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[VIDEO] DIY Install of a Mounted Radar Detector in the Corvette Z06

I know this has been done previously and we shared a similar radar detector install back when the C8 Corvette Stingray was brand new. However, with so many new enthusiasts now driving the Corvette Stingray and Z06, it’s probably time to share this again.

This DIY mod project comes our friend Justin on the HorsePower Obsessed YouTube Channel. In this video, Justin does a quick and easy install of his Escort Redline 360 radar detector, using the power souce from the rear view mirror as well as utilizing the blendmount system for holding the detector up and out of the way.
One note of caution is that you will want to make sure you get the radar detector’s power connections correctly mounted as problems with improper voltage can effect your rear view mirrors.
Check out Justin’s install of his Escort radar detector:

HorsePower Obsessed / YouTube

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Don’t like that placement. The rear view mirror can create a dangerous forward blindspot if it is not positioned sufficiently high, and/or the driver’s seat positioned sufficiently low, such that the bottom of the mirror is above the driver’s line of sight. Installing a radar detector below the the mirror would almost certainly result in a forward blindspot that cannot be eliminated regardless of how high the mirror, or how low the driver’s seat, is positioned (unless, perhaps, the driver is a very short person).
Good install…. drive it like you stole it….
A good radar detector is great at letting you know when instant on laser has locked you in. You can easily fudge 5 or 10 mph but pay attention to speed limit signs. Heck your car knows what the speed limit is and can be set to warn you. If you think a radar detector gives you the ability to travel at outrageous speeds, then we will be reading about you in future blogs.
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