary twist, embodying a modern vision. Detachable elements enhance the collection’s versatility, as layered necklaces transform into striking head ornaments and chokers effortlessly become statement bracelets.
‘Her Becoming’ conveys a vision and inspiration, representing a timeless classic that underscores Zoya’s commitment to redefining the way fine jewelry is experienced in India, offering meaningful pieces of wearable art and a luxurious experience.
Sonam Kapoor adorns Zoya’s “A Radiant Revelation,” a masterpiece featuring over 500 natural diamonds cascading towards an alluring ruby centerpiece, emitting captivating brilliance. The diamond-studded rhombus, adorned with black frames at its tips, draws inspiration from intricate Ikat designs, paying homage to the countless threads of a unique story. Each detail stands out, featuring trapezoid, baguette, and marquise diamonds, articulating the essence of Ikat inspiration. Delicate black rhodium edges add depth, while precise cuts enhance its sophistication. Draping effortlessly, it transcends being just a necklace; it embodies the myriad facets of her journey.
Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL), a prominent FMCG company in India, is pleased to introduce special Durga Puja packaging for its renowned oil brands, Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Fortune Soyabean Oil 1-Litre Pouches, in the state of West Bengal. With this initiative, the brand proudly becomes the first in the segment to acknowledge the cultural significance of Durga Puja festivities in the region.
In alignment with its core identity as India’s preferred cooking oil choice, characterized by its 100 percent purity, Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Fortune Soyabean Oil, enriched with Nutrilock action offering five essential nutrients, have consistently earned the trust of households across the nation. They have become synonymous with homemade meals and well-being. However, by introducing special Durga Puja packaging, the brand seeks to enhance the festive experience for consumers, celebrating the culinary delights and indulgences that define the Pujo season and festivity. The specially designed packages capture the essence of the festival, reflecting the spirit of joy and togetherness that characterizes it, much like the diverse array of culturally significant dishes prepared during this auspicious time.
The brand recognizes that the heart of Bengal lies in its diverse flavors and traditional dishes that mirror the cultural diversity of the region. Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Fortune Soyabean Oil, enriched with essential nutrients, not only ensure a perfect fusion of health and flavor but also enhance the dining experience by complementing culturally significant delicacies from the region. This includes iconic dishes such as Beguni, Aloo Bhaja, Luchi Alur Dum, Aloo Posto, and Shukto, among others.
Mukesh Mishra, VP of Sales and Marketing at Adani Wilmar Limited, stated, “Durga Puja holds a special place in the hearts of every Bengali, and the new packaging reflects the essence so closely associated with the festivities. Adani Wilmar encourages consumers to immerse themselves in the spirit of Durga Puja and savor the delightful combination of their products with the essence of ‘Ghar Ka Khana Ghar ka Khana Hota Hai’ (There’s nothing like home-cooked food) during this auspicious period. Each dish, prepared with Fortune Mustard Oil and Fortune Soyabean Oil, will showcase the rich flavors of Bengal, adding a touch of nostalgia to the dining experience filled with delectable food and cherished traditions that flourish within every home.
Adani Wilmar’s exclusive Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Fortune Soyabean Oil 1-Litre Pouches for Durga Puja are available at retail outlets across West Bengal. The brand invites consumers to embrace the spirit of Pujo with the delightful combination of its trusted products during this auspicious festival, truly enriching the culinary experience.
Levi’s, the iconic denim and lifestyle brand, recently launched its seasonal campaign titled “For Now, For A Lifetime,” celebrating moments and experiences inspired by following one’s instincts. To extend the narrative, Levi’s executed a distinctive on-ground experiential activation featuring its mannequins following their instincts across malls and popular locations in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.
In an unprecedented move, Levi’s mannequins embarked on spontaneous adventures, mirroring the characters in the digital film. They engaged in activities such as playing video games, watching movies, enjoying local delicacies like vada pao, and witnessing mesmerizing sunsets.
This activation was further amplified through a series of consumer engagement initiatives. The presence of these adventurous mannequins in prominent public spots and malls in various cities offered photo opportunities to passersby. People eagerly snapped pictures with these mannequins and shared them on their social media profiles while tagging the brand.
By keeping the audience engaged throughout this experiential activation, Levi’s successfully transformed popular locations like Carter Road in Bandra, Connaught Place in New Delhi, and other key metropolitan areas into ad spaces. The brand also showcased its latest product range in a unique manner, with each mannequin adorned in outfits from the brand’s latest collection, featuring new denim fits, elevated t-shirts, shirts, and more.
Through this interactive and experiential activation, spanning both offline and online channels, Levi’s invited everyone on a journey to embrace living in the moment without hesitation. The brand encouraged consumers to embrace uninhibited spontaneity, embodying the essence of its “For Now, For A Lifetime” campaign.
Soch Apparels, the foremost brand specializing in women’s ethnic wear for evening occasions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Deepak Mahnot as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In his new role at Soch, Deepak will lead Brand Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Visual Merchandising, Public Relations (PR), and Customer Experience initiatives. His objective is to firmly establish Soch as a leader in the women’s ethnic wear retail sector in India.
With a distinguished career spanning more than two decades in marketing, Deepak has a remarkable history of elevating brands in various industries. He has been instrumental in bringing to life several groundbreaking campaigns, some of which have received prestigious accolades, including recognition at Cannes and Effie awards. His reputation is built on his ability to harness data analytics and insights to drive complex transformative projects and initiatives in his previous roles in India and Dubai. Prior to joining Soch, Deepak held the position of Marketing Director for Vision Express India Operations for over four years. Throughout his professional journey, he has occupied pivotal leadership roles at renowned organizations such as Reliance Infocomm, The Mobile Store, VLCC, and Babyshop (Landmark Group, Dubai).
Deepak stated, “I am thrilled to be joining Soch at this pivotal juncture, as the brand prepares for the next phase of remarkable growth. Soch has established a remarkable legacy and is a beloved brand that continues to evolve in harmony with the women of India today. I eagerly anticipate contributing to Soch’s progress in the future.
Vinay Chatlani, MD and CEO of Soch said, “Deepak is a dedicated marketer with a wealth of experience across various retail sectors and a keen understanding of how to strategically drive and shape the business. We are pleased to have Deepak join Soch, and he will play a vital role in shaping the brand’s next chapter.
With over 160 stores spanning more than 60 cities across India, Soch is committed to continuous evolution and expanding its footprint in the ethnic wear market of India, a journey it has embarked on over the past 17 years. Deepak’s leadership is poised to bring fresh perspectives and transformative strategies to execute initiatives that align with Soch’s growth objectives in the years to come.
In the retail beauty landscape of India, Vaseline has long been celebrated as a cherished brand by dermatologists, mothers, and beauty experts alike. This iconic brand has been a fundamental part of our skincare routines, offering a wide array of products, from the classic petroleum jelly to adorable mini lip tins and groundbreaking body serum sprays. With a legacy of trust that spans generations, Vaseline continually reinvents itself to provide exceptional skincare solutions.
The recently launched Vaseline Body Crème range is the latest testament to their commitment to excellence, promising to deliver super soft, silky, and luxuriously smooth skin. This innovative range includes body butter, gel crème, and deeply moisturizing body crème, all thoughtfully crafted to pamper your skin with their velvety textures, offering it the care it truly deserves.
Vaseline Cocoa Glow Whipped Body Butter: Revel in an instantaneous 100% boost of moisture with the whipped cocoa butter. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, this sumptuous blend combines the hydrating qualities of cocoa and shea butter with the nourishing touch of almond oil, resulting in a unique formulation that provides a radiant glow. It nurtures your skin, leaving it beautifully even-toned.
Vaseline Light Hydrate Gel Body Crème: This remarkable formula is infused with potent ingredients, including the acclaimed hyaluronic acid known for its exceptional hydration-boosting properties. It quenches your skin’s thirst, leaving it supple and revitalized. Additionally, the inclusion of Vitamin C, celebrated for its ability to enhance natural radiance, further contributes to the overall glow. The lightweight and non-sticky formulation make it an ideal choice for those seeking luxurious hydration without heavy textures.
Vaseline Deep Moisture Silky Body Crème: Infused with ceramide booster technology, this body crème diligently works to elevate your skin’s ceramide levels and reinforce its natural barrier. Vitamin E is another key ingredient, adding an extra layer of nourishment to ensure your skin is moisturized from within. The lusciously velvety texture offers your skin the pampering and rejuvenation it craves.
Whether you opt for the indulgent body butter, the refreshing gel crème, or the deeply moisturizing body crème, Vaseline’s new range ensures your skin enjoys a daily dose of luxurious pampering.
The electric vehicle (EV) landscape is experiencing a surge in growth as companies introduce innovative solutions for sustainable transportation. Acer, the renowned Taiwanese tech giant traditionally associated with computers and accessories, has unexpectedly entered this market. During the ongoing e-mobility expo in Greater Noida, Acer unveiled its e-scooter model, the MUVI-125-4G. This marks Acer’s foray into the EV sector, and the MUVI-125-4G is the first EV model released under the Acer brand tailored specifically for the Indian market.
The introduction of the MUVI 125 4G represents a commitment to sustainable and cutting-edge mobility solutions. This electric scooter, designed and manufactured by Think eBikeGo Private Limited, symbolizes the perfect blend of technological heritage the Acer brand is known for and eBikeGo’s electric mobility expertise.
The Acer MUVI 125 4G promises to revolutionize urban commuting. With a top speed of 75 km/h and a range of 80 km, it stands out as a beacon of efficiency, style, and performance. It’s a perfect fit for office goers, college students, daily commuters, and can be custom-built for B2B use cases such as hyper-local food delivery or grocery delivery.
Moreover, the Acer MUVI 125 4G qualifies for both Central and state-level government subsidies, promoting EV adaptation in India. It’s easy-to-replace accessories and low maintenance cost ensure that the total cost of ownership remains affordable in the long run.
Jade Zhou, VP, Global Strategic Alliances, Acer Inc said, “Sustainability and innovation are two important principles that the Acer brand is known for.  The Acer MUVI 125 4G represents both and we are excited to see it coming to market in the near future.
Irfan Khan, CEO, Think eBikeGo Private Limited (Acer – official licensee) said, “The Acer MUVI 125 4G represents our vision for a greener future. We believe it is set to become the preferred choice for urban commuters.
The MUVI 125 4G is the first EV model to be launched under the Acer brand in India. In the near future, they plan to introduce multiple 2 and 3-wheeler EVs, such as e-bicycles, e-bikes, e-trikes, etc.
Pre-bookings for the Acer MUVI 125 4G will be available soon. Additionally, those interested in dealership opportunities can also express their intent now. For both pre-bookings and dealership inquiries, please visit the official website: All orders will be processed exclusively through authorized dealers, ensuring customers receive top-notch service, maintenance, warranty and support.
The establishment of a robust distribution and dealership network across India’s major cities is underway, reinforced by an attractive dealer remuneration structure and a rewarding incentives model.
Wrogn, the youth fashion brand co-owned by Virat Kohli, has joined forces with Disney to introduce MADE TO PLAY, a captivating line of men’s fashion apparel. This collection embodies a delightful fusion of nostalgia and contemporary style, embracing pop culture that transcends the conventional confines of fashion.
The MADE TO PLAY collection by Wrogn showcases Disney’s iconic character, Mickey Mouse, and his delightful companions, including Donald Duck and Goofy. The assortment comprises T-shirts, hoodies, and jumpers, all featuring a distinctive art style. Each piece is part of an exclusive series of archival artworks by Disney Animators, paying homage to the classic appearances of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Iconic details like Mickey’s red shorts and yellow shoes, Donald’s sailor outfit, and Goofy’s signature green hat and orange turtleneck are elegantly integrated into the designs. This is achieved through simple line art, minimal color palettes, and sleek typography, resulting in a collection that exudes timeless charm.
While staying true to Wrogn’s signature style, these outfits infuse a chic and trendy look with the nostalgic allure of Mickey Mouse, who has emerged as a lifestyle fashion icon among young adults.
The collection was officially launched on Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce platform, coinciding with its Big Billion Days Sale in October 2023. Flipkart, known for its commitment to revolutionizing retail in India through technology, is set to witness a surge in demand for this collection during the year’s most prominent online sale.
