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By Reporter Staff
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Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.
Cesar Serna, Elmhurst, was ticketed for an uninspected vehicle on May 9 on South Ferry Road. Francis DeNicola, Southold, received two summonses May 11 on North Ferry Road for using an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle as well as aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree.
On May 14, a caller reported that he had asked his gardener to bring his two paddle boards back to his property, but that a different board had been delivered. That board had a Shelter Island sticker so police were to follow up at Town Hall to locate the owner.
Police provided an escort to the North Ferry; conducted two well-being checks; provided a lift assist; investigated two 911 calls found to be accidental; received a mobile phone that was turned in by the finder; performed court duty; completed commercial vehicle training; and assisted with a locked car.
DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) was taught to the 5th grade on May 8. Lunch with an Officer took place at the school on May 10.
Distracted driving enforcement was conducted in the Center May 8, 9, 11, 12, 14 and 15 with no violations. Radar enforcement in the Heights on May 13 resulted in one warning.
Traffic stops in the Center on May 11 and 12 resulted in four warnings. Three traffic stops in the Heights/West Neck resulted in three warnings.
A Facebook Messenger scam was reported on May 8, with no financial losses reported; changing passwords was advised. On May 9, an officer retrieved bicycles that had been abandoned at the Town Dock for several weeks and placed them in an impound container.
A complainant came to headquarters to report a verbal disagreement on May 9 and was advised that the complaint was not criminal in nature. An officer attempted to interview the other party. Also on that date, a report was received about machinery left on a complainant’s property in connection with installation of a fence. An officer confirmed that the machinery would be removed.
A complaint was received on that date of potted flowers being removed from a gravestone. An investigation found that they may have been removed during spring cleanup two days earlier.
Police were asked to provide assistance May 10 at a Heights business where a former employee was retrieving property; there was no incident.
Police dealt with a nuisance permit for hunting in Mashomack on that date. An open door at a Center building was investigated on that date and no problems found. Police secured the door and left a voicemail for the owner.
A case of harassment was reported on May 13 involving an unknown male following a female off the North Ferry.
On May 13, a check in Silver Beach found two tents, which were removed upon request. Approximately 15 persons were fishing. They were advised to move below the Mean High Water Mark and all complied. A check at Hay Beach that day found no violations.
On May 14, a report of undersized striped bass being taken at Silver Beach resulted in no violations being observed.
A floating dock that had broken loose was reported in Cartwright on May 9. Officers secured the dock and notified the owner. On May 13, two paddleboarders in West Neck Harbor were advised of personal flotation device requirements; they returned to shore without incident.
On May 8 an officer and the animal control officer spoke to the 3rd grade class on the ACO’s role in the community; the ACO also spoke with the Kindergarten class.
On that date, the ACO removed a deceased turkey from a Silver Beach residence where it had crashed through a window.
The ACO assisted two persons searching for a lost dog in the Center on May 9 until the dog was located.
On May 10, a nest with three baby starlings and their deceased mother in Menantic was reported. The chicks were brought to a wildlife rehabilitator by the ACO. A sick raccoon was reported at a Center location on May 11, but was gone when the officer arrived.
On that date, a turkey with bumps on its face and neck was reported in West Neck.
The ACO determined that the turkey had Bird Pox but was unable to capture it as it could still fly.
On May 12, the Animal Control Officer freed a bird that had flown into a Center garage. On that date, a Westmoreland caller was concerned about an osprey that had built a nest, which now contained eggs, on his dock. The ACO advised the caller of his options and will monitor the situation.
The ACO responded to a report of an injured turkey in a Menantic intersection on May 14, but was unable to capture it and it flew away.
A forklift was reported on fire at the side of a road on May 8. The driver was able to put the fire out with a garden hose. Fire Chiefs were on the scene and no injuries were reported.
A residential alarm was reported at Westmoreland on May 8 due to an incorrect passcode and the caretaker was on the scene.
A garage door/gym motion alarm was activated in Dering Harbor on May 9. The responding officer found all doors and windows in the garage and main house secure. A sliding pool door was observed to be open but an examination of the interior showed no sign of criminal activity. Efforts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.
A residential alarm in Menantic on May 11 indicated a mud room entry, but police found all doors and windows secure; a voicemail was left for the owner.
On that date a painter activated an alarm at a Hay Beach residence; it was disabled without incident. On May 14 a smoke detector in a Ram Island basement was activated in what turned out to be a false alarm.
Emergency Medical Services responded to an aided case on May 8, transporting one person to Southampton Hospital. A call on May 11 resulted in a person being transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital.
Reporter Staff
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