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One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was an infrared photo taken of a friend when he was in Iceland. He had recently gone on a solo vacation, rented a car and been caught by a speed camera while bombing the country’s desolate Ring Road in the middle of the night. And despite being back Stateside, the authorities had tracked him down and served him with a hefty fine. 
That’s a roundabout way of saying that while we do not condone unnecessary speeding, there are times when it happens, and if you’d like to avoid a speeding ticket like my friend here, you should consider picking up a plug-and-play police radar detector like the well-reviewed Escort Max360 which is currently on sale at Amazon.
Aren’t radar detectors illegal? Certainly some automotive setups, like those contrived for Cannonball Run records, are pushing the legal limits, but devices like the Escort Max360 are legal in non-commercial passenger vehicles everywhere in the U.S. except for Virginia and Washington, D.C. As for effectiveness, this particular device has your standard 360-degree radar gun sensors (pointing out the location via light-up arrows), but it also picks up the aforementioned speed traps and red light cameras. There are plenty of other features to learn about, and haven’t you been looking for a new COVID-era hobby, anyway?
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