Combining Wrogn’s proficiency in creating edgy and fashionable apparel with Disney’s enduring stories and beloved characters, this collaboration resonates with a broad audience. Its primary objective is to inspire consumers to reconnect with their cherished Disney characters and relive the magic of their childhood.
Nishant Poddar, CMO of WROGN said, “We are excited about this collaboration as it not only reflects Wrogn’s quirky essence but also brings out the nostalgia through iconic Disney characters. The collection ensures accessibility for our customers and encourages them to embrace affordable, comfortable, and playful style choices. The launch of this remarkable collection has been nothing short of phenomenal.
This captivating collection is readily available online through Flipkart and offline through Wrogn’s extensive retail network, ensuring convenient access for consumers across the nation.
Godrej and Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, have made significant strides in enhancing the customer experience for Godrej Interio, India’s premier furniture and interior solutions brand, in the Delhi-NCR region. In the ongoing financial year, the company has inaugurated 15 new stores in the northern market, bringing the total number of stores to 35 in this strategically important region.
The company’s strategic move also includes the introduction of the Godrej Interio Eco furniture range, with a goal of capturing a substantial 25 percent market share in the Eco range furniture category within Delhi-NCR by the fiscal year 2025. In anticipation of heightened consumer demand during the festive season, Godrej Interio has bolstered its omnichannel presence to ensure accessibility and a seamless shopping experience for its clientele.
As consumer demand surges in preparation for the festivities, Godrej Interio has made significant strides to strengthen its omnichannel reach, providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience. With a network of over 45 channel partners, 35 exclusive showrooms, and 60 retailers in Delhi-NCR, they boast an impressive 150+ channel partners throughout North India. Over the next three years, the company has plans to expand its retail footprint in the Delhi-NCR region by launching an additional 20 exclusive showrooms and engaging more than 150 retailers.
Dev Sarkar, Senior VP (B2C) at Godrej Interio said, “As the home furniture market in Delhi-NCR continues to witness a steady annual growth rate exceeding 15 percent, with a discernible uptick in demand for bedroom furniture, living room furniture, modular kitchens, home storages, mattresses, and interior solutions for standalone residences, we are well-positioned to leverage these emerging trends and expand our market presence. With the introduction of specialized home furniture and home storage solutions, we remain steadfast in strengthening our footprint across Delhi-NCR in this fiscal year. Currently, we hold an 18 percent market share in the organized furniture sector within Delhi-NCR, and we aspire to achieve a 35 percent share within the next three years. We aim to generate revenue of approximately Rs 450 crore from Northern India by the fiscal year 2026. Looking ahead, our ambitious goal for the next fiscal year involves substantial growth of over 20 percent across all product categories, underscoring our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
In line with the ongoing cricket World Cup and the upcoming festive season, Godrej Interio is enticing customers with assured discounts of up to 30 percent and the opportunity to win free furniture through scratch cards. This move aligns with the brand’s dedication to creating an enriching and value-driven shopping experience for its discerning clientele.
Designed under the creative direction of Andrea Incontri, Benetton’s AW’23 collection seamlessly combines functionality with timeless aesthetics while celebrating the brand’s prestigious legacy. This collection introduces the evolution of non-colors, featuring white, black, and grey in the Benetton color palette for the first time. Upholding their commitment to sustainability, the collection incorporates eco-shearling, eco-leather, ecological cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled faux feathers.
The knitwear range is a testament to Benetton’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. From crochet to moss stitch, plain knit to rib stitch, the pieces showcase an exceptional level of workmanship. The collection features symbols like rabbits and flowers, alongside Benetton’s signature logos, prints, colors, and stripes, defining the personality of this Autumn/Winter collection.
For women, the collection offers a wide array of coveted items, including puffer jackets, skirts, pullovers, and sweatshirts adorned with all-over prints featuring rabbits, stylized flowers, horizontal or regimental stripes, and houndstooth. Geometric patterns, circles, and stripes, in both miniature and oversized prints, are found on fabrics such as cotton, denim, and poplin, instantly conveying the distinctive identity of a Benetton piece.
The men’s collection mirrors Benetton’s dedication to practical, incisive fashion. The knitwear range is a highlight, showcasing plain knit sweaters, turtlenecks, oversized fits, washed sweaters with textured finishes, stripes, all-over jacquard patterns, and lightly brushed wool. The collection effortlessly blends the casual elegance of knitwear with the clean lines of tailored apparel, offering premium dress shirts, polo tees, and knit pants.
Denim workwear, reimagined with contrasting stitching and textured fabrics, brings an inherent elegance to the collection. Andrea Incontri, with his architectural background, emphasizes the importance of fit and material choice, prioritizing quality and environmental sustainability by selecting eco-shearling and eco-leather, ecological cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled faux feathers.
Prints and patterns play a significant role, with tartan and checks, houndstooth, Prince of Wales, herringbone, and winter flannel shirts adding depth to the collection. A range of accessories, including eco-leather, cotton, and wool, complete the ensemble, featuring houndstooth-patterned scarves, synthetic leather combat boots, tartan backpacks, multi-colored Shetland gloves, and more.
Benetton’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every meticulously designed item, ensuring they become timeless wardrobe essentials.
Accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look for both men and women. Made from eco-leather with diverse textures, the collection includes Be Bag shoulder bags, totes, bucket bags with zipper belts, combat boots, tartan backpacks, and multi-colored Shetland gloves.
This collection is available at all United Colors of Benetton stores across India, on, and through partner e-commerce channels.
Metro Brands Ltd India’s most rapidly expanding footwear retailer, proudly announces the inauguration of its 800th store in India, a significant landmark in its journey of growth. This achievement underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and expansion, marking a new chapter in its rich legacy.
Situated in the dynamic city of Hyderabad, the newest addition to Metro Brands’ portfolio is a FitFlop store thoughtfully positioned to serve a discerning clientele. From its modest origins in Colaba, Metro Brands Ltd. has evolved into an iconic brand boasting a remarkable 800 stores across the country.
Occupying a total retail space of 716 square feet, the new FitFlop store in the Banjara Hills area offers an immersive shopping experience, presenting FitFlop’s harmonious blend of style with scientific and technological advancements. Metro Brands Ltd. continues its expansion efforts with plans to introduce 200 additional stores by FY 2025, reiterating its commitment to offering customers a diverse range of choices and access to world-class footwear. This further solidifies its standing as a dominant retail force in India.
Nissan Joseph, Chief Executive Officer of Metro Brands Ltd said, “As we celebrate the grand inauguration of our 800th store in India, I want to thank the team for their continued dedication and hard work that enables us to meet the growth plans we have targeted. Our expansion is driven by a commitment to deliver excellence in every pair of shoes we offer for the diverse markets of India. We take pride in owning our customers’ footwear wardrobe, offering a comprehensive product range that caters to all their footwear desires and needs. As we continue to expand our reach, we look forward to shaping the future of footwear retail in India, one resolute step at a time.
As part of its growth strategy, Metro Brands Ltd. has not only expanded its physical presence but also embraced e-commerce to accommodate the changing preferences of its customers. The company’s online presence has witnessed remarkable growth, providing the convenience of shopping for footwear and accessories from the comfort of customers’ homes.
Under the Metro Brands Ltd. umbrella, a diverse and robust portfolio of brands has flourished, encompassing iconic Indian labels such as Metro Shoes, along with international sensations like FitFlop and Fila. The company’s growth is characterized by the fusion of Indian heritage and international allure, underscoring its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
In an exciting addition to its Cheesy Burgers collection, McDonald’s India (West and South) has unveiled the Cheesy Italian Burgers, catering to both vegetarian and chicken lovers. These limited-time culinary creations, in addition to the highly innovative McCheese range, aim to redefine the burger experience, reaffirming McDonald’s dedication to ongoing menu innovations.
A noteworthy first for McDonald’s India, these burgers feature the all-new Italian Herb Bun, bringing forth the authentic flavors of Italy. Enhanced with a specially crafted Tomato Herb Cheese Sauce, luscious tomatoes, and a Piri-Piri Cheese Slice, these burgers exude cheesiness, juiciness, and an immensely satisfying experience.
Arvind R. P, CMO, McDonald’s India (W&S) said, “We are delighted to introduce the Cheesy Italian burgers for our fans with an aim to make their festive season even more special. These new indulgent offerings, apart from our flagship McCheese burgers, combine traditional Italian flavors with the most loved Cheesy burgers platform. We at McDonald’s India continue to push the boundaries of menu innovation delivering the epitome of cheesy indulgence.
Aligned with McDonald’s dedication to ‘Real Food, Real Good,’ the Italian Cheesy Veg Burger and Italian Cheesy Chicken Burger are completely devoid of artificial colors and artificial flavors. Furthermore, these new offerings underscore the brand’s steadfast commitment to utilizing locally sourced, fresh ingredients in all its menu items.
The Italian Cheesy Veg Burger and Italian Cheesy Chicken Burger are now available at McDonald’s outlets throughout West and South India. For added convenience, customers can also order them via the McDelivery app, with flexible options for delivery, takeaway, and drive-thru services.
McDonald’s India (West and South) upholds a strong belief in staying attuned to its customers’ evolving preferences, consistently providing more delectable reasons for them to exclaim, ‘I’m lovin’ it.’
Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) recently announced that their ICONiQ Whisky, launched in September 2022, has achieved a remarkable milestone by selling over 1 million cases by September 2023. Notably, this achievement has been reached despite the product being available exclusively in the northern and eastern states of India. The recent expansion into states like Maharashtra and Telangana has contributed to this impressive success.
ICONiQ Whisky was strategically introduced state by state in the northern and eastern regions of India since September 2022. The unique blend of imported Scotch malts aged in bourbon oak casks, combined with matured malts and Indian grain spirits, has resonated with consumers, solidifying its position in the market. Surpassing the 1 million cases mark underscores ABD’s commitment to transitioning into a higher value portfolio within the prestige and above segments.
Bikram Basu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at ABD expressed his confidence in this significant achievement and hinted at more positive developments to come.
ABD India has had notable success in the past five years, with both Sterling Reserve Whisky, boasting 5 million cases in 2022, and ICONiQ Whisky achieving millionaire brand status. These achievements complement the global success of the Officer’s Choice franchise, ranking among the top 3 whiskies for volume in 2022. ABD now proudly boasts a portfolio of four million-plus case-selling brands (9 Litres per case).
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Doki Doki, where each step you take unveils a mosaic of offerings that redefines the very essence of the fashion retail experience. Tucked away in the memories of a 19th-century ice factory, elegantly transformed into a 1200-square-foot sanctuary, Doki Doki beckons you to explore the Ballard estate area of South Bombay, India. Here, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity provides a backdrop for an exquisite collection, featuring signature pieces from visionary labels that embody an ethos transcending time.
Doki Doki stands as a pioneering beacon, a multi-disciplinary retail space that challenges conventionality. Its fluid, modular layout defies expectations and embodies the contemporary spirit of the present. Doki Doki caters to the modern-day explorer, one with an insatiable appetite for creative expression.
Within these walls, you will encounter a gallery of emerging, under-the-radar designers and a meticulously curated selection of artworks. An array of labels and handpicked treasures spans various categories. Fashion enthusiasts will be captivated by offerings from Leh Studios, Akhl, Suket Dhir, Inca, Gundi Studios, and Ode to Odd. For those passionate about home decor, Manuhita Lamps and Ruchika Shah’s creations await, while aficionados of exquisite accessories and jewelry will find delight in Unbent, Deanma, Material Immaterial, So Quod, and Ne Nepal. Doki Doki emerges as an undeniable treasure trove for those with a discerning eye for curation.
Doki Doki is not just a boutique; it is a versatile creative space that effortlessly transforms into a gallery when the occasion warrants. This meticulous emporium thrives on the finer details, leaving its audience brimming with anticipation. Intriguing collaborations and hidden gems blend seamlessly to craft an ever-evolving retreat within the realms of art and fashion.
In a market brimming with indigenous stores, the launch of Doki Doki signifies a foundational milestone. It embodies a vision that aspires to breathe life into more such thoughtfully curated spaces in the future. Doki Doki’s emergence heralds a new era where shopping transcends the ordinary, becoming a transformative journey—a fusion of tradition and innovation that leaves an indelible mark on the soul of South Bombay.
Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao graced the ramp as the showstopper for renowned menswear fashion brand Park Avenue, unveiling their ‘City Casuals’ Collection at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI. The evening commenced with actor and dancer Shantanu Maheshwari, setting the stage for a night filled with fashion innovation and style evolution.
The runway saw an infusion of youthful energy and enthusiasm as popular Content Creators Rj Ashish, Mohak Narang, Rahul Makin, Karron Dhingra, and Asheer A joined the stellar lineup, strutting down the catwalk for Park Avenue. Their unique charm added an extra layer of dynamism to an already spectacular showcase.
The highlight of the event was Park Avenue’s introduction of the City Casual Collection, a departure from conventional casual fashion. This collection effortlessly combines style with utility, redefining the concept of everyday attire. It empowers individuals to effortlessly express their fashion-forward choices while reveling in the comfort and adaptability of casual clothing.
Himanshu Khanna, CMO of Lifestyle Business at Raymond Limited said, “Our debut at Lakme Fashion Week marks a significant milestone in our journey. Park Avenue menswear has consistently positioned itself as the perfect balance of style and functionality. Our brand philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that fashion should not only express individuality but also offer unparalleled comfort and utility. The ‘City Casuals Collection’ stands as a testament to this philosophy. It represents a paradigm shift in the realm of casual fashion, providing our discerning patrons with a unique blend of style and functionality. The overwhelming response to the collection reaffirms our belief. The presence of the versatile actor Rajkumar Rao amplified the star power of our showcase, solidifying this collaboration as a beacon of cohesiveness and excellence in the world of fashion.
The City Casual Collection received an overwhelming response, with Rajkumar Rao’s presence adding star power to the showcase. As the curtains close on Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 2023, Park Avenue remains committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion, offering fashion-conscious individuals the perfect ensemble for every occasion.
This Navratri, Haldiram’s is delighted to introduce its special Navratri feast menu, catering to all your fasting culinary desires. The brand proudly presents this campaign, featuring delectable recipes that are not only delicious but also deeply rooted in the spirit of the festival. Haldiram’s distinguishes itself as a pioneer in ensuring the utmost hygiene in the preparation of Navratri meals.
Indulge in a diverse selection of delectable choices at your nearest Haldiram’s restaurant or place your order exclusively through Zomato.
From timeless classics like Kurkuri Sabudana Tikki to innovative creations such as the Tandoori Platter, Sabudana Papdi Chaat, and Purani Dilli Ki Tawa Aloo Chaat, the menu caters to a wide range of palates. The tandoori specialties offer a delightful combination of succulence within and crispiness on the outside, making them a must-try for everyone.
For those seeking a complete meal, the Navratri special thali at Haldiram’s during this festive season is an unmissable experience, providing a diverse array of dishes for a delightful feasting experience.
Divya Batra, Head of Marketing at Haldiram’s said, “This Navratri, let your fasting journey be a flavorful one. At Haldiram’s, we have thoughtfully curated a Navratri menu that not only honors the essence of fasting but also ensures a delightful culinary adventure. From traditional fasting snacks to hearty, wholesome dishes, you can explore a world of flavors at your nearest Haldiram’s restaurant or conveniently order online via Zomato.
Kailash Agarwal, President – Retail, Haldiram’s said, “Navratri is a time to seek blessings and savor flavorful meals after a day of fasting. At Haldiram’s, we comprehend the diverse taste preferences of our patrons and the importance of traditional recipes during the festival. Therefore, we have meticulously crafted a special Navratri menu to tantalize the taste buds of our valued customers as they celebrate the eagerly anticipated festival – Navratri.
Pakka Limited, formerly known as Yash Pakka Limited, a leading manufacturer of compostable packaging solutions, has introduced India’s inaugural compostable flexible packaging in collaboration with Brawny Bear, a nutrition company renowned for creating healthy food products using the natural sweetness of dates. This marks a significant advancement in India’s packaging industry, which boasts a valuation exceeding $70 billion.
The flexible packaging sector commands a substantial portion of India’s packaging landscape, accounting for over 60 percent of the total. It is an omnipresent part of our daily lives, encompassing a wide range of products from shampoo sachets to biscuit packets. This adaptable packaging format has become an indispensable facet of modern living due to its convenience, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. However, the convenience of conventional flexible packaging has raised concerns about its environmental impact, primarily because it is predominantly crafted from non-biodegradable plastics. The multi-layered composition and low thickness of such packaging make recycling a near-impossible feat. Pakka Limited’s venture into flexible packaging is a logical progression for a company that has dedicated four decades to producing compostable pulp, paper packaging solutions, and molded tableware. With ambitious plans to scale up production of these eco-friendly packaging solutions in the next three years, the company’s global manufacturing facilities in Ayodhya, India, and Guatemala, America, are poised to become innovation and production hubs.
The launch of India’s inaugural compostable flexible packaging coincides with the burgeoning global demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian packaging market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.6 percent from 2023 to 2028. While the global average per capita consumption of flexible packaging stands at 28 kg, India currently registers at 11 kg per capita, signaling a vast untapped market with immense growth potential.
The collaboration with Brawny Bear, India’s pioneering date-based food manufacturer, perfectly embodies Pakka’s commitment to compostability. Brawny Bear’s product range includes chocolates, chikki, nut butter, milkshake/energy powders, and natural sweeteners, all based on dates.
Pakka’s groundbreaking compostable flexible packaging boasts a range of essential features that exemplify its mission to contribute to a cleaner planet. This packaging is food-grade compliant, heat-sealable to attain certified compostable status, offers high barrier properties to prevent exposure, ensures premium quality, is lightweight, and remains cost-effective.
Shivaam Tibrewal (Founder), Brawny Bear said, “Brawny Bear’s unwavering mission is to deliver health-conscious consumers with an array of Healthy No Added Sugar Foods that redefine the boundaries of quality and flavor. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable business ecosystem that echoes our core values. This vision finds its perfect ally in an exciting new partnership with Pakka that embodies Brawny Bear’s objectives. By joining forces, we are empowered to showcase our offerings in packaging that not only underscores our dedication to well-being but also to the preservation of our environment. We view this partnership as a transformative step towards crafting a planet that thrives on wellness and cleanliness. Our commitment to customers extends beyond just taste and quality – it now encompasses a shared vision for a greener, healthier world.
Ved Krishna, Strategy Head, Pakka said,” We are so excited and proud to be associated with Brawny Bear chocolates, a company that is truly committed towards sustainability. We have been working on evolving a compostable packaging solution for years and this will be our first launch. I would like to thank the Brawny Bear team for their trust in us and for their desire to contribute towards a healthier and cleaner planet. We wish them all the success.
Introducing Strch, India’s finest activewear brand, poised to revolutionize the way you experience fashion, fitness, and comfort. Founded by Prithvi Bhagat, a fourth-generation entrepreneur hailing from the prestigious Gulabdas Group, Strch seeks to transform the Indian approach to an active lifestyle, harnessing the superior qualities of nylon to empower consumers to unlock their full potential. Unlike many other industry players, Strch activewear is designed to cater equally to both men and women, offering a diverse selection of chic joggers, polo shirts, crop tops, sports bras, shorts, skorts, and more.
says Prithvi Bhagat, Founder and CEO of Strch said, “As a first-time entrepreneur, I am elated to introduce Strch and share our vision for elevating activewear and an active lifestyle in India. India has long been recognized as a hub for fashion-conscious consumers, yet premium activewear has often been an exception. In a nation with a burgeoning appetite for fitness and fashion, Strch was born out of the necessity for high-quality, homegrown activewear. With Strch, we aspire to create a journey that is authentic, fashionably relevant, and, most importantly, comfortable.
While the Indian market is teeming with various homegrown activewear brands, the prevalence of polyester has led to a dearth of premium feel and comfort. At Strch, the exclusive utilization of superior nylon material, in line with international activewear standards, guarantees a luxurious fit and an unparalleled level of comfort and quality.
However, what truly sets Strch apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering activewear tailored for the Indian body type. Strch’s clothing offers a comfortable fit in the stomach area and incorporates spandex for added stretch, accommodating slight changes in your body while ensuring your attire doesn’t uncomfortably cling. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a leisurely walk, or practicing yoga, Strch enables your body to reach its full potential.
In a groundbreaking development that underscores the expanding global presence of Japanese beauty and cosmetics titan SHISEIDO, the company has chosen Tamannaah Bhatia as the first-ever brand ambassador for SHISEIDO’s Skincare range in India, in collaboration with their Indian distributor, Baccarose Perfumes and Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd.
Tamannaah Bhatia, the versatile and adored Bollywood actress, has achieved a momentous career milestone by becoming the inaugural Indian brand ambassador for SHISEIDO. Her entrancing on-screen presence and unwavering dedication to her craft make her an exceptional representation of SHISEIDO’s values of elegance, innovation, and individuality. Tamannaah’s innate beauty, coupled with her ability to effortlessly adapt to various roles and styles, positions her as the perfect choice for SHISEIDO’s brand ambassador in India.
Nicolas Baudonnet, VP of the Fragrance and Cosmetics division at SHISEIDO Asia Pacific said, “We are delighted to welcome Tamannaah Bhatia to the SHISEIDO family. Her charisma, talent, and timeless beauty resonate with our brand’s core values, making her the perfect choice to represent SHISEIDO in India. We look forward to working closely with Tamannaah and believe that her association with our brand will help us connect with our consumers on a deeper level. We are committed to bringing the best of SHISEIDO to the Indian beauty market. With the appointment of Tamannaah and expanding our presence in the market with the opening of our first SHISEIDO store in Mumbai, we are looking forward to embarking on an exciting journey with Indian beauty enthusiasts.
The partnership between Tamannaah Bhatia and SHISEIDO is a significant moment at the intersection of beauty and entertainment. It underscores SHISEIDO’s unwavering dedication to engaging with the diverse and dynamic Indian market while recognizing Tamannaah’s exceptional talent, timeless beauty, and influence on fans across the nation.
Kadambari Lakhani, Director of Baccarose Perfumes and Beauty Products Pvt Ltd said, “This exciting collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for us and for SHISEIDO but also symbolizes the harmonious fusion of Japanese precision and Indian vibrancy. Tamannaah Bhatia embodies the essence of timeless beauty and has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma. This partnership promises to bring together the rich traditions of Japanese skincare innovation with the dazzling allure of Bollywood glamour, setting the stage for an enchanting journey into the world of beauty that transcends cultural boundaries.
Villoo Daji, Senior Vice President of Group Marketing at Baccarose Perfumes and Beauty Products Pvt Ltd said, “SHISEIDO’s choice of Tamannaah Bhatia as their first brand ambassador in India reflects the brand’s dedication to enhancing the beauty experiences of Indian consumers. SHISEIDO’s Skincare range is an introduction to a skincare regimen that is simple and proven effective after extensive testing on Asian skin. This partnership is poised to inspire beauty enthusiasts and consumers across the country to explore SHISEIDO’s skincare and makeup products, renowned for their exceptional quality and efficacy. The collaboration between Tamannaah Bhatia and SHISEIDO promises exciting new ventures, innovative campaigns, and an enhanced brand experience for beauty enthusiasts across India.
Senco Gold and Diamonds has proudly introduced their exquisite collection, the Rajwada 2023 Festive Edit, at their D’SIGNIA stores. This collection is a splendid homage to the festive ethos and encapsulates the seamless fusion of traditional opulence and contemporary grace.
The Rajwada 2023 Festive Edit collection showcases a rich array of designs in Gold, Diamond, Polki, Kundan, and Antique jewelry. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Kolkata, seamlessly marrying royal elegance with artistic grandeur. The collection embodies traditional elements like meenakari, jadau, filigree, and nakashi work, embellished with diamonds and semi-precious stones. The underlying concept is to harmonize diverse regional artistic traditions that customers can embrace emotionally and culturally.
An extension of Senco Gold and Diamonds’ Vivaha – Rajwada 2022 Collection, the Rajwada 2023 Festive Edit encompasses a wide range of products catering to various price points, ensuring accessibility of the auspicious symbol of “Shagun” to all. Aligned with current trends, the collection is ideally timed as wedding shopping traditionally commences during the propitious Muhurat of the festive season. It offers designs suitable for all occasions, from lightweight temple and antique jewelry to intricate Turkish designs meticulously crafted in both 22k and 18k gold. Additionally, under the Everlite brand, Senco Gold and Diamonds is set to unveil exclusive collections in the lead-up to Dhanteras, featuring affordable pieces designed for everyday wear.
To promote the Rajwada 2023 Festive Edit collection, Senco Gold and Diamonds has introduced an enchanting campaign featuring the graceful actress, Jaya Ahsan. Renowned for her poise and charm, Jaya Ahsan adds a touch of star-studded allure to the ultimate jewelry-wearing experience for connoisseurs of karigari. The campaign eloquently captures the seamless amalgamation of luxury and artistry, harmonizing the natural beauty and regal demeanor of Jaya Ahsan with the opulence of D’SIGNIA showrooms, ensuring a genuinely regal experience for discerning customers.
Joita Sen, Director and Head of Marketing and Designs at Senco Gold and Diamonds said, “We are delighted to launch our Rajwada 2023 Festive Edit collection with Jaya Ahsan. Our special festive offers aim to make moments special for our esteemed customers, along with the luxurious experience of buying exclusive designs at our D’SIGNIA stores. The collection features designs in Antique, Polki-Kundan, and Diamonds to cater to the diverse demands across India. For this Dhanteras and wedding season, our Rajwada Collection combines traditional nuances with contemporary motifs and patterns, all crafted with the finesse of karigari. Shagun is for everyone with Senco Gold and Diamonds.
To enhance the festive spirit, Senco Gold and Diamonds is also presenting a range of festive discounts, offering up to 50 percent off on diamond-making charges, 12.5 percent off on diamond value, up to 25 percent off on gold-making charges, and 0 percent deduction on old gold. Additionally, they are introducing a special advance booking scheme for Dhanteras called Flexi Gold Special.
HELL ENERGY has signed Shardul Thakur and Mohammad Shami, two eminent Indian cricketers, as their special brand ambassadors. This collaboration aims to celebrate the profound love for cricket in a nation that is fervently passionate about the sport. Together, the duo launched a limited-edition energy drink, HELL Cricket Crazy.
Both Shardul Thakur and Mohammad Shami are accomplished Indian cricketers who represent the Indian national cricket team across all formats of the game.
As part of its consumer engagement strategy for expanding its presence and supporting various sporting events, HELL ENERGY had previously co-sponsored the AT&T Williams Formula One Team during its initial phase of international expansion. Additionally, the brand demonstrated its unwavering commitment to football by introducing the limited-edition HELL Football Fanatic Drink, featuring fizzy tutti-fruity flavored energy drinks packaged in football-themed aluminum cans.
Unnikannan Gangadharan, Country Head, “HELL ENERGY India said, “HELL ENERGY is a brand that has consistently supported sports through various partnerships and is loved by many for its deep connection. We are proud to associate ourselves with two outstanding cricketers during the most sought-after Cricket Tournament in 2023. The dynamism, style, and flair that these two cricketers exude fits the message that we want the brand to stand for with their undying passion for the game.
H&M India has launched its latest Festive campaign, featuring the renowned actress and fashion icon, Athiya Shetty, presenting an extensive range of party-ready outfits. The diverse collection is a celebration of contemporary style, thoughtfully curated to resonate with individuals who seek the perfect fusion of fashion and comfort. 
Starring actress Athiya Shetty, H&M India has illuminated the collection with a sophisticated and celebratory campaign. Athiya, adorned in a gold embroidered trouser and cropped tank ensemble, along with models Anjali Torvi, Ashley Radjarame, and Zinnia Kumar, graces a stunning palace backdrop adorned with architectural columns and vaulted ceilings. Captured by the renowned fashion photographer Gregory Harris, the campaign offers a glimpse into the world of The Festive Collection, characterized by vivid colors, sparkle, and joy.
Amit Kothari, Regional Head of Customer Activation and Marketing, H&M South Asia said, “The Festive Collection truly embodies the essence of our brand, and we are thrilled to have Athiya Shetty for this year’s campaign. With a 360-degree marketing approach, we are reaching our consumers across various platforms, including OOH, Digital OOH, TV, Print, Cinema, and social media. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are expanding our reach to engage a broader audience, both in urban cities and smaller towns. The radiant designs, vibrant color palette, and captivating ensembles define these seasonal offerings, which are not only stylish but also thoughtfully priced.
The Festive Collection presents an array of standout pieces, encompassing a striking red trouser suit with tie-up detailing, dresses featuring asymmetric necklines, and all-over sequined tops, blazers, and dresses for Women. For Men, the collection includes printed resort shirts, graphic tees, co-ord sets, formal shirts, and coach jackets. Kids have an equally vibrant selection, offering shimmering dresses for girls and a versatile range of comfortable and stylish options for boys. Ensuring affordability without sacrificing style, the range begins at Rs 1499 for Ladies, Rs 799 for Men, and Kids. Notably, this year’s Festive Collection extends to H&M HOME pieces, all 100 percent Made in India, with prices starting from just Rs 149.
The first drop of The Festive Collection will be available in H&M stores and online at and starting from October 12th.
Shoppers Stop, India’s premier omnichannel destination for fashion, beauty, and gifting, is gearing up to infuse the essence of togetherness into this year’s Diwali celebration through an engaging digital campaign titled ‘We-Time Wali Diwali,’ featuring the acclaimed actor Rakul Preet Singh.
The core theme of the campaign revolves around the Diwali tradition, a time when families and friends gather to celebrate. However, in today’s fast-paced life, these cherished moments of togetherness often take a back seat. ‘We-Time Wali Diwali’ encourages individuals to rekindle their relationships by savoring these priceless moments. Whether it’s a family reunion, a romantic date night, or a fun outing with friends, Shoppers Stop urges everyone to set aside time for these valuable connections, underscoring the significance of ‘Rishton ko dein thoda we-time.’
Shwetal Basu, Customer Care Associate and Chief of Marketing and Communication at Shoppers Stop said, “Shopping is not just about making purchases; it’s about creating moments together. Diwali is the perfect occasion for bonding with friends and family. Diwali shopping is one of those moments that brings us together. With ‘We Time Wali Diwali,’ Shoppers Stop encourages people to spend quality time with their loved ones, whether it’s shopping together or selecting gifts as a group. Embrace the joy of togetherness this festive season and weave lasting memories.
Rakul Preet Singh, in her statement said, “As someone who cherishes moments with my family and friends, I deeply resonate with the concept of ‘Rishton ko dein thoda we-time.’ It is crucial that we spend time with our loved ones, especially during festivities, and this campaign beautifully underscores the same. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of Shoppers Stop’s Diwali campaign, ‘We-Time Wali Diwali,’ and their efforts to bring people closer through fashion and heartfelt connections.
Basu added that Rakul Preet’s association with Shoppers Stop injects a touch of glamour and authenticity into the campaign, rendering it more relatable to the target audience.
Shoppers Stop’s diverse omnichannel offerings encompass over 800+ well-known and trusted brands across an extensive range of products. Customers can peruse diverse festive collections and exclusive brands spanning multiple categories. Shoppers Stop is also home to one of the country’s longest-running and most esteemed loyalty programs, the ‘First Citizen Club.’ The company’s unique shopping assistance service, ‘Personal Shopper,’ is redefining the way Indians shop. Customers can also partake in experiential events like gift-wrapping workshops, fashion and styling activities, live music performances, and more.
In addition, this festive season, Shoppers Stop is elevating the excitement with exclusive “Bill Buster” offers, providing irresistible deals on Tommy Hilfiger luggage and BOSS watches. To further enhance the excitement, customers making a purchase of Rs 10,000 or more using MasterCard have a chance to win World Cup tickets. It’s not just a shopping spree; it’s a premium festive experience.
Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, the distinguished luxury chocolate brand under the banner of ITC Ltd has earned recognition for its commitment to crafting extraordinary chocolate experiences for its discerning customers. In recent years, Fabelle has introduced several groundbreaking innovations, such as the Fabelle Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire, which stands as the world’s most expensive chocolate, and the Fabelle Finesse, celebrated as the world’s finest chocolate. These achievements have set industry benchmarks in the global chocolate landscape.
Fabelle is poised to extend this legacy by captivating chocolate enthusiasts with a novel creation. Embracing the ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – The World Is One Family, Fabelle introduces its latest masterpiece – the Fabelle One Earth Collection. In an exclusive event held at the ITC Sheraton, New Delhi, Fabelle, in a strategic partnership with Chef Andy Allen, a renowned Australian food critic and TV presenter, unveiled this delectable fusion of global flavors and cultures.
This signature luxury chocolate offering has been meticulously handcrafted with the finest ingredients and cocoa. It encompasses 10 distinct truffles, each intricately capturing the essence of the diverse flavors from nations across the world, including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.
ITC Fabelle Master Chocolatiers, known for their unwavering dedication to excellence, engaged in multiple iterations and collaborative sessions with Chef Andy Allen to perfect each truffle. They skillfully harmonized a selection of carefully chosen ingredients, including Afghan Figs, Australian Macadamia, Bangladesh-inspired Posto, England’s Morello Cherry, India’s Walnut, Condensed Whole Milk from the Netherlands, New Zealand’s Apple, Aqua Rose from Pakistan, Sri Lankan Coconut, and South African Orange, with Fabelle’s exceptional chocolates. Each truffle, thus, narrates a unique tale of the country that inspired its creation. This limited-edition offering comprises 10 truffles (130g) priced at Rs 999, inclusive of taxes, and will be available at Fabelle boutiques in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai.
These chocolate truffles are a testament to the artistry of ITC Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. They artfully blended these international ingredients with Fabelle’s premium chocolate to deliver a sensory journey that transcends borders, celebrating the universal love for chocolate, much like the spirit of sports.
To commemorate the launch of ‘Fabelle One Earth,’ the event was graced by distinguished personalities associated with the world of sports and cricket. Dinesh Karthik, an Indian professional cricketer and commentator, Waqar Younis, Pakistani cricket coach, commentator, and former cricketer, and Lisa Sthalekar, an Australian cricket commentator, former cricketer, and captain of the Australia women’s national cricket team, exchanged ‘One Earth’ as a symbol of honoring the essence of unity and community.
Rohit Dogra, Chief Operating Officer – Chocolates, Coffee, Confectionary and New Category Development Foods Division, ITC Limited said, “Fabelle is dedicated to giving chocolate lovers true world-class experiences. With Fabelle One Earth, we aim to bring people together through the magic of chocolate. This special collection has 10 distinct truffles, each with a singularly delectable taste.  The assemblage of speciality ingredients inspired from different countries brought together in one box of chocolate truffles, the ‘Fabelle One Earth’ showcases the brand’s commitment to creating unique tastes and textures.” 
Andy Allen, Australian Food Critic and TV Presenter said, “Fabelle has one of the finest collections of chocolates in the world in my view. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside the Fabelle team to bring alive this masterpiece. Fabelle One Earth is a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of diverse cultures and flavors from ten different countries. It was the result of countless hours of craftsmanship, relentless commitment, and tireless exploration of global flavors that have gone into the curation of each of the truffles. We are extremely happy with the outcome and hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful amalgamation of chocolate and culture.
Max Fashion, a prominent fashion retail brand, has kindled enthusiasm this festive season with its “Unbelievable” campaign. The newly released film adeptly captures the essence of Max Fashion’s commitment to maximum style at minimum prices, highlighting the latest trends and styles and emphasizing its dedication to affordable fashion. Today, the campaign debuts with two ingenious and whimsical film segments, reaffirming its position as a value-driven fashion brand.
Pallavi Pandey, the Head of Marketing and spokesperson for Max Fashion India said, “At Max, our commitment to celebrating individuality and style knows no boundaries. Our latest film exemplifies this ethos—where exquisite fashion meets astounding affordability. This forms the bedrock of our beliefs, and the two films effectively encapsulate this concept through captivating and engaging content. The ‘Max Style Min Price’ philosophy was introduced earlier this year, and we persist in conveying this message through entertaining and visually captivating stories. We firmly believe that fashion is a potent tool for self-expression, and we are thrilled to breathe life into this message, reminding our core target audience, ‘everyone in the family,’ to indulge in festive shopping and celebrate with Max.
The creative endeavor explores innovative concepts to create enchantment. The first film, titled “Angel Boss,” begins with the entrance of the stunning Mia into her office, elegantly dressed in a Max Fashion outfit, alongside her impeccably dressed colleague. Their appearance disrupts a conversation among their colleagues, leaving one of them in utter disbelief, questioning whether Mia acquired her attire through cashback offers. In a whimsical twist, the colleagues contemplate how wonderful it would be if their boss were an angel as generous as those cashbacks. Infused with subtle humor, this improbable idea springs to life as the boss miraculously appears with a halo and angelic wings, confirming, “Yes.”
Expanding upon this concept, the second film, “Alien Mom,” features Joey, a stylish teenager, sporting the latest trendy jacket. His friend, Trisha, jestingly questions if he purchased the jacket solely with his pocket money. With a playful shrug, Trisha humorously remarks that next Joey might say his mother is an alien. The comic twist unfolds as Joey’s mother, aptly dubbed the “alien mom,” makes her entrance, greeting him with a cheerful “Hello, beta!”
The films will be broadcast on Hotstar during the ICC World Cup 2023 series, as well as on leading regional TV channels and YouTube simultaneously, reaching audiences in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. Through these films, Max Fashion aims to convey its core message of offering stunning styles at unbelievably affordable prices.
With its retail presence continually expanding, Max Fashion is poised to venture into new markets. The brand offers a comprehensive range of stylish apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Committed to inclusivity, Max Fashion ensures that remarkable fashion is accessible to individuals from all walks of life, nurturing a culture of confidence and self-expression.
In the preceding year, Swarovski introduced the exquisite Signum Collection at Salone del Mobile in Milan, a collaboration with the world-renowned porcelain artisan, Rosenthal. Crafted under the artistic vision of Swarovski’s Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert, and meticulously developed in conjunction with Rosenthal’s porcelain experts, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate moments of delight and to demonstrate the craftsmanship of these two innovative brands.
Building upon the foundation laid in 2022, the collection has now been expanded for the year 2023. New additions include four mini vases measuring 8cm, available in Swarovski’s iconic colors of blue, green, yellow, and pink. Additionally, the assortment now offers espresso cups, teacups, bread plates, and dessert plates that can be individually purchased, allowing for the mixing and matching of different shades to cater to varied preferences.
Sunpure, the largest edible oil brand in South India, has proudly introduced Sunpure Multigrain Atta. With the United Nations designating 2023 as the International Year of Millets, the Mysuru-based company eagerly aims to make the nutritional benefits of these superfoods easily accessible to a broader Indian audience.
Enriched with a balanced blend of 12 cereals, pulses, and millets, Sunpure Multigrain Atta contains the highest proportion of multigrain content (15 percent) when compared to other products in its category. Beyond its numerous proven health advantages, millets are also recognized for their eco-friendly attributes, characterized by a low carbon and water footprint.
MK Agrotech, Sunpure’s parent organization based in Karnataka, is renowned for harmonizing cutting-edge technology with tradition. With this latest product offering, Sunpure anticipates a revenue of Rs 5 crore in the first year, with a subsequent doubling of revenue from the second year onwards. This strategic move aligns with Sunpure’s vision to emerge as a Pan-India FMCG brand, dedicated to empowering Indian consumers to embrace healthier lifestyles.
Sridhar Vaidyanathan, Chief Operating Officer at MK Agrotech stated, “As the world’s largest producer of millets, India has introduced the nutritional goodness of these superfoods to the global stage. However, many Indian households, particularly in urban areas, have moved away from millets as a staple in their diets. Sunpure is committed to rectifying this by reintroducing these wholesome, traditional Indian foods into our daily lives. Sunpure Multigrain Atta boasts the highest millet composition compared to other multigrain attas in the market. Now, you can prepare perfect chapatis, pooris, parathas, naans, and kulchas at home, without compromising on taste or health. Clinical studies have confirmed the myriad health benefits of millets, while environmentalists recognize their eco-friendly attributes. Millets benefit both people and the planet.
Sunpure Multigrain Atta incorporates fenugreek, foxtail millet, pearl millet, and oats, known for reducing the risk of diabetes; ragi and barley, effective in lowering cholesterol levels; sorghum and little millet, conducive to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels; and psyllium husk, renowned for its digestive benefits.
Multigrain attas also contribute to weight management, being an excellent source of dietary fiber. They additionally bolster the immune system and promote digestive health, offering a wide array of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to one’s diet. In addition to Sunpure Multigrain Atta, the company already offers a well-received product in this category – Sunpure Swaad Sharbati Atta, produced using advanced Swiss technology. As an ISO 22000:2018 certified company, Sunpure maintains rigorous quality control measures to ensure that all its products meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety.
Earlier this year, Sunpure expanded its presence in key markets by acquiring Riso, a prominent edible oil brand based in Maharashtra. In the fiscal year 2022-23, the company achieved a 15 percent growth rate while extending its reach across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, and Tamil Nadu.
Sunpure Multigrain Atta, available in 1kg packs priced at Rs 75, can be purchased online and at retail stores across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, and Tamil Nadu.
Centuary Mattress, a prominent player in India’s bedding industry, has once again selected PAD Integrated Marketing and Communications as its trusted creative agency partner. This renewal marks the second consecutive year of collaboration between these two industry leaders, underscoring their unwavering commitment to shaping the brand’s overall strategy, planning, and creative content requirements across both online and offline retail platforms.
Centuary Mattress, renowned for its premium selection of sleep solutions, comprising mattresses, pillows, and accessories, has consistently turned to PAD Integrated Marketing and Communications to fashion compelling marketing campaigns and innovative branding strategies.
This year, PAD Integrated Marketing and Communications is set to formulate a comprehensive communication strategy with a tripartite mission: to enhance brand visibility and spotlight the value proposition offered to consumers to drive sales. This strategic approach encompasses the creation and execution of brand films, offline promotional materials design, online reputation management, and the meticulous refinement of brand strategies.
Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, General Manager Brand and Marketing at Centuary Mattress said, “We are delighted to renew our partnership with PAD Group for the second consecutive year. Their strategic acumen and profound understanding of our sector have played a pivotal role in propelling us to new heights. Together, we aspire to develop even more engaging and impactful campaigns that resonate with our customers, reinforcing our stature as a specialist in delivering high-quality sleep solutions.
The journey with Centuary Mattress has been truly remarkable, and we are absolutely thrilled to extend this partnership. This reaffirms our dedication to delivering innovative marketing solutions, and we eagerly anticipate continued success together. We are poised to introduce fresh ideas and compelling campaigns to the realm of sleep solutions. Our team is primed to dream big and craft exceptional branding strategies that will set Centuary Mattress apart in the market,” stated Gautam Reddy, Founder of PAD Group.
As a specialized brand, we aim to foster a consumer relationship that enables them to look beyond price and superficial technological claims. Fortunately, we have a product that lives up to this promise,” added Abdul Ahad, the Creative Director at PAD Integrated Marketing and Communications.
Centuary recently launched its ‘Copper sleep is better sleep’ campaign, showcasing the brand’s collaboration with ace badminton player P V Sindhu, who has become the brand’s new face. This campaign underscores Centuary Mattress as the preferred sleep specialist partnering with a badminton specialist. Notably, in 2022, Centuary’s ‘Sleepables’ film featuring Sania Mirza garnered a remarkable 6.4 million social media views and earned the prestigious Best Branded Content award at the IMA South awards.
With a decade-long legacy of serving over 350 clients across various regions, PAD leverages creative excellence to solve business challenges and connect consumers with brands. PAD boasts a workforce of over 80 professionals with a significant presence in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Over time, PAD has clinched more than 18 awards for its outstanding work, contributing to the success of blue-chip companies such as Paytm, Dabur, Shapoorji Pallonji, Centuary, aha, and many others.
Understorey, a leading luxury rug brand in India, is poised to step into the spotlight, poised to redefine the rug industry with a commitment to precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge research and development. This brand is destined to become the preferred choice for discerning homeowners who appreciate the finer aspects of interior décor.
With a heritage spanning four generations in the world of rugs, Understorey germinated within the premises of the renowned SN Kapoor Exports in Jaipur, driven by a vision to introduce impeccably handmade rugs of unparalleled quality into Indian households. What sets Understorey apart is an unswerving dedication to crafting the most exquisite luxury hand-knotted rugs.
Each rug crafted by Understorey pays homage to the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship, with highly skilled artisans intricately hand-weaving patterns and motifs. Employing a workforce of 3,500 craftsmen, Understorey seamlessly melds the age-old wisdom of Jaipur weavers with contemporary designs, seamlessly integrating this time-honored craft into modern homes.
Understorey enters the market with four distinct collections: Kintsugi, The Moirai, First Light, and Kinetic Chroma. These collections offer a wide array of designs, from traditionally inspired motifs to striking contemporary compositions, presenting homeowners with a diverse range of options that showcase the highest levels of quality. In addition to these collections, Understorey collaborates with buyers to craft unique, one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to their individual preferences.
Rahul Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Understorey said, “We are thrilled to introduce Understorey to the market. We believe every home deserves a touch of luxury, and we are excited to provide homeowners with rugs that truly mirror their individuality. We specialize in crafting bespoke pieces, collaborating closely with designers and customers to create cherished family heirlooms. We operate on the principle that anything you can imagine, we can create.
MorLuxury, a distinguished US-based beauty e-commerce platform, is on the brink of an exciting entry into the thriving Indian beauty market. In a strategic move to reshape the landscape of beauty in India, MorLuxury is unveiling a meticulously curated assortment of premium American beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and haircare brands, purposefully selected to captivate beauty enthusiasts nationwide. MorLuxury is poised to become the ultimate destination for discerning Indian consumers in search of emerging American indie beauty brands.
This foray into the heart of India seamlessly aligns with MorLuxury’s core principles, deeply rooted in innovation, unwavering commitment to quality, and a dedication to inclusivity. The platform’s elegant and user-friendly interface perfectly complements its thoughtfully chosen product offerings, ensuring a personalized shopping experience that gracefully caters to each customer’s unique needs.
MorLuxury’s appeal goes beyond the promise of convenience; it beckons Indian beauty enthusiasts with a lavish array of premium beauty, haircare, and skincare brands at their fingertips. The shopping experience at MorLuxury is characterized by seamlessness and transparency, ushering in an era where the pursuit of genuine beauty knows no boundaries.
Prachi Vaidya, Co-founder at MorLuxury, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to introduce our exclusive selection of US-based beauty and skincare brands to the Indian market. Recognizing the surging demand for authenticity and uncompromising quality in the Indian beauty sphere, our platform is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled international experience, inviting Indian consumers to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, to luxuriate in the very essence of American indie beauty.”
Manny Khan, Co-founder at MorLuxury, added, “With MorLuxury, the pursuit of authentic beauty is limitless, and we’re excited to embark on this transformative journey with Indian beauty enthusiasts. Through innovation and dedication, we’re igniting a global passion for authenticity and quality in beauty. Our carefully curated selection of exclusively available premium American beauty brands is designed to captivate the senses of Indian consumers.”
MorLuxury aspires to be more than just a shopping platform; it aims to be a trusted companion on every individual’s beauty journey, ensuring that every aspect of the experience embodies authenticity, product excellence, and unparalleled customer service, setting it apart in the bustling beauty e-commerce landscape.
As MorLuxury prepares to make its grand entrance into the Indian market, consumers can anticipate the discovery of a diverse range of premium beauty and skincare products that were previously challenging to access. This launch promises to redefine the beauty industry in India.
Amazon India recently marked an unprecedented milestone by hosting the largest-ever 48-hour shopping extravaganza, welcoming an astounding 9.5 crore customer visits. Notably, the event saw an astonishing 18-fold surge in Prime members’ shopping activities within the first 24 hours, surpassing all previous records.
The festivities commenced with an exceptional start, as thousands of sellers achieved their highest-ever single-day sales, setting the stage for a remarkable festive season ahead. This event presented customers with an opportunity to explore an impressive array of over 5,000 new product launches across diverse categories, including smartphones, laptops, TVs, fashion, beauty, home decor, appliances, furniture, and groceries, among others. Amazon India ensured that customers had access to an extensive selection of top brands, making this shopping event a truly remarkable experience.
Amazon India continues to set new benchmarks in the retail industry, providing customers with the widest range of products and the convenience of shopping from renowned brands. The success of this 48-hour shopping extravaganza underscores Amazon India’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and an unparalleled shopping experience to its diverse customer base.
“The first 48 hours of Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 has been absolutely remarkable! We are elated to witness the biggest ever opening with record customer visits, and highest number of Prime members shopping during the 24 hours of Prime Early Access. I’m thrilled to share our customer transactions and orders were the highest ever for, along with highest seller participation, and most product launches from top brands. With top deals & offers, great savings, unmatched delivery speeds and convenience of variety of payment options, we will continue to delight customers through the month-long celebration. A big thank you to our customers, brand and bank partners, sellers and delivery associates, for this euphoric start to Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023”, said Manish Tiwary, Vice President & Country Manager, India Consumer Business, Amazon.
 It’s a Seller-bration
Pay, Scan and Do More with Amazon Pay
Customers get 5G Ready
Premium Gadgets See Spike in Demand
Buying Home Appliances made easy with No Cost EMI
India Shifts to 4K
Non-Metros Opt for Premium Brands
High Demand for Daily Grocery Needs
Everyday Essentials Made Easy
Wacoal India, the Japanese premium lingerie brand, recently reaffirmed its dedication to breast cancer awareness through the #WacoalKnowsBreast initiative, in collaboration with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), a non-profit organization committed to raising cancer awareness and offering comprehensive support to patients through its distinctive ‘Total Management of Cancer’ philosophy. In its second collaborative effort with CPAA in 2023, Wacoal India renewed its steadfast commitment to this pivotal cause and vows to uphold this partnership for years to come.
As a part of this collaboration, for every bra purchased on Wacoal India’s online platform or at its physical stores nationwide during this campaign, the brand will donate ₹10 to support CPAA’s noble mission. To symbolize their dedication to this cause, Wacoal India introduces the ‘3-finger salute’ – a symbolic gesture wherein one places their right hand on their left chest, forming the number 3 with their fingers. This gesture signifies the 3-finger self-test that individuals can perform to check for breast lumps and also embodies the letter ‘W’ for Wacoal.
Pooja Merani, COO, Wacoal India, expressed her thoughts on the initiative, stating, “At Wacoal, we are committed to making a significant difference in every woman’s life through meaningful initiatives. With breast cancer awareness being critical not only in India but globally, we are proud to associate with the CPAA, a notable organization that shares our dedication to creating a considerable impact in this area. I sincerely hope that our sustained efforts and support will reach all those women in need and benefit them.”
Alka Bisen, CEO, Cancer Patients Aid Association shares her perspective on the collaboration with the esteemed brand Wacoal: “In India, breast cancer is unfortunately prevalent, but the good news is that it is treatable and often curable when detected early. At CPAA, our mission revolves around not only creating awareness but also ensuring timely detection and providing support for cancer treatment. Partnering with Wacoal for their commitment to this crucial cause brings us great joy, and we eagerly anticipate further meaningful collaborations.
Every October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, and Wacoal India’s partnership with CPAA under the #WacoalKnowsBreast initiative is aimed at sustaining awareness, early detection, and support for breast cancer patients in India. Furthermore, to enhance awareness, Wacoal India will distribute pink bands with every in-store purchase, signifying Pink October and disseminating the message of breast cancer awareness widely.
The central objective of this initiative is to ignite a wave of awareness and proactive measures to combat breast cancer, ultimately contributing to a brighter and healthier future for women across India.
Blanko, the personal brand by the Popstar King, powered by Raj Shamani’s House of X, unveiled a pioneering line of perfumes integrated with innovative time-lock technology. This groundbreaking release is accompanied by the launch of an engaging digital campaign titled ‘Win Every Room That You Walk In.’
Introducing the first fragrance collection in India to incorporate time-lock technology, Blanko’s perfumes are meticulously engineered to excel in a variety of weather conditions and harmonize with the unique chemistry of Indian skin. This distinct formulation has been designed to counteract the swift evaporation that often plagues fragrances in Indian climates, ensuring that these scents persistently exude their captivating notes, no matter where your journey leads.
Commenting on the latest collection, King, Indian Popstar and Founder, Blanko said, “Since Blanko’s successful launch in April this year, we have amassed the constant love and support of the consumers. With the latest collection and campaign, we wanted to continue with our mission of building dreams as we innovated with the latest technology. The Win Every Room Collection is built on the premise that one should win every room they walk in. Taking inspiration from the evolving consumer needs, the collection has been designed with India’s first-ever Time-lock Technology that allows Blanko to be your round-the-clock partner, anytime, anywhere”.
The collection comprises six exquisite perfumes, each painstakingly crafted to harmonize with the diverse occasions in one’s life. This campaign encourages consumers to seize every moment and make each space their own. Embracing the power of individuality, Blanko’s fragrances tap into the rich tapestry of diverse personalities and distinct Indian body chemistry.
Inspired by the multifaceted roles of modern men, both the collection and the campaign unflinchingly celebrate confidence without compromise. Each video within the campaign features the Indian Popstar King embodying unique personas, urging the audience to embrace an experience, not just a fragrance. Blanko’s perfumes are tailored to seamlessly accompany men as they transition from one occasion to another.
Discover the transformative power of scent with Blanko, as it redefines Indian perfumery with its avant-garde Time-lock technology, and empowers men to conquer every facet of their lives with confidence and style.
In a remarkable achievement, India’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) essential menswear brand, DaMENSCH, unveiled a network of 25 exclusive retail stores across the country. This accomplishment positions the brand as the sole homegrown innerwear brand to establish such an extensive offline retail presence within a mere 12 months. As the leading D2C innerwear-first brand to soar past the INR 100 crore revenue mark, DaMENSCH is strategically focusing on the inauguration of exclusive retail outlets in prominent cities, including Delhi-NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.
“Even though DaMENSCH has always banked on a multi-channel approach, offline continues to be a focus channel for us. A special feature about our offline outlets is that there is complete coherence with the experience our consumers get through the online route. Furthermore, we have stocked the stores with the entire range of products offered by DaMENSCH, so that the consumers can touch and feel their premium prowess before making their purchasing decision. We intend to expand to at least 100 stores by the end of 2024,” said DaMENSCH co-founders Gaurav Pushkar and Anurag Saboo on the launch.
DaMENSCH, catering to the needs of over one million consumers, stands as a prominent domestic player committed to crafting comfortable and contemporary products for the modern man. The brand takes immense pride in its dedication to fulfilling the growing demand for sustainable, slow fashion, thereby encouraging customers to invest in versatile clothing designed for repeated use, thus nurturing a sense of responsible fashion consumption.
The essential menswear segment has often been overshadowed by limited innovation and pricing disparities. However, this narrative underwent a transformation approximately five years ago with the establishment of DaMENSCH, a formidable D2C essential wear brand founded in 2018 by two enterprising entrepreneurs, Anurag Saboo and Gaurav Pushkar. With a core brand ethos centered on necessity-based innovation, the brand symbolizes the three Cs – Comfort, Contemporary, and Consciousness. Its primary objective is to make premium clothing accessible to all. As a homegrown brand, DaMENSCH is renowned for delivering top-quality essential clothing at price points ranging from mass premium to premium. It has earned the distinction of becoming the fastest D2C innerwear-first brand to surpass the INR 100 crore revenue milestone.
Hancock, a versatile fashion brand, introduced its Party Wear Collection for men in time for the upcoming festive season. This collection is all about celebrating in style, offering men the perfect attire to leave a lasting impression at every special occasion.
The new Party Wear Collection is designed to help men express their unique style and make a statement with confidence and elegance. The collection showcases a versatile range of designs, catering to diverse preferences, from timeless classics to bold and contemporary styles. Hancock’s fabrics exude luxury and comfort, and the carefully selected colors reflect the latest trends.
Yash Singhal, Founder of Hancock, stated, “Every celebration is an opportunity to create cherished memories, and Hancock is here to ensure that you shine your brightest during these special moments. Our Party Wear Collection is a blend of sophistication, style, and comfort, designed to make you the center of attention at every gathering.”
With Hancock’s commitment to quality and design, this Party Wear Collection is more than just clothing; it’s a statement of refinement and celebration.
Internet sensation Emma Chamberlain, has unveiled her latest venture, a collaborative effort with Levi’s. Emma, who traces her roots to the scenic landscapes of Northern California, has partnered with Levi’s, a brand that has called this region home since its inception in 1853, to craft a collection inspired by the natural wonders of their shared hometown. The result is a versatile and nostalgic Levi’s x Emma Chamberlain collection, featuring six effortless pieces paying homage to nature, which draws creative inspiration from Emma’s favorite thrift store discoveries.
This limited-edition collection takes cues from Emma’s laid-back Northern California upbringing and incorporates earthy hues, cozy-core styling, and a distinctive woodsy print inspired by the rings of a redwood tree. The collection includes a vintage-inspired, lined Boxy Jacket with a classic point collar and a slightly cropped fit; a color-blocked, relaxed fit Mockneck Sweater with bell sleeves and custom buttons evoking a woodsy vibe; and a sleeveless Fitted Knit Top featuring a pine tree design. For bottoms, the collection offers an overdyed, dusty purple-blue Midi Skirt with a frayed waistband and hem; red-orange Trousers with a relaxed fit and slightly tapered leg; and, of course, 501 Originals in a brown overdye with a lasered tree ring design.
Emma Chamberlain shared her thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “The Levi’s team gave me so much flexibility and basically took my exact ideas and made them real. It was such a magical experience. I would say this collection is nostalgic, outdoor-inspired, and timeless. I was really inspired by the fact that the brand and I are both from the San Francisco area, and I wanted to lean into what makes Northern California so special. All the pieces also sort of remind me of things that I would freak out over if I saw them at the thrift store. I wanted them to have classic silhouettes that you could wear for the next ten years and never get sick of.”
In addition to her internet fame, Emma is a podcaster and the creator behind Chamberlain Coffee. She not only collaborated with the Levi’s design team to bring this collection to life but also served as the Creative Director for the campaign. The campaign was shot against the backdrop of Northern California’s diverse natural beauty, from the lush redwood forests to the misty bluffs overlooking the Pacific, enhancing the allure of this thoughtfully co-designed collection.
Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi Strauss & Co, shared her thoughts on the creative process, saying, “The creative process was super organic and exciting with Emma — she had a very strong and genuine point of view for her collection. While paying homage to the picturesque nature of our shared home in Northern California, these pieces embody coziness and effortlessness with a lot of authentic character. It’s been a joy working alongside Emma and to see this beautiful collection and campaign come to life.”
The Levi’s x Emma Chamberlain collaboration is now available for purchase at the DLF Mall of India store and on, allowing fashion enthusiasts to embrace the charm of Northern California-inspired fashion.
Godrej and Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, proudly announced that its business arm, Godrej Interio, India’s leading furniture solutions brand for both home and institutional segments, has unveiled ambitious plans to strengthen its foothold in the education sector.
Since its inception, Godrej Interio has partnered with 16,000 educational institutions, addressing their diverse furniture needs. In the fiscal year 2023, the brand achieved an impressive growth rate of nearly 50% in the educational furniture segment. This remarkable progress aligns perfectly with the vision outlined by the Government of India, as encapsulated in the New Education Policy introduced on July 29th, 2020. With a primary emphasis on enhancing early childhood education and elevating the quality of learning in government schools, the policy paves the way for a brighter future for the nation’s youth.
In active support of this educational transformation, Godrej Interio has initiated collaborative efforts with the governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Jammu and Kashmir. These efforts are directed toward the delivery of approximately 200,000 school furniture units during the fiscal year 2023. The brand remains dedicated to strengthening its market presence by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the educational furniture segment, covering everything from conceptualization to execution.
Additionally, as a significant contribution to the government’s vision of an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India), it’s worth noting that 100 percent of Godrej Interio’s products are the result of domestic and local value addition. This approach not only underscores the brand’s commitment to Indian manufacturing but also contributes significantly to the growth of the local furniture component ecosystem.
With these strategic initiatives, Godrej Interio is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in India, ensuring that students have access to quality, ergonomic, and locally-produced furniture, thus fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.
Sameer Joshi, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing (B2B), Godrej Interio said, “Education holds the power to shape the world’s future. The nation’s literacy rate is on an upward trajectory and has escalated from 73 percent in 2011 to a promising 77.7 percent in 2022. The nation currently educates over 250 million students, surpassing all other countries in this regard. The education market in India is projected to reach a value of $225 billion by FY25. Transforming the current education system with innovative and contemporary teaching and learning methodologies is the need of the hour and ergonomic furniture plays a pivotal role in creating these progressive ecosystems. At Godrej Interio, institutional furniture for educational purposes is a special area of focus given its potential to enhance the educational experience and enable the next generation to be pioneers of progress. By the end of FY25, we aim to capture 30 percent of the market share in educational furniture by FY25.
Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB), a leading FMCG company in India, announced at an event its commitment to provide financial and digital literacy training to approximately 2,000 women in Bihar’s Hajipur region. The training will be conducted across five villages: Sultanpur, Jethuli, Karanpura, Mograhi, and Sahdullpur. HCCB has partnered with the Y4D foundation for this initiative, with the aim of addressing the skills gap in financial and technological expertise among women from diverse backgrounds. Key dignitaries, including Shri Awadhesh Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Hajipur, Patna; Shri Ram Kripal Yadav, Member of Parliament, Patna, and former Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India; and Shri Sanjiv Chourasia, Member of Legislative Assembly, Digha, Patna, were present at the event.
The financial literacy training will cover essential topics such as Banking Basics, Account Opening procedures, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) training, Investment Guidance, Net Banking, and information on various Government Schemes for women, including Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Sukanya Sam Riddhi Yojana Nari Shakti, and more. Additionally, the digital literacy component will encompass subjects like Mobile Banking, Digital Market Linkage, and Cyber Safety and Security, equipping these women with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital era.
The training sessions will be conducted in a classroom-based format at designated locations nationwide. Beneficiaries will be identified and grouped based on their interests, needs, and existing levels of digital and financial literacy, aiming to provide a focused and efficient learning experience.
Himanshu Priyadarshi, Chief Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Officer at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages said, “Through this training in Bihar, HCCB aims to enhance the financial and digital capabilities of these women, envisioning it as a step towards the state’s economic progress. This initiative underscores women-centric growth and the pivotal role of technology in promoting inclusivity.
Shri Ram Kripal Yadav, Member of Parliament, Patna, and former Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India said, “I wholeheartedly support this endeavor by HCCB. Training women in financial and digital sectors not only empowers them but also strengthens the very fabric of our society.
Shri Awadhesh Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Hajipur, Patna, emphasized the significance of such initiatives by renowned corporates in enhancing the capabilities of women and contributing to the vision of a digitally and financially inclusive Bihar.
Shri Sanjiv Chourasia, Member of Legislative Assembly, Digha, Patna said, “Bihar is progressing rapidly, and initiatives like these place our women at the forefront of this transformation, fostering their empowerment for the overall development of the state.
Through this initiative, HCCB aims to empower women, enabling them to take control of their financial independence and embrace the opportunities presented by the government and the digital world. HCCB has been instrumental in facilitating women-led self-help groups across the country, empowering them to run their enterprises. This initiative further reflects HCCB’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship among women.
Hancock, the versatile fashion brand, is thrilled to introduce its highly anticipated Party Wear Collection for men, just in time for the forthcoming festive season. This captivating collection encapsulates the spirit of celebration, presenting men with the ideal attire to leave a lasting impression at every special event.
As the festive season approaches, Hancock acknowledges the significance of looking and feeling one’s best during gatherings and festivities. The new Party Wear Collection is meticulously crafted to enable men to express their unique style, exuding confidence and elegance.
The collection showcases a versatile array of designs, catering to a diverse spectrum of preferences. From classic and timeless pieces to daring and contemporary styles, Hancock’s Party Wear Collection offers something for everyone. Whether one gravitates towards the sophistication of solid colors, the allure of floral patterns, or the modern charm of abstract prints, there is an ensemble perfectly suited to match individual personalities and tastes.
In addition to providing exceptional comfort, Hancock’s fabrics radiate luxury. The inclusion of premium cotton satins in the collection bestows an exquisite sheen upon the garments, elevating their overall allure. A crucial aspect of festive style is color selection, and this collection reflects the latest trends in colors. From the confidence exuded by burgundy to the timeless elegance of black or the softening effect of dusty pinks, these carefully chosen colors are both in vogue and certain to elevate one’s fashion game this festive season.
Yash Singhal, Founder of Hancock, expressed, “Every celebration presents an opportunity to craft cherished memories, and Hancock is dedicated to ensuring that you shine your brightest during these special moments. Our Party Wear Collection for men is a fusion of sophistication, style, and comfort, tailored to make you the center of attention at every gathering.
With Hancock’s unwavering commitment to quality and design, you can trust that this Party Wear Collection represents not merely clothing, but a declaration of refinement and celebration. Embrace the festive spirit, explore the latest trends, and elevate your style with Hancock’s Party Wear Collection for men, available now.
Yuvraj Singh, former international cricketer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has made a strategic investment in the FMCG brand ‘Greto.’ Greto, an offering of Gurugram-based startup Mahu Tasty Foods Pvt Ltd, founded in March 2023, has gained Singh’s backing with an undisclosed investment. In addition to becoming a stakeholder in the company, Yuvraj Singh will actively participate in the brand’s promotional initiatives.
Greto is a forward-thinking food and beverage brand specializing in a diverse range of delectable and nourishing products. Currently, the brand boasts a portfolio of 40 items spanning various categories, including Probiotic Drinks, Natural Ice Cream, Fruit Yogurt, and an extensive array of snacks. Greto’s flagship product is its Probiotic Drink, available in multiple enticing flavors.
Commenting on his investment in this startup, Yuvraj Singh remarked, “I am delighted to join Greto as both a promoter and investor. My journey in the world of sports has underscored the significance of dedication, perseverance, and teamwork, and I find these values closely aligned with Greto’s ethos. This investment in Greto is not merely an endorsement of a brand; it represents my commitment to a vision. My decision to engage with Greto as a promoter and investor is founded on our shared pursuit of excellence and a shared enthusiasm for innovation. I firmly believe in the potential of creating unforgettable experiences. I eagerly anticipate being a part of Greto’s promising future and witnessing the positive influence it will exert on the realm of food and beverages.
Sanchit Tyagi, Co-Founder of Mahu Tasty Foods stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Yuvraj Singh on board. He embodies the power of human spirit, evident in his inspirational journey from the cricket field to his battle with cancer and beyond. His unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication, and relentless pursuit of success makes him the ideal representation of our brand and products.
In the forthcoming months, Mahu Tasty Foods has outlined plans to establish a franchise network for Greto. The company aims to inaugurate 100 Greto franchises within the next 6-12 months, commencing with Delhi-NCR. Furthermore, they envision expanding the franchise network to encompass states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and other key regions across India.
Abhishek Rao, Co-Founder, Mahu Tasty Foods said, “We have invested substantial time and effort in studying market conditions, identifying trends and pinpointing opportunities that resonate with our brand. This has allowed us to chart a way forward that not only capitalizes on current market dynamics but also positions Greto as a frontrunner in the industry.
We are fully responsible for both the manufacturing and meticulous packaging of our products. So, our franchise partners can be sure of quality and consistency in the products. Setting up a Greto franchise store will require an investment of approximately 25-30 Lacs. This encompasses various factors, including location, store size, interior setup, equipment as well as initial inventory and operational costs,” Abhishek added.
Probiotics, often referred to as “good bacteria,” have garnered significant attention in recent years for their remarkable benefits to digestive health. I’ve come to realize that the fusion of taste and well-being can be a transformative experience. This realization has driven us to introduce probiotic drinks as a cornerstone of our product offerings at Greto. Our probiotic drinks are carefully crafted to be not just beneficial but also incredibly delicious. We believe that taking care of your gut health shouldn’t come at the expense of taste, and that’s where Greto truly shines. We are pleased that Yuvraj Singh believes in our vision and has invested in our company. We remain open to exploring additional funding opportunities to further grow and expand our efforts,” Tyagi concluded. 
Being Human Clothing, renowned for its blend of fashion and philanthropy, introduces its latest Women’s Collection with the captivating Alizeh as its brand ambassador.
Being Human Clothing has a history of setting fashion trends with impactful clothing lines, and the Women’s Collection is no exception. Designed to resonate with the dynamic spirit of today’s youth, this collection redefines athleisure as versatile and enjoyable.
This fusion of high fashion and contemporary trends combines sporty silhouettes with retro geometrics, offering timeless styles suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. What distinguishes this collection is its focus on self-love and positive inclusivity. Each piece conveys meaningful messages through prints, including Braille graphics, reflecting the brand’s mission of spreading love and care.
Featuring a range of fabrics, from cozy knits to lightweight mesh, the collection offers on-trend silhouettes with intricate details like ruching, tie-ups, and retro co-ord sets. With a subdued color palette in line with current fashion trends, comfort and self-expression take precedence.
Whether adorned with earthy textures, flowing palm motifs, or inspiring messages, the Being Human Collection invites you to embrace every season with grace and style. It goes beyond clothing, symbolizing a beautiful tapestry of life woven with threads of love, care, hope, and joy.
Alizeh expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the brand’s meaningful impact on society and the power of fashion to unite people in their distinct, individualistic ways.
We’re thrilled to welcome Alizeh  into the Being Human family. Her vibrancy, talent, and dedication to making a difference align perfectly with our brand’s ethos of ‘Doing Good, Looking Good.’ Alizeh embodies the spirit of the Millennial, and we’re excited to see her shine as the face of our Women’s Collection,” said Sanjeev Rao, CEO, Being Human Clothing.
The Being Human Women’s Collection is available at over 80 locations across India, with plans for an online presence in the near future, allowing customers to embrace the brand’s spirit conveniently.
Bisleri International’s premium beverage brand, Vedica Himalayan Spring Water, is expanding its product line with the introduction of ‘Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water.’ This new offering, inspired by the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, combines effervescence with a perfectly balanced mineral composition to deliver a refreshing experience.
Priced at Rs 175 for a 300ml glass bottle, Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water is designed for health-conscious consumers. It ensures a high level of quality and will be available through various distribution channels, including HoReCa, Modern and General Trade, Q-commerce, and the Bisleri @Doorstep App.
Sourced directly from the Himalayan peaks, this sparkling water embodies the splendor of nature. Its bottle features intricate carvings on the neck, a regal crown cap, and a label reminiscent of starry evening skies with gold accents. Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water promises outstanding quality, purity, and a balanced carbonation level, catering to the discerning Indian epicurean audience.
Jayanti Khan Chauhan, Vice Chairperson of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, emphasized the blend of innovation and sophistication in Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water. She highlighted its invigorating properties, making it an ideal choice for the upcoming festive season, often associated with celebratory beverages.
This sparkling water is not just a standalone refreshment but also a versatile ingredient for creative concoctions and a complement to various cuisines. Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water aims to elevate the quality of life by offering a taste of luxury and purity.
Experience refreshments like never before with Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water, the drink that takes you to new heights of flavor and sophistication. #FullOfAltitude
Campus Activewear has consistently delivered products that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. Now, with the influence of Sonam Bajwa, the brand is embarking on a new journey with the launch of the Chunky sneaker collection.
Campus Activewear aims to redefine the fashion, style, and comfort standards for women in their daily lives. By bringing Sonam Bajwa on board, Campus seeks to enhance its aspirational appeal, catering to a fashion-forward audience. According to Statista, a renowned global data and business intelligence platform, the sneaker culture in India is projected to generate a revenue of Rs 21,000 crore by the end of 2023. This underscores the enduring presence of sneaker culture in India, highlighting that it is not merely a passing trend but rather a cultural transformation. Sneakers have evolved into more than just footwear; they now represent a lifestyle, a fashion statement, and a commitment to both comfort and style.
Nikhil Aggarwal, CEO of Campus Activewear Ltd said, “With her charismatic personality and impeccable sense of style, Sonam Bajwa is a name that resonates across India, especially in our key markets of Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. As a fashion icon embraced by diverse segments of society, Sonam effortlessly connects with the youth of India, making her the perfect ambassador for Campus Activewear.
Campus Activewear firmly believes that sneakers seamlessly marry style and comfort, offering a distinctive fashion statement. The Chunky sneaker collection embodies fashion, comfort, and style, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the contemporary Indian lifestyle.
This collection introduces stylish designs and colors to the athleisure market, suitable for various occasions. Prices for the collection start at a reasonable range of Rs 1500 onwards, and the products are available at Campus retail outlets and the official website.
Fossil has announced a special accessories collaboration with Disney to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary. The collaboration, inspired by a shared love of creativity and a rich heritage of design, brings together Fossil’s commitment to finding inspiration in every moment and Disney’s iconic legacy. This partnership has resulted in a capsule collection of limited- and special-edition timepieces, leather goods, and jewelry that cater to collectors.
Melissa Lowenkron, Chief Brand Officer of Fossil said, “With shared core values of ingenuity and a deep history rooted in design, Disney and Fossil are kindred spirits. Disney holds a special place in many people’s memories and within Fossil’s archives. We’re thrilled to launch the first part of our long-term collaboration, look forward to sharing more in the coming months, and hope people enjoy collecting these unique and nostalgic pieces.
Ryan White, Creative Director of Watches said, “No one has shown Disney’s Mickey Mouse from the perspective of the Illustrator and the original 2D artists, so we wanted to bring that idea to life in an authentic way as a hand-sketched character design. It’s so different from anything that’s been done. This is such a throwback piece to capture the original process of 2D illustration with artists using stacks of animation paper, building each scene or making the characters move. For the historian who appreciates Walt’s innovation and the 2D animation technique, this is a watch for true collectors.
All the timepieces in this collaboration are designed on Fossil’s classic Heritage watch platform, featuring a 43mm three-piece case, ultra-precise Japanese automatic movement, and double-domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for unrivaled clarity. Each style comes with a custom-designed caseback featuring an original Disney Mickey Mouse illustration, and the crown is accented with the character’s iconic silhouette. The watches are packaged in specially designed boxes, crafted to be keepsakes, and come with an enclosed certificate of authenticity.
Apart from the special- and limited-edition watches, Disney | Fossil offers five timepieces exclusively designed for Fossil Outlet. These watches, inspired by vintage animations, feature Disney’s Mickey Mouse and friends, such as Disney Minnie Mouse and Pluto, priced at Rs 14,995.
In addition to timepieces, fans can also indulge in a range of leather goods. Crafted from rich leather, these items reveal Disney Mickey Mouse’s iconic shadow with subtle shine on monochromatic black. The canteen bag (Rs 16,995) showcases a novel silhouette, accented by a gunmetal chain, while the sling bag (Rs 16,995) offers a modern, hands-free style. A travel set (Rs 10,995), which includes a passport case and luggage tag, is also crafted in rich black leather, featuring a graphic repeat of Mickey’s silhouette.
Disney | Fossil’s special-edition jewelry shines with hand-placed pavé crystals and is crafted in stainless steel with black or gold plating. The Disney Mickey Mouse jewelry, including a figurine necklace (Rs 9,495), ID plaque necklace (Rs 11,995), and ID plaque bracelet (Rs 9,495), redefines Disney nostalgia in monochromatic black, adorned with hand-placed hematite crystals. Disney’s Minnie Mouse jewelry embodies her playful spirit and sophisticated style, featuring gold-tone stainless steel and hand-placed pavé crystals as her signature polka dots and bows. This collection includes an ID plaque necklace (Rs 9,495), bangle bracelet (Rs 9,495), front-to-back earrings (Rs 6,495), and ring (Rs 6,495). Each jewelry piece comes packaged in a collectible tin featuring custom Mickey or Minnie graphics.
Reliance Jewels, one of India’s most esteemed jewelry brands, has introduced Swarn Banga, an exquisite jewelry collection inspired by the poetic beauty and artistic heritage of Bengal. This collection, which captures the intricacy of the region’s terracotta temples, the serenity of Shanti Niketan, and the fervor of Durga Pujo, marks the 8th installment in Reliance Jewels’ series of thematic jewelry collections inspired by diverse regions of India.
During a star-studded event, Bollywood icon Karisma Kapoor unveiled Swarn Banga and graced the ramp as the showstopper.
Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels said, “Bengal, with its vibrant artistic legacy, holds a special place in India’s art and craft history. This 8th collection in our series of region-inspired jewelry is a testament to our commitment to celebrating the rich culture and traditions of our nation. The Swarn Banga collection, with its timeless design, intricate workmanship, and grace, is sure to be adored by our customers for years to come.
Throughout the years, Reliance Jewels has embarked on a cultural journey with each collection, transforming jewelry into artistic expressions that reflect India’s dynamic history. The Swarn Banga collection carries forward this legacy by encapsulating Bengal’s culture and artistic heritage. These collections transcend mere jewelry; they embody the spirit of India’s history.
The Swarn Banga collection is the latest addition to Reliance Jewels’ remarkable series, with each collection drawing inspiration from traditions, architecture, and craftsmanship from diverse regions of India. From Thanjavur’s opulence to Maharashtra’s splendor and the stark beauty of the Rann of Kutch, these collections pay tribute to India’s rich cultural tapestry.
Furthermore, Reliance Jewels’ Kaasyam collection sparkles with the grandeur of Banaras, while the Utkala collection draws inspiration from the vibrant coastal region of Odisha. The Atulyaa collection offers glimpses into Rajasthan’s royal past and the Mughal era’s opulence, while the Apurvam collection captures the architectural magnificence of Hampi. The Swarn Banga collection is now available at all Reliance Jewels retail stores.
Suba Group of Hotels has achieved another significant milestone by inaugurating its third hotel, Click Hotel, on October 9, 2023, in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Pithampur is renowned as one of India’s major industrial hubs, a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and a part of the Indore metropolitan region. It enjoys excellent accessibility by road, rail, and air, with Devi Ahilya Bai International Airport in Indore located less than an hour away from the city.
Mansur Mehta, MD of Suba Group of Hotels said, “We are delighted to launch Click Hotel in Pithampur. With the launch of Click Hotel, we look forward to serving guests for official as well as social gatherings and stays. Click Hotel, Pithampur, perfectly embodies the brand’s core values – offering high-quality bed-and-breakfast accommodations, along with broadband (WIFI) connectivity, coupled with immaculate service and unparalleled international-standard hospitality. This ensures maximum comfort for long-stay guests, both local and expatriates. As an organization deeply rooted in India, we are also committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We will adopt a sustainable approach by replacing plastic water bottles with reusable glass bottles and encouraging guests to reuse linen and towels. These green tourism initiatives will be implemented not only in Pithampur but also across all our other properties.
Click Hotel, Pithampur, represents a smart, modern, and elegant boutique luxury hotel. It offers an affordable, budget-friendly yet full-service business hotel designed to cater to the needs of modern business travelers. The hotel features 63 premium contemporary rooms and suites, along with an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant named CINNAMON. Additionally, the hotel provides in-room dining, efficient service, and a comprehensive range of guest facilities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay. Facilities such as a gym and conference rooms will also be introduced shortly.
Mubeen Mehta, CEO of Suba Group of Hotels said, “We are pleased to expand our presence in Madhya Pradesh with the launch of Click Hotel in Pithampur. This marks our third brand presence in the Indore-Pithampur metropolitan region. This full-service hotel, equipped with contemporary elements, is ideal for business and leisure guests, as well as flexible independent travelers (FIT) and group travelers. It is our endeavor to continue expanding our presence across popular destinations in the country, offering standard stay and culinary facilities. Like other Click Hotels in India, Pithampur will also offer the best of services, as our empathetic approach ensures guest satisfaction.
Situated in close proximity to major industries, IIM – Indore, and a mere 45-minute drive from Indore City, Click Hotel – Pithampur is an ideal choice for those seeking comfort, value, standard services with a touch of luxury, and a respite from the corporate and industrial hustle and bustle.
Abinash Ashok, VP of Suba Group of Hotels said, “With the launch of Click Hotel, Pithampur, we aim to extend the Click Hotel’s stay experience to all our regular Suba patrons and, especially, the new-age travelers who seek a quality stay with high-speed WiFi at prominent locations, all at dynamic rates. With the launch of this hotel, we also emphasize our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and gradually eliminating plastic usage.
Each of the Group’s properties boasts luxurious rooms, banqueting facilities, and exceptional food and beverage services. Suba Hotels caters to modern travelers by providing a distinct stay experience, outstanding quality services, and exceptional facilities at competitive prices. The company has a presence in all major metros, including tier I and tier II cities. Their facilities offer elegant and spacious rooms, ideal locations for weddings, events, and exhibitions, and a superb dining experience at iconic restaurants.
Maison by Nirmals, the latest boutique establishment from Nirmals Furnishings, has unveiled a captivating array of luxury home linens and accessories, featuring an assortment of carefully curated offerings from distinguished international and Indian brands. The newly launched embellished bedding and opulent décor accents are in a league of their own, catering to discerning tastes and perfectly tailored for the upcoming festive season. This collection effortlessly exudes opulence, transforming your living space into a ceremonial haven.
The collection is a testament to the sheer delight of textures. From the sumptuous touch of the embellished bedding to the cushions adorned with intricate beadwork and embroidered artwork, from serene plains featuring subtle linear details to vibrant maximalist prints, this range caters to every design sensibility. These pieces are certain to infuse your living space with a sense of artistry and lavishness, making them an ideal choice for gifting, as they can be elegantly presented in stylish boxes. They are guaranteed to warm the hearts of those fortunate enough to receive them.
We strive to provide our customers with authentic and chic home decor essentials that help them in turning all their personal spaces into a ‘maison’. We have collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic brands to create the most sought-after, premium home decor collections that can be found in the Indian market,” said Sachin Chauhan Director, Maison by Nirmals.
ORILL FOODS PVT LTD, a prominent manufacturer specializing in Fried Gram and an extensive range of ready-to-eat instant chutneys, is pleased to announce the inauguration of its cutting-edge manufacturing facility located in Padmanabham village near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This state-of-the-art plant, representing an investment of Rs 50 crore, was officially inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in the presence of ORILL’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cherukuri Srinivasa Rao, as well as the state’s IT Minister, Gudivada Amarnath, and Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, Marketing and Food Processing, Kakani Govardhan Reddy.
Cherukuri Srinivasa Rao, Co-Founder and MD of ORILL Foods said, “We are deeply honored to have Chief Minister Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurate our expansion plant. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as our commitment to contributing to the economic development of Andhra Pradesh. With this new facility, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the highest-quality ready-to-eat instant chutney products.
Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy shared his enthusiasm for ORILL’s role in the state’s economic growth, praising the company’s efforts in creating job opportunities and supporting local talent. He also commended ORILL for its dedication to environmental sustainability practices in its operations.
The newly-expanded plant, equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, marks a significant milestone in ORILL’s pursuit of innovation and quality in the ready-to-eat chutney industry. With a longstanding reputation for delivering authentic and delicious chutney products to households across India and beyond, ORILL is committed to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Furthermore, this facility signifies ORILL’s commitment to elevating product quality while significantly increasing production capacity.
ORILL’s expansion not only solidifies its position as an industry leader but also underscores its commitment to meeting the growing demand for high-quality, convenient, and flavorful chutney products. ORILL has earned its reputation as a renowned manufacturer of authentic and delectable ready-to-eat instant chutney products. With a steadfast commitment to quality, taste, and customer satisfaction, ORILL continues to bring joy to households across India. The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has positioned it as a frontrunner in the chutney industry.
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